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Kingston introduces entry-level PCIe NVMe SSD

04/04/2018  The M.2 drive is Kingston’s first entry-level consumer-grade PCIe NVMe SSD utilizing 3D NAND.

Fraunhofer ISE and EV group achieve 33.3% efficiency with silicon-based multi-junction solar cell

04/04/2018  The Fraunhofer researchers achieved the high conversion efficiency of the silicon-based multi-junction solar cell with extremely thin 0.002 mm semiconductor layers of III-V compound semiconductors, bonding them to a silicon solar cell.

Global semiconductor sales up 21% year-to-year in February

04/03/2018  Americas market grows by nearly 40 percent compared to last year; global sales decrease slightly month-to-month.

Toshiba Corporation welcomes Nobuaki Kurumatani as Chairman and CEO

04/02/2018  Nobuaki Kurumatani today took office as the first Chairman and CEO of Toshiba Corporation to be appointed from outside the company in over 50 years.

SiFive secures $50.6M funding to advance RISC-V based semiconductors

04/02/2018  SiFive, a provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced it raised $50.6 million in a Series C round led by existing investors.

Engineers turn plastic insulator into heat conductor

04/02/2018  Technique could prevent overheating of laptops, mobile phones, and other electronics.

With its highest growth rate in 14 years, the global semiconductor industry topped $429B in 2017

03/30/2018  Samsung edged out Intel, to become the new semiconductor industry leader.

Mobile Semiconductor introduces 40nm ULP memory compiler support

03/30/2018  Mobile Semiconductor today announced the introduction of its three new 40nm ULP memory compilers which are available immediately.

Optoelectronics, sensors/actuators, and discretes hit record-high sales

03/29/2018  Total revenues in the three O-S-D market segments climbed 11% in 2017 -- the strongest growth rate since 2010 -- and continue to be driven by high demand for sensors, actuators, CMOS imaging devices, light sensors, laser transmitters, and power discretes.

NVIDIA and Arm partner to bring deep learning to billions of IoT devices

03/28/2018  NVIDIA and Arm today announced that they are partnering to bring deep learning inferencing to the billions of mobile, consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices that will enter the global marketplace.

ON Semiconductor names 2017 Supplier Award winners

03/28/2018  ON Semiconductor today announced it has recognized 20 companies with supplier excellence awards.

Smaller and faster: The terahertz computer chip is now within reach

03/28/2018  Hebrew university researcher shows proof of concept for nanotechnology that will make computers run 100 times faster.

The future of photonics using quantum dots

03/27/2018  Quantum-dot lasers are promising for integrated photonic circuits.

Xcerra announces preferred supplier agreement with Elmos

03/26/2018  Xcerra testers offer high quality and efficiency of test solutions for automotive semiconductor and sensor devices.

New insights from failures

03/26/2018  To be able to guarantee the reliability of transistors, we have been conducting research for some years now at imec to see what happens when transistors operate properly and when they fail.

Improving human-data interaction to speed nanomaterials innovation

03/26/2018  New application of data analysis, visualization techniques achieves better representation of multidimensional materials data; Work is part of Lehigh University's initiative to accelerate understanding of materials through improved human-data interaction

Semiconductor Industry Association issues statement on Trump administration Section 301 action on China

03/23/2018  The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today released the following statement from President & CEO John Neuffer in response to the Section 301 action taken by the Trump Administration to address China's trade practices.

North American semiconductor equipment industry posts February 2018 billings

03/23/2018  February billings remain at a level indicating another positive year for semiconductor equipment spending.

U.S. companies maintain largest share of fabless company IC sales

03/23/2018  China-based companies show the largest fabless IC marketshare gain since 2010.

"Technology, Circuits & Systems for Smart Living" theme for 2018 Symposia on VLSI Technology & Circuits

03/21/2018  Bringing together a technical program that encompasses 'big integration' of a number of critical industry trends -- machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, wearable/implantable biomedical applications, big data, and cloud computing -- the 2018 Symposia on VLSI Technology & Circuits will showcase a convergence of technologies needed for 'smart living.'



3D NAND Flash Process Integration and Architecture from A to Z

April 24, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Since 2006, many of new 3D NAND Flash cells have been proposed and commercialized on the market. Already, we have seen 3D NAND cell structure up to 64L/72L with single or multi-stack NAND string architecture. The memory density on Micron/Intel’s 64L 3D NAND 256 Gb/die reached 4.40 Gb/mm2 (256 Gb/die). In this session, we’ll overview 3D NAND Flash roadmap, products, cell design, structure, materials and process integration. The 3D NAND cell architecture from major NAND manufacturers including Samsung TCAT V-NAND, Toshiba/Western Digital BiCS, SK Hynix P-BiCS and Micron/Intel FG CuA will be reviewed and compared. Current and future technology challenges on 3D NAND will be discussed as well.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Semiconductor Manufacturing: The Rise of Computational Process Control

Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET

The increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques such as deep learning is creating a myriad of both challenges and opportunities for enhancements in manufacturing in terms of improved capacity, quality, and efficiency. The semiconductor industry poses somewhat unique challenges arising from its complex, high precision and highly dynamic production environment. One key way that these challenges are being addressed in semiconductor is by using an approach called “computational process control” or “CPC” in which AI and ML are combined with subject matter expertise to provide higher quality analytical solutions. This webcast will look at the AI/ML explosion, what it means to the semiconductor industry, and how CPC is being used to enhance the benefits of these analytical techniques.

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Date and time TBD

This webcast will examine the state-of-the-art in conductors and dielectrics, -- including contacts and Metal1 through global level -- pre-metal dielectrics, associated planarization, necessary etch, strip and cleans, embedded passives, global and intermediate TSVs for 3D, as well as reliability, system, and performance issues.

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Leveraging Baseline Checks for Robust Reliability Verification

As IP and IC designers and verification teams tackle increased complexity and expectations, reliability verification has become a necessary ingredient for success. Automotive, always-on mobile devices, IOT and other platforms require increasingly lower power envelopes and reduced device leakage while maintaining overall device performance. Foundries have also created new process nodes targeted for these applications. Having the ability to establish baseline checks for design and reliability requirements is critical to first pass success. January 08, 2018
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Testing PAs under Digital Predistortion and Dynamic Power Supply Conditions

The power amplifier (PA) – as either a discrete component or part of an integrated front end module (FEM) – is one of the most integral RF integrated circuits (RFICs) in the modern radio. In Part 2 of this white paper series, you will learn different techniques for testing PAs via an interactive white paper with multiple how-to videos.September 06, 2017
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Learn the Basics of Power Amplifier and Front End Module Measurements

The power amplifier (PA) – as either a discrete component or part of an integrated front end module (FEM) – is one of the most integral RF integrated circuits (RFICs) in the modern radio. Download this white paper to learn the basics of testing RF PAs and FEMs via an interactive white paper with multiple how-to videos.May 22, 2017
Sponsored by National Instruments

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