LG Electronics Names 'Art of the Pixel' Winner
September 23, 2014
LG Electronics USA reported that Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) student John Summerson took the top prize in "The Art of the Pixel: Powered by LG Ultra HD 4K and OLED TV."

MHL Ecosystem Surpasses 650 Million Products Worldwide; Rapid Growth Continues with Release of MHL 3.0 Products, and Increased Adoption of MHL Technology in China and India
September 22, 2014
MHL, LLC today announced that more than 650 million MHL® products have shipped worldwide since the first MHL-enabled products were released in 2011. The world's leading consumer electronics and mobile device companies continue to release exciting new MHL-enabled products that showcase the power of MHL technology, which brings HD multimedia content from a mobile device to a larger screen. The global MHL ecosystem includes adapters, automotive accessories, A/V receivers, Blu-ray Disc(TM) players, cables, DTVs, monitors, projectors, smartphones, streaming media sticks, tablets and more. A steady stream of MHL 3.0 mobile devices that output 4K Ultra HD video have been released this year, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3, and ZTE nubia Z7, along with MHL 3.0 4K Ultra HD displays from Samsung and Sony. 4K is rapidly growing in popularity and, with these MHL 3.0 smartphones, consumers can capture brilliant photos and videos and then enjoy them in full 4K Ultra HD beauty on their big screen TV.

eBay Enterprise unveils enterprise commerce marketing platform with FICO
September 22, 2014
HIGHLIGHT: eBay Enterprise, Inc. in a strategic partnership with Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO, a predictive analytics and decision management software company, has announced the eBay enterprise commerce marketing platform, a new omnichannel engagement suite that will enable marketers to optimize one-to-one commerce at scale.

Oculus unveils new prototype virtual reality headset
September 22, 2014
Facebook-owned  Oculus VR has unveiled an updated prototype of its virtual reality headset. However, there are no plans in the pipeline for a consumer release and it might be a while before we actually get to see one. Nicknamed Crescent Bay, it features a fair share of improvements over the DK2 model. Higher resolution HD OLED display [...] The post Oculus unveils new prototype virtual reality headset appeared first on tbreak.ae.

Point-And-Shoots Beef Up Sensors At Photokina Show
September 22, 2014
The target audience appears to be professional photographers looking for lighter gear to carry around on personal outings or in rugged terrain, and for advanced amateurs and semi-pros looking for a quick-and-dirty backup to their DSLRs. The year's target was Sony's popular RX100 Mark III, which drew competitive challenges from Fujifilm, Canon and Panasonic to name three.

ET deals: ActionFit sweat-resistant headphones for $40, 23-inch touch IPS monitor for $150, more
September 19, 2014
We're back with another selection of our top deals, including sweat-resistant headphones, a huge discount on a touchscreen monitor, over 40% off a pair of laptops, and more. Read on to check out all the best deals below. Philips ActionFit sweat-resistant sport headphones for $39.99 (normally $100)

Making Al green; Display screens
September 19, 2014
The next generation of screens may be based on microscopic aluminium rods CATHODE-RAY tubes relied on phosphors made of inorganic chemicals to generate their pictures. They, however, are history. Many of the flat screens that replaced them--whether liquid-crystal displays or more modern organic light-emitting diode displays--rely on organic chemicals instead. These tend to be less stable, and thus less long-lived than inorganics. A good, cheap way of making inorganic displays would thus be welcome. And one beckons in the form of systems that exploit a phenomenon called surface plasmonics to generate their colours.

LG 55EC9300
September 16, 2014
Last year, I reviewed the LG 55EA9800, a 55-inch curved OLEDHDTV. To my utter shock, it managed to produce perfectly dark black, a holy grail of HDTV testing and the only way a screen can have the "infinite contrast ratio" (technically inaccurate, but we'll talk about that later) some manufacturers have claimed in the past. I've been waiting for another OLED HDTV to test to see if this was some mysterious fluke or if the technology really can consistently perform that way. LG has now released the 55EC9300, a redesigned, WebOS-based follow-up model. Well, OLED is now two for two, and the 55EC9300 offers one of the best pictures I've ever tested in the lab. That image quality will cost you $6,999.99, though, so while OLED is now confirmed to be the future of HDTVs, it still isn't feasible for most consumers today.

Sprint announces availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with Sprint Spark
September 15, 2014
HIGHLIGHT: Sprint, a communications services company, has announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with Sprint Spark.

A sharper image for TV; Difference engine
September 15, 2014
With a picture four times sharper, Ultra-HD is out to grab your attention WITH high-definition (HD) televisions now in four out of five American homes, they have become, from a manufacturer's point of view, low-profit-margin commodity items. Hence the recent marketing blitz intended to persuade people to replace their existing sets with so-called 4K models, which quadruple the number of pixels on the screen. By offering sharper images, South Korean and Japanese television makers, such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp and Panasonic, hope to reset prices to levels at which they can earn substantial profits again. Discounted 60-inch HD sets (LCD or plasma) can be had for less than $600. Similar sized 4K models, which cost not all that more than HD sets to make, go for $2,800 or so. Also, by raising the technological stakes in this way, these long-established firms hope to distance themselves from low-cost Chinese rivals, such as TCL, Haier, HiSense, Konka and Changhong, which are muscling in on the $8 billion American television market now sales at home have slowed down.


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