Semiconductor sales flat through February 2012

April 3, 2012 — The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), representing US semiconductor manufacturing and design, measured worldwide semiconductor sales at $22.9 billion in February 2012, down 1.3% from January’s $23.2 billion and 7.3% from February 2011. All monthly sales numbers represent a 3-month moving average.

Figure. Semiconductor revenues, February 2012. SOURCE: WSTS, SIA.

While units sold slightly increased, average selling prices (ASPs) decreased enough to create a revenue decline, noted Barclays Capital.

Table. February 2012 ($B) semiconductor sales. SOURCE: WSTS, SIA.

Month-to-Month Sales
Market Last Month Current Month % Change
Americas 4.31 4.36 1.1%
Europe 2.77 2.71 -1.9%
Japan 3.44 3.38 -1.8%
Asia Pacific 12.66 12.43 -1.8%
Total 23.18 22.88 -1.3%
Year-to-Year Sales
Market Last Year Current Month % Change
Americas 4.61 4.36 -5.4%
Europe 3.25 2.71 -16.4%
Japan 3.60 3.38 -6.1%
Asia Pacific 13.22 12.43 -6.0%
Total 24.68 22.88 -7.3%
Three-Month-Moving Average Sales
Market Sep/Oct/Nov Dec/Jan/Feb % Change
Americas 4.59 4.36 -4.9%
Europe 3.03 2.71 -10.3%
Japan 3.82 3.38 -11.5%
Asia Pacific 13.79 12.43 -9.9%
Total 25.22 22.88 -9.3%


The Americas region grew 1.1% month to month (M/M). Another month of job gains indicates “momentum in the US economic recovery,” said Brian Toohey, president, SIA.

Globally, the semiconductor industry must watch “continued sluggish economies in Europe and in Asia,” he said. However, the SIA has an optimistic view for growth in 2012, thanks to macroeconomic recovery and positive demand drivers in multiple end markets. Mobility, sensing, and energy efficiency are major features of new products serving consumer and enterprise applications. Automotive and communications end markets saw inflection into positive territory while computing and consumer sectors were soft, Barclays notes.

February SIA data show that the rate of decline is slowing, which suggests that the semiconductor industry is reaching a bottom, notes Barclays Capital. Q1 2012 should mark the inflection point, with 0-4% growth for the entire year.

While data across most sub-segments came in lower versus January, the rate of decline tapered, with pockets of growth in areas such as NAND and logic, Barclays added. There was positive M/M growth across most sub-segments (logic, MPU) with particular strength in memory. Memory’s growth was driven by strong unit shipments and flat ASPs.

The Semiconductor Industry Association, SIA, represents the U.S. semiconductor industry, comprising more than 60 companies. Learn more at

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