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Solid State Technology’s bloggers provide an insider’s point-of-view for electronic manufacturing such as semiconductor wafer fab, micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing, and advanced packaging and test product announcements, industry tradeshows, process advances, and technologies.

    Dr. Phil Garrou gives his insight into leading edge developments in 3-D integration and advanced packaging, reporting the latest technical goings on from conferences, conversations, and more.
  • IFTLE 1 Insights From the Leading Edge

    Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes Perspectives from the Leading Edge, PFTLE, rises from the internet black hole that it was thrust into to become Insights from the Leading Edge, IFTLE. Not much will change except the blog location. IFTLE will try to bring you weekly insight into the technical and business comings and goings in the 3DIC and IC packaging segments of our microelectronics [...]

    DICK JAMES is a 40-year veteran of the semiconductor industry and the senior technology analyst for Chipworks, an Ottawa, Canada-based specialty reverse engineering company. Chipworks analyses a broad range of devices, giving Dick a unique overview of what technologies make it into the real world of semiconductor production.
  • Winbond Adopts Qimonda’s Buried Wordline Technology – Metal Gates Come to DRAMs

    Before Qimonda’s unfortunate demise last year, they delivered an impressive paper at IEDM 2008 [1] describing a “buried wordline” (BwL) DRAM stack-cell structure. This was a marked change from their earlier technology, as until this point all of their product had been based on planar wordline structure with trench-style storage capacitors sunk into the die substrate.Even when [...]

    Pete's Posts covers topics germane to the electronics and solar industries, including semiconductor and photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing, advanced packaging, nanotechnology, MEMS and circuit board assembly.
  • The Lean Manager: A Novel

    I just started reading a new book titled "The Lean Manager, A Novel of Lean Transformation," and I'm already hooked. The authors, Michael and Freddy Balle, have taken what some would consider a pretty dry topic -- the Toyota Production System -- and brought it to life through a character by the name of Jenkinson, a new CEO at a fictional manufacturing plant. A quick excerpt: "Jenkinson [...]

Karen Lightman is managing director of MEMS Industry Group, the trade association advancing MEMS across global markets.

  • Conference Report: MEMS Executive Congress Europe

    ST's Carmelo Papa boldly declared that "MEMS is only limited by the imagination" during his opening keynote at MEMS Executive Congress Europe.  In many ways this phrase exemplifies the conference itself. All of the speakers on our four panels  -- industrial, biomedical/Quality of Life (QoL), automotive and consumer -- as well as our keynotes -- conveyed that frontier [...]

    Dr. Vivek Bakshi blogs about EUV Lithography (EUVL) and related topics of interest. He has edited two books on EUVL and is an internationally recognized expert on EUV Source Technology and EUV Lithography. He consults, writes, teaches and organizes EUVL related workshops.
  • SPIE 2012: The Spring of EUVL

    The SPIE Advanced Lithography EUVL Conference is usually held close to spring, but was pulled into week of Valentine’s Day this year. Fittingly, 2012 may be the year of EUVL’s early spring. This year even the loudest criticism of EUVL was not about “if” but “when,” and the predicted range of insertion for EUVL in high volume manufacturing (HVM) is now 2013-15. [...]