January 28, 2015
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28 -- Lattice Semiconductor Corp., Hillsboro, Ore., files Form 8-K (current report) with Securities and Exchange Commission on Jan. 27. State or other jurisdiction of incorporation: Delaware Item 1.01. Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement. Agreement and Plan of Merger On January 26, 2015, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, a Delaware corporation ("Parent"), Silicon Image, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), and Cayabyab Merger Company, a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Parent ("Merger Sub"), entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement"). Pursuant to the Merger Agreement, and upon the terms and subject to the conditions thereof, Merger Sub has agreed to commence a cash tender offer to acquire all of the shares of the Company's common stock (the "Offer") for a purchase price of $7.30 per share, net to the holder thereof in cash (the "Offer Price"), without interest.

January 28, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 28 -- The trademark BLACK TOUCH EGG (Reg. No. 4676180) was issued on Jan. 20 by the USPTO.

January 28, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 28 -- The trademark ODYSSEY ELECTRONICS (Reg. No. 4673916) was issued on Jan. 20 by the USPTO.

January 28, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 28 -- The trademark TECHAHEAD (Reg. No. 4673906) was issued on Jan. 20 by the USPTO. Owner: Power Sell LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY NEW YORK 2754 Coney Island AVE #92 Brooklyn NEW YORK 11235. The trademark application serial number 86113299 was filed on Nov. 8, 2013 and was registered on Jan. 20. Goods and Services: Accumulators; Accumulators and batteries; Acidimeters for batteries; Anode batteries; Batteries; Batteries and battery chargers; Batteries and battery chargers for intravenous fluid delivery apparatus; Batteries for lighting; Batteries for pocketlamps; Batteries for use in hearing aids; Batteries for vehicles; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Battery boxes; Battery cables; Battery cases; Battery charge devices; Battery chargers; Battery chargers for use with telephones; Battery jump starters; Battery monitoring devices that may be attached to a battery to monitor the performance of the battery and operating software for use therewith, sold as a unit; Battery monitors; Battery packs; Battery packs for Cell Phones, cameras, Laptops; Battery performance monitors; Battery power supplies for medical ventilators; Battery powered meter for measuring the moisture content of coffee beans; Battery terminal connector clamps; Battery testers; Carrying cases, holders, protective cases and stands featuring power supply connectors, adaptors, speakers and battery charging devices, specially adapted for use with handheld digital electronic devices, namely, cell phones, cameras, laptops and tablets; Cell phone battery chargers; Cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; Chargers for batteries; Chargers for electric batteries; Component parts of batteries, namely, vent caps; Dry cells and batteries; Electric batteries; Electric storage batteries; Electrical cells and batteries; Electrical storage batteries; Electronic cigar batteries; Electronic cigarette batteries; Emergency auto kits comprised of a battery charger and a hand held spotlight; Galvanic batteries; Gate operators powered by battery, electricity or solar power; Grids for batteries; High tension batteries; Ignition batteries.

Dell announces Updated 4K Display for M3800 mobile workstation laptops
January 28, 2015
Today, Dell has announced its new 4K display for its line of workhorse Precision M3800 mobile workstation laptops. The new 4K resolution screen option is made with indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO2) technology and it also boasts Corning Gorilla Glass NBT protection. As per experts, the new display has noticeable improvements when compared with the last Precision M3800, which had a 3,200-by-1,800 resolution screen.

Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing
January 28, 2015
Princeton University researchers have built a rice grain-sized laser powered by single electrons tunnelling through artificial atoms known as quantum dots. The tiny microwave laser, or "maser," is a demonstration of the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons. The researchers built the device - which uses about one-billionth the electric current needed to power a hair dryer - while exploring how to use quantum dots, which are bits of semiconductor material that act like single atoms, as components for quantum computers.

GREEN CREATIVE Releases Next Generation Plug and Play T8 DIR LED Tube
January 28, 2015
South San Francisco, CA, January 28, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The T8 DIR tube is compatible with Instant Start ballasts so no rewiring is required during installation. "This plug-and-play LED tube directly replaces a traditional fluorescent tube," says GREEN CREATIVE's Product Manager, Taylor Schaberg. "Simply turn off the power, remove the old tube, replace it with the GREEN CREATIVE DIR tube and your job is done."

Nanotubes help better electronics
January 28, 2015
Starting from scraps, material scientists search for raw materials that can be innovated or substituted to increase the functional efficiency and flexibility of the appropriate technologies. The idea behind the field stems from the notion that the efficiency of a product can be compromised by the choice of material used to construct such devices even with the best abilities of an engineer. Two members in this field from UW-Madison include Associate Professor Michael Arnold and Professor of Material Science and Engineering Padma Gopalan. Arnold's research group focuses on finding materials with use for the future in areas such as applications of semiconductors, optoelectronics or energy sources such as solar cells. Gopalan's group focuses on polymers and photonic materials and devices. As a collaborative project, the members from both research groups have discovered carbon nanotubes as a possible replacement for silicon-based semiconductors.

Yahoo Spinoff Of Alibaba Stake Cheers Investors As Q4 Lags; Sales Still Falling; EPS Sinks Holdings in China e-com leader represents great majority of portal's value
January 28, 2015
Web search firm Yahoo late Tuesday, bowing to shareholder pressure, announced a tax-free spinoff of its 15% stake in China e-commerce leader Alibaba Group, rallying its stock despite another quarterly decline in sales and earnings. In a conference call with analysts following the earnings release, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called the spinoff of the Alibaba shares a "historic" undertaking. But activist investor Starboard Value, and other stockholders, had been seeking such a move to realize value in the U.S. Web portal's prescient investment in a young Alibaba nearly 10 years ago.

Qorvo Joins Lexicon After Big Chip Merger; RF Micro-TriQuint firm aims to boost innovation in connectivity sectors
January 28, 2015
Qorvo CEO Bob Bruggeworth is leading a new management team working to integrate two chipmakers' products and cultures, leverage their combined strengths and define long-term technology and product road maps. He'll draw on 31 years of experience to accomplish the challenge. The name Qorvo might not ring a bell. RF Micro Devices, also called RFMD, agreed in February 2014 to acquire TriQuint Semiconductor for about $1.6 billion.


Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech introduces the Savannah G2 ALD system
01/08/2015Ultratech, Inc., a supplier of ALD systems, as well as lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semico...
Dynaloy unveils safer cleaners
11/19/2014In response to evolving industry trends and customer preferences for products with better environmental, health, and safety (EHS) profiles, Dynaloy LLC is launching three...
Entegris' VaporSorb filter line protects advanced yield production
10/21/2014Entegris, Inc. today announced a new product for its VaporSorb line of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) filters. ...