South Korea: LG Display's 2014 net hits 4-year high
January 29, 2015
LG Display Co., the world's top maker of liquid crystal displays (LCD), said Wednesday it posted its highest profit in four years in 2014 on the back of a pickup in TV set demand and robust sales of Apple's new iPhone 6 series.

Dell announces Updated 4K Display for M3800 mobile workstation laptops
January 28, 2015
Today, Dell has announced its new 4K display for its line of workhorse Precision M3800 mobile workstation laptops. The new 4K resolution screen option is made with indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO2) technology and it also boasts Corning Gorilla Glass NBT protection. As per experts, the new display has noticeable improvements when compared with the last Precision M3800, which had a 3,200-by-1,800 resolution screen.

Yahoo Spinoff Of Alibaba Stake Cheers Investors As Q4 Lags; Sales Still Falling; EPS Sinks Holdings in China e-com leader represents great majority of portal's value
January 28, 2015
Web search firm Yahoo late Tuesday, bowing to shareholder pressure, announced a tax-free spinoff of its 15% stake in China e-commerce leader Alibaba Group, rallying its stock despite another quarterly decline in sales and earnings. In a conference call with analysts following the earnings release, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called the spinoff of the Alibaba shares a "historic" undertaking. But activist investor Starboard Value, and other stockholders, had been seeking such a move to realize value in the U.S. Web portal's prescient investment in a young Alibaba nearly 10 years ago.

eXelate Announces Customer Data Cloud(TM): a Breakthrough in Cross-Platform Marketing; Marketers Can Now Leverage Data Across All Screens and Devices, Including Mobile, Audio and Smart TV
January 27, 2015
eXelate, the leading provider of data technology that powers the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, today announced the availability of the eXelate customer data cloud(TM). A major breakthrough in cross-platform marketing, the customer data cloud connects data marketplace, data management and analytics solutions in one suite of tools supported by unified customer profiles, which connect anonymous customer identities across all devices and channels -- including display, video, mobile, audio, smart TV and offline sales -- enabling marketers to engage individuals and households with tailored messages and measure performance at scale. For related announcement see here. eXelate's customer data cloud helps marketers navigate complex customer journeys and path-to-purchase decisions across all devices -- actionable information previously accessible only to technology giants and large media holders. The new offering is an integrated evolution of eXelate's rich data assets, massive technology infrastructure, and industry-leading measurement solutions. To help marketers capitalize on the new capabilities, eXelate also unveiled new programs designed to educate marketers on the technology, as well as services to help them succeed.

Samsung's Galaxy A5, A3 phones launched in Oman
January 27, 2015
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 offering a refined modern design and the most advanced functions to support social networking.Available across Oman in an all-metal frame and a variety of colours and sizes both devices empower younger consumers to quickly and easily capture meaningful moments connect to social media and share their daily lives.quot;The Galaxy A5 and A3 offer our young consumers the superior features that users have come to expect from Samsung's premium Galaxy devices as well as an advanced way to capture connect and share their digital livesquot; said Hayssam Yassine head of Telecommunications Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics.quot;Both devices are designed with a premium metal body and unique software features to help trendsetters express themselves in style.quot;The ultra slim full metal design: The Galaxy A5 and A3 are Samsung's slimmest smartphones to date featuring refined full metal unibody designs that are 6.7mm and 6.9mm thin respectively. Both devices will come in a variety of colours including Pearl White Midnight Black Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold to accommodate the personal style and preference of diverse users.5 MP front camera for unmatched selfies: The Galaxy A5 and A3 offer a superior mobile and social experience to young consumers who want to express their unique style while constantly staying connected.

Casio Signature XJ-M156
January 26, 2015
The Casio Signature XJ-M156 ($1,309.99) is a data projector that displays bright colors for a DLP-based model, thanks to its hybrid LED/laser light source, which has a very long lamp life. It has a good set of connection choices, including the ability to connect via Wi-Fi. Data-image quality is solid, suitable for typical business or classroom presentations. Design and Features The XJ-M156'slight source is rated at 3,000 lumens, and it has XGA (1,024-by-768) native resolution. It employs Casio's hybrid LED/laser light engine, which produces red light with LEDs, blue with lasers, and green by shining blue laser light on a phosphor. Its optical system directs the red, green, and blue light to the DLP chip, and out the front lens. The light source is rated at 20,000 hours, meaning that it should effectively last the lifetime of the projector.

Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor P2815Q
January 22, 2015
The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor P2815Q ($599.99) is yet another affordably priced Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) display, joining models from Acer, Lenovo, Philips, and ViewSonic. Based on Twisted Nematic (TN) panel technology, this 28-inch monitor boasts a 3,840 by 2,160 resolution, a fully adjustable ergonomic stand, and lots of I/O connections. However, its UHD content can only be displayed at 30Hz, and its color accuracy could be better. Design and Features The P2815Q shares the same sleek design as the Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q. The slightly curved, matte-black cabinet is wrapped in a band of silver trim, and the non-reflective panel is framed by 0.75-inch bezels. The cabinet weighs 11.4 pounds and is supported by a silver stand with a sliding-hinge mechanism that gives you a height adjustment range of 4.5 inches, a tilt range of 28 degrees, and a 90-degree pivot range. The mounting arm swivels at the base with a range of 90 degrees. You can disconnect the stand and hang the monitor on a wall using the VESA-mounting holes and an optional VESA mounting kit.

Garmin unveils two new marine instrument displays
January 21, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., has unveiled two new marine instrument displays, the GNX 120 and GNX 130.

In-Store: On the Move
January 19, 2015
Mobile merchandisers put the right products in the best traffic patterns for increased sales The movie "Field of Dreams" coined the phrase "Build it, and they will come." Supermarkets in the US are using mobile merchandisers to put their own marketing spin on this phrase: Move it, and sales will come.

The Economic and Cognitive Costs of Annoying Display Advertisements
December 01, 2014
In the online display advertising industry, advertisers pay publishers (websites) to run display ads that users (website visitors) see alongside other content. Online display ads are graphic images that can vary in size, shape, animation, duration, and more. Display advertising is a large industry. In 2012, display-related ads garnered revenues of more than $12 billion in the United States, or 33% of total online advertising revenue (Interactive Advertising Bureau [IAB] 2013, p. 12). Online advertising itself brings in approximately as much revenue as broadcast television and more revenue than cable television, radio, and newspaper advertising (IAB 2013, p. 18). On mobile devices, display ads are predicted to soon overtake search ads (Gartner Inc. 2013). Many of the world's most popular web destinations, such as Google, Facebook, CNN.com, and Yahoo!, are almost entirely funded by advertising, much of it display advertising. Online display ads are often annoying. So many people want to avoid seeing online advertisements that there have been more than 200 million downloads of one ad blocker alone.1 From an economic perspective, these annoying display ads are interesting because they can both make and cost money for publishers. They make money directly because advertisers pay publishers to run ads. They can cost money indirectly when annoyed users abandon a site, leaving the publisher with less traffic and ultimately less advertising revenue.


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