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After worst-ever 2012, FPD equipment to see a brighter 2013


This year is shaping up to be a historically lousy year for makers of flat-panel display (FPD) manufacturing equipment, but expectations are looking up that demand will catch up to supply in 2013 and balance the market, according to NPD DisplaySearch projections.

Why bigger is better for FPD recovery and growth


DisplaySearch explains why larger panel sizes are a big reason the flat-panel display industry is back on the road to recovery, despite excess capacity and eroding prices (and profits): larger panel sizes. Plus: a Black Friday deal tip-off.

Flat-panel displays rebounding in 2012 as prices fall, performance rises


Worldwide flat-panel display (FPD) revenues will reach a record $120 billion in 2012, up 8% from a challenging year in 2011, and the recovery is entirely on the backs of TFT-LCDs and AMOLED displays, according to NPD DisplaySearch.

Linde adds China N2O plant, expands display gases reach in Asia


Linde Electronics has added a new high-purity nitrous oxide (N2O) plant in China's Jiangsu Province to support increased adoption of metal oxide transistors by display manufacturers.

EU partners complete three-year OLED materials program


NEMO, a three-year European project to research solution-processable materials for OLEDs, has concluded with newly developed materials that can be integrated into large-surface OLED components and are suited for printing processes.

Sharp, Intel tieup rumored for ultrabook LCDs


Sharp Corp. reportedly is in discussions with Intel to use the Japanese firm's LCD panels in new ultrabook laptops, and could be seeking a more substantial partnership that would make the chipmaking giant its top stakeholder.

Tablet display shipments booming in 2012, big panel makers joining the fray


Shipments of tablets are booming, and that means demand for tablet displays is set to spike as well -- and some new panel makers are getting in on the action, reports IHS iSuppli.

DisplaySearch: LCD industry poised for recovery in 2012


Despite the gloomy economy and softness in consumer LCD products, suppliers of thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD) expect moderate 8%-13% growth in sales and shipments in 2012, according to DisplaySearch.

Technology alliance formed for glass and brittle materials processing


Three leaders in their respective fields have formed a technology alliance to bring a new glass cutting technology to market. InnoLas Systems GmbH licensed process technology developed by FiLaser LLC and will use ultra-short pulse lasers produced exclusively for InnoLas by LUMERA LASER GmbH.

Molybdenum disulfide has all the 2D potential of graphene, with a bandgap


MIT researchers are building various electronic components out of a 2D form of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). This is the start of a “new realm” of research into 2D materials for electronic materials and devices, according to one researcher.

Technology licensing company Rambus restructures, creates CTO role


Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS), a technology licensing company, will undergo a restructuring and related cost saving measures to cut its expenses by$30-35 million annually.

Dynamic changes impacting advanced electronic materials industry


Learn about the changes in semiconductor manufacturing as well as related markets -- photovoltaics, displays, LEDs, etc -- at the 2012 Strategic Materials Conference (SMC), to be held on October 23-24 in San Jose, CA. SEMI reports.

LG Display doubles tablet display sales revenues with Apple orders


LG Display more than doubled its tablet display sales revenue sequentially in Q2, thanks to panel shipments for Apple's iPad, according to IHS. LGD is also moving forward on a plan to convert some a-Si LCD production to LTPS, despite a yield loss inherent in the change.

Quarter-wave retarding film could enable simpler 3D large-screen displays


3D movies often rely on glasses for the viewer and a cumbersome 2-projector method. Researchers at South Korea’s Seoul National University have developed a quarter-wave retarding film that changes light polarization, applied to the display screen as a specialized coating.

Printing methodologies for various electronic devices


Printing is emerging as a technology that can replace traditional photolithography processes for electronics manufacturing, reducing costly material use, very complex processes, and expensive equipment.

Flat-panel TV shipments recover in Q2 2012


Following a sharp 30% drop during Q1 2012, worldwide shipments of flat-panel televisions returned to growth in Q2, according to IHS's Displaybank.

LEDs to get backlighting market share help from rising CCFL costs


In 2011, LEDs were expected to grab market share from CCFLs in the display backlighting segment. However, prices for CCFL-backlight TVs fell alongside prices for LED-backlit TVs. Now, CCFL raw materials costs have exploded, setting the stage for market share grabs by LEDs, albeit later than expected, reports Jimmy Kim, DisplaySearch.

2012 brings major changes to the display polarizer films


The PVA protection film industry will change significantly in 2012, with many display makers actively pursuing PVA-free and TAC-free designs. Display manufacturers are looking for costs savings, designs that suit tablet PCs and smartphones, and alternatives to Fuji Film, Displaybank reports.

Call for Papers: Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference


The FlexTech Alliance announced the Call for Papers is open for the 12th annual Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition.

How to reduce large-size AMOLED display fab costs


AMOLED displays are growing rapidly and offer many performance benefits over LCDs. However, 55” AMOLED TV displays cost 8-10x as much as a comparable LCD to manufacture. NPD DisplaySearch looks at ways to improve costs/fab.



UV LED Curing for the Electronics Industry

This paper provides an introduction to UV LED curing and the many benefits UV LED curing provides for bonding and coating applications in the electronics industry. Product manufacturers, machine builders, and chemistry formulators will gain an understanding of the benefits and how to apply UV LED curing in manufacturing processes. Included are specific examples of how manufacturers are using UV LED to make touch screens, mobile phones, micro speakers, and hard disk drives.April 03, 2014
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Versatile Epoxy Compounds for Electronic Applications

Electronic systems have revolutionized our lives. We use them in nearly all of our daily activities, for communication, computing, navigation, entertainment, payment processing, and more. They are the workhorses in many medical, transportation, aerospace, and military systems, performing functions such as automated control, data analysis, and pattern recognition.February 10, 2014
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Enhancing the Performance of Electronic Applications with Versatile Epoxy Compounds

Learn about the different functions epoxies perform in the manufacture and assembly of today’s electronic systems. From nanotechnology to enormous space systems, these versatile compounds meet a wide variety of conditions, lending to the reliability and longevity of the devices we use in our everyday lives.January 06, 2014
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