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12 VoltZ Ltd
Errol Kerrone, Man Dir
Email: help@12voltz.com

2nd Story Media
Lawren Farber, Owner

3S Photonics Group
Christian Lafrance, Bus Dev Dir
Email: contact@3sphotonicsgroup.com

4D Technology Corp
James Millerd, Pres

7thWave Inc - Nanotechnology Now
Brian Lundquist, Publisher
Email: brian@nanotech-now.com
Phone: 541-840-8155

A Square Technologies & Services
N Rao, Founder, CEO
Email: info@asquaretech.in
Phone: 91-9908344744

A&N Corp
Dana King, Sls Mgr

A-VAC Industries
Don McGregor, Sls Mgr

AAF International
Lee Coleman, Inside Sls
Email: lcoleman@aafintl.com
Phone: 502-637-0411

AAK Corp
Joseph DiPrimo, Ch Eng

Aalborg Instruments
Cindy, Bernie, Stefan Chew, Kletter, Radecki, Comms Mgr, Purch Mgr, QA Mgr

Aanderaa Instruments A/S
Rune Fjellheim, Sales Manager

Paul Pomeroy, Man Partner/Dir Mktg
Phone: 302-655-1552

Abasol SL
Carlos Cabeza, Sales Manager

Ed Orr, Ind'l Mgr/Semiconductor

Francisco Tacoa, Dir Mktg/Power Gen NAM
Email: francisco.m.tacoa@us.abb.com
Phone: 800-435-7365

Abbie Gregg Inc
Abbie, Michelle, Craig, April, Mark, Lara Gregg, Henegar, Rossrucker, Strnad, York, Pres, VP/Controller, VP Design, Bus Dev Mgr, VP Oper/Engr, VP Advanced Tech, Dir Industrial Engr, Dir Oper, Dir Adv Tech

Abbie Gregg Inc
April Rossrucker, Bus Dev Mgr
Email: arossrucker@abbiegregg.com
Phone: 480-446-8000

Able Engineering Company Inc - AEC
Alan Jones, Director of Business

Able Solar Ltd
Graeme McIntosh, CEO
Email: graeme@ablesolar.co.nz
Phone: 9-8372211

Abrasive Technology
Loyal Peterman, Founder/Pres

Abrisa Industrial Glass
Jim Wlaker, Eng Sls Mgr
Email: jwalker@abrisatechnologies.com
Phone: 310-381-3060

Abrisa Technologies
Jim Walker, Eng Sls Mgr
Email: jwalker@abrisatechnologies.com
Phone: 310-381-3060

ABS Alaskan Inc
Jim Norman, Owner

Abundance Technologies
Richard T Westlake, Managing Director

AC Solar Inc
Laurie Campbell, President
Email: acsolar@direcway.com
Phone: 719-784-3603

Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Alexei Simashkevich, Laboratory Head

ACC Silicones Ltd
Janis Grant, Tech Sls
Email: janis.grant@acc-silicones.com
Phone: 44-1278-411400

ACCES I/O Products
Chris Persidok, Mktg Mgr

Acciona Energia
José Arrieta, Director

Accu-Tech Laser Processing Inc
James, Steven Byrum, Slater, Pres/CEO, Pres, Engr Mgr

Accumet Engineering Corporation
Tony, Hugh, Larry Mendonca, Muffoletto, Voyer, Sls, CEO, QA Mgr

Accuratus Corp
Raymond Tsao, Gen Mgr

Accusealed Ltd
Gabriella Feher, Marketing and Trading Director
Email: info@accusealed.hu
Phone: 36-1-414-0848

Acktar Limited
Dina Katsir, Research & Development Officer
Email: acktar1@netvision.net.il
Phone: 972-8-6814213

Acpsol Energia Solar SL
Pablo Gonzalez, Director
Email: acpsol@acpsol.com
Phone: 34-952-768-314

Acpsol Ingenieros SL
Jesus Ortega, Director

ACR Systems Inc
Ronnie Dizon, Territory Sls Mgr

Acromag Inc
Julie Burke, Inside Sls
Email: sales@acromag.com
Phone: 248-295-0880

Act Energy eV
Thomas Schmalschlaeger,

Jim Jacob, Pres

Active Power Inc
Bill, Joseph, Sriram Kabele, Pinkerton, Sivaram, VP Engr, Pres/CEO, VP Sls/Mktg

Acton Optics & Coatings
Matt Lyons, Optics Prod Mgr
Email: mlyons@actonoptics.com
Phone: 978-268-0310

ADA Consulting Ltd
Ivan Salustino, Pres
Email: ivansalustino@hotmail.com
Phone: 55-71-3230-6346

ADA Service srl
Gabriele Beccai,
Email: info@adaservices.com
Phone: 39-055-352729

Adam Harvey Associates
Adam Harvey, Managing Director

ADCO Circuits Inc
Marc Damman, Sls
Email: mdamman@adcocircuits.com
Phone: 248-829-4677

Adept Technology Inc
Robert, Hai, Gordon, John, Joachim, Dave Bucher, Chang, Deans, Dulchinos, Melis, Pap Rocki, CEO, Man Dir Asia, VP Bus Dev, Pres/COO, VP WW Sls, CTO

Adhesives Research Inc
Melinda, Karen, George, Mary Hopp, Olson, Stolaigs, Lawson, Dir Mktg, Pres, VP Sls, Electronics Bus Mgr

Adkinson & Associates
Donald Adkinson, Pres