3D Integration


Monolithic 3D chip fabricated without TSVs

10/04/2013  Researchers from Taiwan’s National Nano Device Laboratories avoided the use of TSVs by fabricating a monolithic sub-50nm 3D using a novel CMP technique.

Nordic Semiconductor launches world’s first concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy combo chip

10/02/2013  Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA today announces the release of the world's first multi-protocol SoC solution offering concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy wireless communication natively in a single chip.

GE acquires Imbera

09/26/2013  GE Healthcare Finland Oy, in partnership with GE Idea Works, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Imbera Electronics Oy.

3D-IC: Two for one

09/25/2013  Zvi Or-Bach, President & CEO of MonolithIC 3D Inc. blogs about upcoming events related to 3D ICs.

Micron ships first samples of Hybrid Memory Cube

09/25/2013  Micron Technology, Inc. announced today that it is shipping 2GB Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) engineering samples.

STMicroelectronics reveals new micro-packaged device product family

09/24/2013  Next-generation integrated devices for matching, filtering and protection help shrink circuit size and boost end-product performance.

Package level integration: challenges and opportunities

09/18/2013  A wide array of package level integration technologies now available to chip and system designers are reviewed.

Inside the Hybrid Memory Cube

09/18/2013  The HMC provides a breakthrough solution that delivers unmatched performance with the utmost reliability.

Packaging at The ConFab

09/18/2013  At The ConFab conference in Las Vegas in June, Mike Ma, VP of Corporate R&D at Siliconware (SPIL), announced a new business model for interposer based SiP’s, namely the “turnkey OSAT model.” In his presentation “The expanding Role of OSATS in the Era of System Integration,” Ma looked at the obstacles to 2.5/3D implementation and came up with the conclusion that cost is still a significant deterrent to all segments.

Collaboration needed on 3D-IC

09/05/2013  The history of semiconductors has been a history of collaboration. Today, a similar industry-wide collaborative approach to 3D stacked ICs is needed to reach widespread 3D-IC adoption and continue the amazing progress our industry has historically achieved.

Stanford and UT Austin professors to be honored at annual SRC TECHCON

09/05/2013  Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), a university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, will honor professors from Stanford University and University of Texas at Austin with awards for chip-related research and education at SRC’s annual TECHCON conference Sept. 9-10.

EV Group unveils new via-filling process to improve reliability of 3D-IC/TSV packaging

09/04/2013  EV Group, a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today unveiled a new polymer via-filling process for 3D-IC/through-silicon-via semiconductor packaging applications.

Dow Corning and EV Group to collaborate on temporary bonding materials for 3D-IC

09/03/2013  EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, announced today that Dow Corning has joined its network of top technology providers to support EVG's LowTemp platform for room-temperature wafer bonding and debonding processes.

Moore's Law Dead By 2022: Crying Wolf?

08/30/2013  Zvi Or-Bach, President & CEO of MonolithIC 3D Inc. blogs about recent predictions regarding the demise of continued scaling.

Entegris and imec collaborate on 3D wafer handling and shipping challenges


Entegris, Inc. and imec announced they are collaborating to advance the development and broaden the adoption of 3D integrated circuits.

Samsung introduces world’s first 3D V-NAND-based SSD


Samsung today introduced the first solid state drive (SSD) based on its recently released 3D V-NAND technology. Samsung announced its new SSD, designed for use in enterprise servers and data centers, during a keynote at the Flash Memory Summit 2013.

Monolithic 3D is now in production: Samsung starts mass producing first 3D vertical NAND flash


Zvi Or-Bach, President & CEO of MonolithIC 3D Inc. blogs about Samsung's recent announcement on 3D vertical NAND.

Samsung starts mass producing industry’s first 3D vertical NAND flash


New technology represents a breakthrough in overcoming NAND scaling limit and ushers in a new 3D memory era.

Monolithic 3D is now on the roadmap for 2019


Zvi Or-Bach, President & CEO of MonolithIC 3D Inc. blogs about the appearance of 3D integration on several roadmaps.

Cascade Microtech and imec successfully probe 25µm-diameter micro-bumps


Cascade Microtech, Inc. and imec today announced breakthroughs in probing stacked integrated circuits (3D-SICs), fueling an important growth engine for the semiconductor market.



UV LED Curing for the Electronics Industry

This paper provides an introduction to UV LED curing and the many benefits UV LED curing provides for bonding and coating applications in the electronics industry. Product manufacturers, machine builders, and chemistry formulators will gain an understanding of the benefits and how to apply UV LED curing in manufacturing processes. Included are specific examples of how manufacturers are using UV LED to make touch screens, mobile phones, micro speakers, and hard disk drives.April 03, 2014
Sponsored by Phoseon Technology

Versatile Epoxy Compounds for Electronic Applications

Electronic systems have revolutionized our lives. We use them in nearly all of our daily activities, for communication, computing, navigation, entertainment, payment processing, and more. They are the workhorses in many medical, transportation, aerospace, and military systems, performing functions such as automated control, data analysis, and pattern recognition.February 10, 2014
Sponsored by Master Bond, Inc.,

Enhancing the Performance of Electronic Applications with Versatile Epoxy Compounds

Learn about the different functions epoxies perform in the manufacture and assembly of today’s electronic systems. From nanotechnology to enormous space systems, these versatile compounds meet a wide variety of conditions, lending to the reliability and longevity of the devices we use in our everyday lives.January 06, 2014
Sponsored by Master Bond, Inc.,

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Multiphysics Modeling of MEMS Devices

April 30 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), such as actuators, sensors and resonators, rely on the interactions between multiple physical effects. In this webinar, we will show how a multiphysics simulation approach allows you to combine electrical, thermal and structural effects accurately in order to design reliable and high-performance MEMS devices.

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May 2014 (date and time TBD) MEMS have quite different process and material requirements compared to mainstream microprocessor and memory types of devices. This webcast will explore the latest trends in MEMS devices – including sensor fusion, biosensors, energy harvesting – new manufacturing challenges and potential equipment and materials solutions to those challenges.

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Packaging Materials

May 2014 (date and time TBD) Advanced packages rely on high-performance materials – die-attach film, solder bumps, conductive adhesive, underfill, TIM – to ensure reliability, fine-pitch interconnect, thermal management, and chip performance are optimized. Learn about the latest assembly materials and how they can improve the package, speed packaging throughput, and even lower packaging costs in the webcast.

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