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Bonding technology is driven by the reduction of package size and lower assembly costs. Additionally, ultra-fine-pitch applications with shorter bond pad distances are creating both opportunities and challenges. To keep up with the latest technological advances, it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with relevant products, such as flip-chip bonders, test bonders, gold wire bonders and wire welding equipment. Take a few minutes to review the products of interest and circle the corresponding numbers on the reader service card to receive more information. For faster results, fax the card to 413-637-4343.

Die Bonding Platform

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The Die Bonder 2008xP is an expandable platform that handles a wide spectrum of applications from metal lead frames, substrates and films to singulated BGAs. Features include an advanced vision system that incorporates optical bond centering and optical dispense centering, a die placement accuracy of 8.3 µm at 1 sigma, and an integrated quality control system. ESEC USA Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.

Electroplating Process

California Fine Wire has announced high-speed wire and ribbon electroplating. Said to offer a range of wires, coatings, wire diameters, wire lengths, ribbon shapes and finishes, the company states that it will deliver electroplated wire within five days or sooner. The company electroplates with nickel, copper, silver, gold, platinum, aluminum, tin, tin-lead, cadmium, rhodium, palladium and palladium-nickel in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 300 millionths of an inch, and also can anodize aluminum and aluminum alloys. California Fine Wire, Grover Beach, Calif.

Flip-chip Bonder

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The Model 850 flip-chip bonder is designed for process development and low-volume production runs. The new flip-chip rework attachment for this model is for removing chips that have been bonded with reworkable underfill materials. The optional attachment includes a focused-chip heat source, a heated stage with substrate holder, a pneumatic chip grabber, a microscope for X, Y and Z alignment, a control box with internal computer and power supply, and provision for site cleanup. Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, Calif.

Flip-chip/Precision Die Bonder

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The Model CDB-50 Automatic Flip-chip Die Bonder is a modular granite-based machine designed to grow from a semiautomatic configuration to a fully automatic one based on increased customer requirements. The machine reportedly can accept a wafer handler with flipper and from one to four 8-inch wafers with die sizes varying from 0.3 to 25 mm. The automatic substrate handler can load and unload boats, boards and frames constructed of different materials. Additional die-presentation options are waffle packs, gel packs and tape feeders. RD Automation, Piscataway, N.J.

Wire Brochure

A new illustrated brochure describes the full range of Ametek's specialty wire products. They are available in a variety of alloys, including aluminum, copper, nickel, stainless-steel and custom-engineered alloys. Wire is offered in a range of shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, half-round, hex, flat, bunched and custom shapes and in sizes from rod size to fine wire. Among the available package options are reels, spools, barrels, hex pails, coils, cut-to-length, bundles and layer-level wound reels. Ametek Specialty Metal Products, Wallingford, Conn.

Ball-bumping Process

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The CBT 6000 Ball Bumping process is an interconnect solution used in a variety of industries and applications. Features include continuous bonding handlers, wafer teach tools and special software for wire mapping, ink-dot recognition and security bonding. Ball bumping can be used for flip-chip applications, ball-in-corner bonding and placing security bonds. For direct chip-attach applications, such as flip-chip, the large work area of this process allows an entire wafer to be bumped at one time. The unit's 300 x 150-mm work area reportedly accommodates wafer diameter ranges from 75, 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif.

Large-area Wire Bonder

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The Model 8098 is a large-area ball bonder that combines productivity (up to eight wires/second) with 70-µm in-line pad-pitch mass-production capability. Said to be among the industry's largest, the 400 x 330-mm bondable area enables this unit to process large single or multi-up panels and carriers used for hybrids, COB, chip-on-flex and MCMs, as well as perform wafer-scale bonding up to 300 mm. The same machine also supports wafer-level ball bumping (at up to 16 bumps/second) for flip-chip and other area-array applications. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa.

Vectored-pull Testing

The new “vectored-pull” technique reportedly is suitable for testing bonded wires, leads or TAB connections that have a greater than 25-degree incline from the horizontal. The two current methods of test for these bonds are the vertical pull and the inclined pull. The vectored pull is said to combine the advantages of both current methods. For sample-handling convenience, the work piece is held in the horizontal plane, and for consistent hook positioning, the pull test is conducted at a programmable angle. Dage Precision Industries Inc., Fremont, Calif.


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