April 01, 2015
CALIENT Technologies, Inc. has unveiled its LightConnect Fabric Manager interconnect orchestration software for the S-Series family of Optical Circuit Switches (OCS). LightConnect was developed to enable new virtual Pod (V- Pod)-based data centers by facilitating the orchestration of an OCS-based interconnect fabric for intra-data center connectivity allowing compute and storage resources to be shared between physical Pods in data centers. Pod-based data centers, as popularized by Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, are built using an easily replicated, packaged pod architecture including compute, storage and networking functionality. Pods are largely popular due to the practicalities of scaling in very large data centers where growth requires that compute resources can be brought online in a modular fashion, while the Pod also simplifies maintenance activities.

Tech elites find thrills on the track; Auto racing has become favorite hobby for those who love its mathematics
March 30, 2015
FULL TEXT When you get past the noise and the smell, the unbearable heat, the G-force, the surprising physical exertion and, always, the constant threat of injury or death - auto racing, like much else, comes down to math. There is an optimal path around a racetrack, a geometric arc of least resistance. It is the driver's job to find this sweet spot of physics and stick to it, lap after lap, as consistently as a microprocessor crunching through an algorithm. For tech people - who are accustomed to finding and manipulating hidden math - hitting the arc can be a moment of particular pleasure. ''When you're really in the zone in a racecar, it's almost meditative,'' said Jeff Huber, who has been driving racecars for more than a decade. ''You're working on this pursuit of perfection, of getting the braking point just right, the braking pressure just right, finding the limit of adhesion when you're going around the corner. There's this balance that you're feeling and managing all the time, of just barely being in control, right at that perfect limit.''

DoT Traffic Management Centre implements Sustainable Traffic Signals
March 29, 2015
ABU DHABI, 29th March, 2015 (WAM) -- The Department of Transport, DoT, in Abu Dhabi has replaced its old traffic lights on Abu Dhabi Island with a new system using LED Lamps, in line with its efforts to realise the Surface Transport Master Plan's objectives and Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision.

Kyocera Introduces 4.2" and 5.0" TFT LCD Displays for Outdoor Applications
March 29, 2015
Kyocera said it is introducing two small-form-factor TFT LCD displays that offer high performance and robust design for industrial markets. Available now, the company said that both products are designed to perform in harsh environment and extreme temperature applications including outdoor control panels, construction and agricultural equipment, avionics, and other devices that require reliable performance in the most punishing environments.

Emerald Therapeutics Unveils ECL-1: The First Emerald Cloud Lab Production Facility and Announces First Customers
March 28, 2015
Washington, D.C.: Biotechnology Industry Organization has issued the following news release: Emerald Therapeutics, a scientist-led company re-imagining the way laboratory research is conducted, today announced the opening of its first Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) production facility, ECL-1, in the biotech corridor of South San Francisco. ECL-1 is a state-of-the-art life sciences laboratory that scientists can remotely access via the Internet where automated robotics conduct experiments exactly as specified by the user.

Nikon Corporation Received Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award
March 28, 2015
Nikon has issued the following news release: Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President) has been recognized as one of 19 companies receiving Intel Corporation's Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for their performance in 2014. This supplier has demonstrated industry-leading commitment across all critical focus areas on which they are measured: quality, cost, availability, technology, customer service, labor and ethics systems and environmental sustainability. Nikon Corporation is recognized for their significant contributions providing Intel with semiconductor lithography systems for technology development and high volume manufacturing, deemed essential to Intel's success.

'Machine' unflattering portrait of Jobs
March 28, 2015
LOS ANGELES March 15 (RTRS): Hot on the heels of his riveting Scientology takedown 'Going Clear' the ever-prolific Alex Gibney calls the much farther-reaching cult of Apple into question with 'Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine' a coolly absorbing deeply unflattering portrait of the late Silicon Valley entrepreneur that expands not altogether convincingly into a meditation on our collective over-reliance on our favorite handheld gadgets. Once more synthesizing research and reportage into a cinematic essay that makes up in calm analysis what it lacks in fresh revelations Gibney duly acknowledges Jobs's artistry innovation and technological showmanship while making plain just how 'ruthless deceitful and cruel' the man could be. By turns searching and scorching and more than willing to speak ill of the dead the CNN-produced item should play on screens big and small whetting appetites for Universal's forthcoming Jobs biopic in the process. Freeing himself from any obligation to deliver a blow-by-blow summary Gibney offers a more conceptual and critical assessment of his subject's legacy than did Walter Isaacson's biography which was published less than a month after Jobs's death in October 2011. That's the moment where Gibney begins his voiceover setting a ruminative yet skeptical tone as he considers the astonishing outpouring of grief from millions of Apple consumers worldwide (#iSad was a popular hashtag) the depth of their response underscoring the profoundly personal bond that can develop between a human being and a beautiful lump of metal.

Yota Phone 2 to launch Chinese version in Q2
March 28, 2015
Yota Devices, the developer of YotaPhone, the world's first dual screen smartphone with an always on e-ink display, announced a joint venture with domestic firm JieLan Ltd to promote, sell and provide customer service for YotaPhone in China on Saturday in Hainan province, during the ongoing 2015 Boao Forum for Asia. Photo taken on March 28, 2015 shows a Yota Phone 2 is displayed in a pressmeeting at the Boao Forum for AsiaAnnual Conference held in Hainan province. [Gao Yuan/chinadaily.com.cn]

Riot Erupts At Town House
March 28, 2015
There was drama at Town House in Harare on Thursday when Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) demonstrated over the installation of prepaid water meters during a full council meeting. The meeting came to a standstill when CHRA representatives held placards and banners disrupting the council meeting.

Activu to Exhibit Intelligent Video Wall Visualization and Collaboration Solutions for Control Rooms and Beyond at the ENTELEC Spring Conference & Exposition
March 28, 2015
(PRWeb) - Activu Corporation will demonstrate its proven approach to control room video wall visualization, event-based visualization and collaboration solutions for mission critical oil & gas and energy operations in Booth 851 at the Annual ENTELEC Spring Conference. The world's leading conference for communications and control technologies in the energy industries, the ENTELEC Spring Conference will take place April 7-9 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.


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