QEOS announces advanced LED lighting system

Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd. (QEOS), a leading innovator in LED technology, announced today that it is entering the LED lighting and LED lighting systems business.  QEOS had previously commercialized its Tilted Charge Dynamics (TCD) device technology to produce the world’s fastest LED, which also featured lower cost, smaller size, and importantly, extremely low total power usage; thus providing a highly “Green Energy” product for the communications industry.  The company is now leveraging its R&D capability in materials and device design, optical lens technology and packaging, to bring forth new “Smart+” LED Lighting Systems, combining eco-friendly green technology with digitally-driven and Internet-enabled smart lighting.

Dr. Gabriel Walter, CEO of QEOS, said, “Through the use of advanced designs and packaging we can drive down cost and energy usage, while creating new uses of intelligent LED Lighting Systems.  It is our honor to enter the LED lighting systems market to create new innovations in applications on the 85th birthday of Nick Holonyak, Jr., a founder of QEOS and the inventor of the LED.  Product development for this market is a natural extension of our R&D.”

The worldwide LED lighting markets are expected to achieve significant growth as buildings, communities and governments convert to more cost effective systems. New QEOS Smart+ LED Lighting Systems continue the innovation by delivering better energy efficiency, lower heat emission, lower cost, lower environmental impact, and lower-maintenance systems; while leveraging digital control and Internet-enabled device integration and access.

Dr. Raymond Chin, Chairman of QEOS, said, “We foresee LED lighting systems rapidly becoming more integrated into the fabric of the Internet, and there is substantial room to create advanced products. At QEOS innovation is part of our DNA.   We also see integration between our Advanced Video Surveillance Security business and our new Smart+ LED Lighting Systems business,” he said. “Lighting Systems and Video Surveillance Security are complimentary to each other, and when integrated together can result in much better solutions for customers.”

Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn Bhd. is located in Melaka, Malaysia with operations in Cupertino, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Its founders and management include Dr. Gabriel Walter and Dr. Raymond Chin, who are former students of Professor Holonyak; and also Professor Milton Feng, a co-inventor of the Transistor Laser.  QEOS has over 50 patents granted and pending


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3 thoughts on “QEOS announces advanced LED lighting system

  1. Clark Neri

    The complexity of the LED is one reason it probably won’t ever reach the price levels of the old incandescent lamps. With the 60 watt incandescent bulbs going away, and the relative failure of CFLs, it’ll be interesting to see what people turn to as a cheap alternative, especially for people planning to spend 6-12 months in a rented apartment, rather than 10-30 years in a purchased home. But businesses and organizations will have an easier time justifying the switch to LED.

  2. MarieHarbison

    The efficient & effective consumption of electricity by LED make it differ and better than old conventional lights so I think its a good decision of QOES to announcement of led lighting system for making the environment Eco friendly.


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