A Genius and His Motley Cart of Pioneering Innovations
September 01, 2014
KOCHI, Sept. 1 -- It just took around two weeks of hard work and a paltry '4,800 for Arvind Sanjeev, the smart geek at tech domain, to make the prototype of Smart Cap, the wearable head mounted display device that catapulted him into the league of promising young entrepreneurs.The device offers the same functionalities of a Google Glass on a lesser scale like: voice command-based control, first person video streaming and head mounted display. "The project is not intended to be a clone of the Google Glass, instead an open tutorial on how people can make their own wearable or head-mounted display based gadgets," Arvind says. Smart Cap is fully an open DIY project entailing a wearable head mounted display. It runs on custom voice recognition software to support hands-free engagement. It can be tailored for use in helmets, first person video recording, and can mimic functionalities of a Google Glass but for under $80. It aims to intrigue people with the real wearable display technology and instructs them in detail about how they could build one of their own. The complete system runs on a raspberry pi with other peripherals like a 2.5" LCD screen, webcam, microphone, etc. At present, Arvind has no plans to commercialise the product as it is an open project and one of the projects on DIY Hacking.

Smartwatches threaten Swiss pride
August 31, 2014
Switzerland, the headquarters of the global watch industry, is starting to get worried. The latest smartwatches from Motorola (the Moto 360) and LG have round faces and look just like ordinary watches. Once more models, including Apple's iWatch, hit the stores, their relatively low price and attractive looks could pose a real threat to the mid-range Swiss brands. One Swiss brand that has the look and feel of a smartwatch and is priced around the same is Swatch. Swatch chief executive officer Nick Hayek says that Swatch has been making interactive watches for 20 years and sees no great threat. Other Swiss brands have been producing watches with electronic touchscreens. Back in the 70s, Switzerland's watchmakers were almost put out of business when they underestimated the importance of Japanese quartz watches. Though the industry recovered, thanks to Hayek's father, the legendary Nicholas Hayek, it certainly faces a new technological challenge from the more efficient and attractive smartwatches. Boston Consulting Group has warned the Swiss watch industry that it should brace for the arrival of smartwatches. Current estimates say that smartwatches will achieve global sales of 7 million this year, once Apple hits the market with the iWatch later this year.

CyberOptics Features Advanced WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor (APS) Technology at SEMICON Taiwan; Company advances already industry-leading airborne particle sensor technology with a 60% increased sensitivity; Enables improvement in fab yields and equipment uptime
August 31, 2014
CyberOptics® Corporation (NASDAQ:CYBE), a world leader in intelligent inspection and sensing solutions for electronics assembly and semiconductor process equipment, will demonstrate its wireless measurement devices for chamber gapping, leveling, wafer handoff teaching, vibration and airborne particle measurement, at SEMICON Taiwan in Booth #426 and #672 at the TWC in Nangang District, Taipei City, Sept. 3-5, 2014. To address the market demand for airborne particle measurement in 150mm semiconductor, gallium arsenide (GaAs), LED and flat panel display fabs, CyberOptics will also highlight the new WaferSense Airborne Particle Sensor APS2 150C, its most recent extension of its APS line in a 150mm wafer form factor. The new APS2 150C incorporates advanced technology with a 60% increase in particle sensitivity at <10 false counts per hour.

Digital media way of future
August 31, 2014
Mena brands take advantage of digital media consumption patterns Digital media, over the next two years, will contribute to growing the overall media market as new brands will enter the scene, top officials at Maxus have revealed. “The digital media consumption is growing fast in the Mena region, and clients, to a certain extent, are trying to ride the wave and employ this space to their brands’ advantage. However, the digital ad spend hasn’t reached its critical mass stage that allows more investment in research and technology - the key driver to utilising digital media to its optimal levels,” Bijan White, EMEA head of digital, at Maxus, told Khaleej Times on the sidelines of an event. “Having said that, our key endeavor at Maxus, is to introduce new technologies and techniques that empower our clients’ business and enable them to reach their audiences more efficiently by delivering precise and tailored messages,” he added.

Samsung, LG ready to display future of electronics
August 31, 2014
Shown here is 'CityCube Berlin,' an exclusive booth set up by Samsung Electronics at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin./ Courtesy of Samsung ElectronicsNew Samsung virtual-reality device to cost $199 Samsung Electronics will showcase its updated 'smart home' technology and new televisions at the upcoming IFA technology fair in Berlin, with a view to strengthening the company's grip on the global market. LG Electronics will also roll out new gadgets, including televisions and wireless vacuum cleaners, raising market expectations around the world for Europe's largest consumer electronics conference.

Videocon enhances viewing experience, launches India's first UHD LED Smart TVs
August 28, 2014
Videocon today launched 4K ultra high definition (UHD) smart television, with plans to reach 100 cities across the country by Diwali. It comprises five new models in different screen sizes between 40 to 85 inches, starting from Rs 91,000. Videocon 4K UHD LED will be available across markets by September. With the new range of 4K UHD LED Smart TVs, Videocon aims to increase its market share in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) segment to 20% by the end of this year.

LG, Samsung unpack new smartwatches '
August 28, 2014
LG Electronics released Thursday the G Watch R, its second-generation smartwatch, with a classic circular design. The G Watch R will make its debut at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin, Germany, Sept. 5. / Courtesy of LG ElectronicsBy Bahk Eun-ji

Videocon launches 4K UHD LED Smart TVs, start Rs. 91,000
August 27, 2014
India, Aug. 27 -- Videocon today unveiled a new range of 4K Ultra High Definition LED Smart TVs. The company hopes its new smart TV range will help boost market share in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) segment to 20% from the current 16%. Videocon's new range of smart TVs start at Rs. 91,000.

Making Virtual a Reality
August 25, 2014
Minutes after Facebook announced plans to buy virtual reality firm Oculus VR in March, the jokes began popping up on Twitter. "Just checking my Facebook news feed!" the messages read, accompanied by photos of people in unwieldy, Facebook-branded Oculus Rift headsets. It was amusing because the people in the photos looked ridiculous sporting the bulky Rift, but the jokes highlight a persistent problem: The equipment needed to make VR a reality is not as cool as the technology behind it. In a video titled "The Faces of Morpheus," Sony recorded attendees at this year's E3 trying out its new Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. And although those who experimented with it seemed impressed, they still looked like goobers stabbing the air with Play controllers, trying to fight off virtual sharks. Facebook doesn't seem too concerned with the VR cool factor, and it is making a $2 billion bet that it is actually the next big thing in technology. But can manufacturers find that sweet spot between amazing technology and stunning equipment to match? And can your stomach handle the ride? Oculus, Sony, and even Google are hoping the answer is yes.

New LG G Watch could be unveiled at IFA 2014
August 18, 2014
India, Aug. 18 -- LG, which recently launched the LG G watch, is gearing up to launch the next iteration of the device. The LG G Watch 2 could be unveiled next month in September at IFA 2014 and will come with an OLED display.


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