Toshiba to Unveil Wide Range of Next-Generation Innovations at International CES; Exhibition to include new concept innovations and solutions for energy, healthcare and storage
December 18, 2014
Toshiba will unveil a new vision for the future and showcase new concept innovations such as Toshiba Glass and a wide range of new technologies in the healthcare, storage and energy categories at the International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES), the world's largest exhibition of home electronics on January 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, the Toshiba exhibit will be located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth# 11028. In addition, the company will present solutions that can be realized though its "lifenology" technologies which help people achieve a better quality of life.

Multi-Touch Technology, Applications and Global Markets
December 18, 2014
  This BCC Research report provides the necessary insights on the multi-touch industry with respect to current market and forecasted market for next five years. Due to the rapidly growing smartphone market, multi-touch technology is expected to become mainstream technology for major handheld devices.

NanoMarkets Issues Latest Report on Quantum Dots, Says QDs Now a Major Competitive Threat to OLEDs
December 18, 2014
 Glen Allen:  According to "Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots: 2015 to 2022," a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets, quantum dots have now progressed far enough down the curve to pose a significant competitive threat to OLED technology.  NanoMarkets considers 2014 as the breakout year for QDs, which achieved significant penetrations in smaller mobile displays for the first time and have now been firmly established as a significant threat to the future of OLED technology.  In the firm's new report, the market for quantum dots (QDs) will grow to $5.5 billion in revenues in 2020.  More on this report can be found at:http://nanomarkets.net/market_reports/report/market-opportunities-for-quantum-dots-2015-2022

Tianma NLT America and Tianma Microelectronics USA Announce New High Resolution, HD Quality LCDS with Wide Viewing Angles
December 18, 2014
Santa Clara, CA — Tianma NLT America (TNAM) and Tianma Microelectronics USA have announced the introduction of new 4.66” and 5.7” 720 x 1280 (720 HD) TFT display modules. The TM046JDHP01 and TM057JDHP04 modules offer HD quality imaging and wider viewing angles. Both modules utilize a-Si TFT display technology with SFT for wide viewing angles.  A proprietary technology developed by NLT Technologies, Ltd., a Tianma Group company, SFT (Super Fine TFT) technology induces liquid crystal molecules to line up evenly and rotate horizontally when electrically charged. The rotation angle of the liquid crystal molecules changes according to the amount of electrical voltage applied and affects the amount of light that is transmitted. The liquid crystal molecules are always positioned horizontally, so they appear the same size from the front. Therefore, even if the viewing angle changes, there is little deviation in brightness or color, providing high quality images.

Newhaven Display Introduces New Slim Character OLED Displays
December 18, 2014
Newhaven Display International, known for their cost effective and high quality displays, announces today the first line of slim character OLEDs. These new OLEDs bring a more affordable OLED option to their OLED display line that is half the thickness and twice the contrast.

Global Tablet Display Market to Grow at 38.8% CAGR by 2018
December 18, 2014
December 18, 2014 ReportsnReports.com offers "Global Tablet Display Market 2014-2018" research report in its store. Tablet displays are an interface between the user and the application processor. They define the image quality delivered by tablets. Therefore, tablet manufacturers attach high significance to displays. Tablet displays are also connected to the touch screen control, which is directly proportional to the sensitivity of the device. There are two types of display technologies employed in tablet displays: LCD and AMOLED. LCD-based displays use liquid crystals to project images on the screen while AMOLED-based displays are developed using thin-film display technology, in which organic compounds form the electro-luminescent material.

United States : Sony Announces the Development of a Compact, Lightweight Single-Lens Display Module with OLED Technology That Enables Superior Image Quality
December 18, 2014
With this module, Sony has achieved a compactness of size and a lightness of weight that make it possible to attach the module to a piece of eyewear. It accomplished this by equipping the device with a High-Resolution Color OLED Microdisplay, a Micro-Optical Unit that brings out the full potential of the display's high image quality, and a miniaturized control board with arithmetic processing capabilities on par with smartphones that was made possible by high-density packaging technology.

Anyone wants to turn their shades into a smart eye wear?
December 18, 2014
Since the reveal of Google Glass, many companies have been trying their versions of smart eye wears. The problem is that these eye wears are limited to the designs the company chooses, forcing users to drop their favorite shades. That's about to change because Sony has revealed that their project can turn just about any [...] The post Anyone wants to turn their shades into a smart eye wear? appeared first on tbreak.ae.

Gadget guide: six new technologies to watch in 2015
December 17, 2014
It's sink or swim for many new gadgets in 2015. A year ago, SmartCompany listed the top new technologies set to race into 2014. Well, another year has come and gone, and a new group of technologies are emerging over the horizon. So what new technologies should you look out for in 2015? It's time to gaze again into the crystal ball and take a look at six technologies you should keep an eye on in 2015:1. Make-or-break time for smartwatches Over the past year, both in the form of devices running Google's Android Wear platform and the Apple Watch, the tech giants have made big bets on smartwatches. However, so far consumers have been a bit ambivalent. Sure, smartwatches can bring notifications to your clockface and apps on your wrist, and being able to do a voice search with Google without pulling out your phone or tablet is nifty.

Sony to Show Off Clip-On Smart Glasses at CES
December 17, 2014
Sony today released details of a clip-on wearable that turns your glasses into a smart device. The gadget-an attachable Single-Lens Display Module-comes with a control board, OLED microdisplay, and optical unit, transforming your favorite shades into a Google Glass-like headset.


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