Martian Notifier smartwatch review: True to its name
November 26, 2014
New smartwatches are bringing innovative features and functionality but one of the basics that each of them focuses on is notifications. The smartwatch essentially started as an extension of the smartphone making notifications easily accessible. Not everyone needs fitness trackers or music players or wrist cameras on their watches. Also, a large number of users want their smartwatch to look more like a watch than anything else. US based company Martian Watches introduced the Martian Notifier to target users who want their smartwatch to look like a conventional analog time piece and still fetch notifications from their smartphone. We try to find out if it's worth a buy, in our review. Design

3D LED printer makes a contact lens display possible
November 25, 2014
When researchers from the University of Washington began constructing prototypes for contact lens displays, their biggest impediment was the fabrication of parts. On a theoretical level it's not hard to build a display in a contact lens, but actually building and placing all the tiny, interrelated parts on a tiny polymer disk is difficult even today. It's annoying to have to come up with an all-new fabrication process for every single part in a display, just because the display happens to be in the eye rather than in front of it. The most finicky part of all though, more than wireless power antennae or precise connective wiring, is the display itself. How do you fit a contact lens with something as complex as an LED display?

CerebrEX, Inc. Selected as a 2014 Red Herring Top 100
November 25, 2014
Red Herring announced its Top 100 Global in recognition of the leading private companies from North America, Europe, and Asia today, celebrating these startups' innovations and technologies across their respective industries. Red Herring's Top 100 Global list has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Salesforce.com, YouTube, and eBay would change the way we live and work.

Indian American scientist develops path to brighter LCD displays
November 25, 2014
Researchers led by an Indian-American have developed a polarising filter that can result in mobile device displays that last much longer on a single battery charge and cameras that can shoot in dim light.

New Polarising Filter Developed By Indian-Origin Scientist To Make LCD Displays Better
November 25, 2014
Photographers and scientists will benefit a lot from this technology in shooting pictures and scientific observations, respectively. Tuesday, November 25, 2014: An Indian-American scientist led a researchers' team and developed a polarising filter which will impact mobile phone displays for better. This display can last much longer on a single battery charge and cameras will also be capable to click pictures in lesser light.

SnapJet is a wireless instant film printer for your smartphone snaps
November 25, 2014
SnapJet is a new smartphone accessory printing companion that has just hit Kickstarter, it is seeking $155,000 in funding. If the goal is achieved backers would be rewarded with an open-source instant film printer that can print directly from their smartphone. The project intends to go from concept to production by this time next year.

Top tech cars of the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show
November 24, 2014
The annual Los Angeles Auto Show continues to dazzle with new car intros and concept cars. As well it should. LA is the car culture capital of the US and the world, more so that Detroit (heresy to live-in-the-past Michiganders), clearly more so that taxi-driven New York City, home to the two biggest US shows. More automakers have their US headquarters in California, there are more design studios and electronics R&D labs in California, and America's most innovative car company is in California: Tesla. This was a typical year for LA: plenty of green cars with the BMW i3 wining the Green Car Journal car of the year award, fascinating concept cars, and at least one solid trend. In this case the trend it was the rush of new (Honda, Mazda) and refreshed (Nissan) subcompact SUVs in the low and midprice range. LA's one drawback is a modest convention hall split into two segments. Here's our take on the best cars and SUVs of the 2014 LA auto show, which is completing press days and opening for a week-and-a-half run for the public at the LA Convention Center through Thanksgiving Sunday.

New polariser for more efficient LCD displays
November 24, 2014
New York, Nov. 24 -- Research led by an Indian-origin engineer has led to a polarising filter that allows in more light, leading the way for mobile device displays that last much longer on a single battery charge and cameras that can shoot in dim light.

Touch-Gesture Industrial Display Released.
November 24, 2014
  Osaka, Japan (PRWEB) November 25, 2014       Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions released the new FP5000 series industrial flat panel display.         The FP5000 series is an industrial flat-panel display that supports touch gesture operation and is mainly used in conjunction with industrial PCs.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review: The Most Awkward iPhone So Far
November 10, 2014
New Delhi, Nov. 10 -- Apple iPhone 6 PluStreet Price: Rs62,000Steve Jobs used to ridicule large Android devices by saying that "you can't get your hand around it". He even went on to call these large phones "Hummers" (car) of the mobile world. Four years on, and I still think he was right. Unfortunately though, the company he brought on top of the world, has drifted away from Job's ideology. Samsung's successful run with awkwardly big phones is one of the reasons behind that. While the Korean brand first copied the iPhone to build its first GALAXY handset, this time around, Apple is following Samsung's lead in the "phablet" market. Design And Build Second year in a rown, Apple rolled out two iPhones in the market. Unlike the last year though, you now get to choose between two sizes instead of materials. The recently reviewed iPhone 6 sports a 4.7-inch screen while the 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch display. Exactly like the smaller variant, the iPhone 6 Plus has a metallic unibody with rounded corners and a slightly curved display glass.


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