United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office Publishes Application for Trademark "MAPLIN FOUNDATION DRIVING INNOVATION" to Maplin Foundation for Various Goods and Services
July 31, 2014
South Wales, July 30 -- Maplin Foundation, Rotherham, has filed the trademark "MAPLIN FOUNDATION DRIVING INNOVATION" on June 25, for various goods and services. The trademark application (journal number: 2014/031) was published on July 25. Class(es): 9 [Sound recording, amplifying, reproducing and transmitting apparatus and instruments; radio and radio-electric apparatus and instruments; receivers and transmitters; microphones, loud speakers and headphones; audio signal processing apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments, all for the mixing, filtering and processing of acoustic, audio, electrical and electronic signals; apparatus and instruments, all for the remote control of all the aforesaid goods; telephone and intercommunication apparatus and instruments; batteries; sonographic apparatus and instruments; light conducting filaments; light emitting diodes; integrated circuits; connectors, transistors, capacitors and resistors; floppy discs and sound recording discs and strips; electrical and electronic testing, measuring, signalling, monitoring, display and fault finding apparatus and instruments; audio oscillators, capacitor boxes, capacitor meters, clamp meters, testers for complimentary metal oxide semi-conductors; continuity testers, digital panel meters, dip meters, multi-meters, frequency counters, function generators, test clips for integrated circuits, insulation resistance meters, bridges and meters, all for inductors, capacitors and for resistance; logic probes, milivolt meters, moving coil meters, moving iron meters, multi-meters, oscilloscopes; contact probes for printed circuit boards; mains power units, probes, pulse generators, resistance boxes, radio frequency power meters, signal generators, temperature meters, test leads, thermocouples, transistor testers, universal timers; socket sets, all for telecommunications or electrical apparatus; inspection mirrors; spirit levels; soldering and de-soldering apparatus and instruments; temperature irons; magnifying glasses and adjustable magnifiers; tape measures and range finders, all being electrical or electronic apparatus and instruments; safety goggles; masks and filters; dust masks; alarms, alarm beacons and alarm boxes; security alarm systems; intercoms; door phones, door security systems; home security systems; intruder detectors and radar, ultrasonic, infra-red and flood light sensors; glass break detectors; photo relay systems; electric and electronic door guards and door catch releases; key pads; electrical and electronic apparatus and instruments, all for the input, storage, processing, retrieval and transmission of data; computers; word processing apparatus and instruments; apparatus for use with computers; computer programs and computer software; audio oscillators; aerials and aerial plugs; antennae and antennae boxes; videos and video connectors; protective gloves; rulers and tape rulers; electronic publications; computer software and telecommunications apparatus and modems enabling connection to the databases and to the Internet; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods], 16 [Printed matter; newspapers and periodicals; books; photographs; instructional and teaching materials; catalogues; posters; postcards; decalcomanias; calendars; stationery; plastic materials for packaging and wrapping; filter dies], 24 [Badges made of fabric; bed covers; table covers], 36 [Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs; charitable fundraising services; fundraising and sponsorship; information relating to the aforesaid services provided on line from a computer database or the Internet] and 41 [Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; organisation of competitions; arranging and conducting conferences and congresses; organisation of competitions and awards; information relating to the aforesaid services provided on line from a computer database or the Internet] The original document can be viewed at:

Electric-LC resonators at microwave for oil sensing
July 31, 2014
Introduction The expansion of electric-LC (ELC) resonators and their recent demand for extended interdisciplinary functionality has led to significant research into using these microwave structures for chemical sensing. The ELC resonators at microwave frequency have been previously discussed for designing metamaterial resonators, absorbers and reflectors [1–3]. Moreover, ELC resonators have also been reported in the literature for developing frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) and velocity sensors for tuning and sensing [4–7]. Design simplicity, low cost and relative ease of fabrication of ELC resonators make them a highly attractive alternative for sensing at microwave frequency. In this Letter, we investigate the frequency response of a modified ELC resonators array by varying the number of standard oil samples. The measured frequency response curve caused by each sample is then fitted to the exact ELC resonators full-wave model. Through this, the corresponding relative permittivity of each case is extracted and is then compared with the dielectric constant values previously reported in the literature.

Electronically tunable reflectarray element based on C-patch coupled to delay line
July 31, 2014
Introduction Microstrip reflectarray antennas have become an attractive alternative to the parabolic reflector antenna owing to their low cost, low-profile structure, light weight and simple fabrication [1, 2]. Recently, electronically reconfigurable reflectarrays have attracted more attention. In the design of an electronically beam steering reflectarray, the main challenge is to find reflectarray elements which have the capability to control the reflected phase for a range of over 360° when integrated with active components. Although single-layer structures [3] show a fabrication simplicity, their drawback is the interference of the biasing network to the radiation. The aperture-coupled reflectarray elements [4–7] can overcome it since the phase shifter is placed on the non-radiation surface, which is separated from the radiating patch by a common ground plane. Especially, the aperture-coupled reflectarray element can control the phase shift by integrating various kinds of active devices such as the pin diode [4], MEMS [5, 6] or the varactor [7] to the delay line.

Samsung sets up Silicon Valley base
July 31, 2014
umbai, July 31 -- Samsung is building its own home in Silicon Valley, which will primarily concentrate on memory and display R&D. The Korean company aims to tap into the top-drawer pool of component, system and semiconductor talent here, and, of course, a lot of angel and VC investors.

Flexible Electronics Market by Components (Display, Battery, Sensor, Photovoltaic, Memory), Circuit Structure (Single-Sided, Double-Sided, Rigid) Application (Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy and Power) & Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020
July 30, 2014
Global flexible electronics market is expected to reach $13.23 Billion by 2020 at an estimated CAGR of 21.73% with the number of applications using printing processes for flexible electronics forecast to grow at a good rate. Major market drivers for flexible electronics include the possibility to add new functionalities like conformability for OLED lighting (for the automotive industry), for OPV (energy harvesting), Robustness for small OLED displays (for smart phones & tablets) as well as feasibility to create new applications like wearable electronics.

-Javelin Joint Venture Demonstrates Vehicle-Mounted Missile Launch
July 30, 2014
ENP Newswire - 30 July 2014Release date- 29072014 - ORLANDO, Fla - The Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) Javelin Joint Venture recently fired a Javelin missile from a remote weapon station integrated onto a wheeled vehicle at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

United States : TriQuint Becomes First Manufacturer to Achieve MRL 9 for GaN
July 30, 2014
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc., a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, announced that it is the first gallium nitride (GaN) RF chip manufacturer to achieve Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 9. This achievement means TriQuint's GaN manufacturing processes have met full performance, cost and capacity goals, and that the company has the capability in place to support full rate production.

-TriQuint Becomes First Manufacturer to Achieve MRL 9 for GaN
July 30, 2014
ENP Newswire - 30 July 2014Release date- 29072014 - Hillsboro, Oregon (USA) - TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc., a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, announced that it is the first gallium nitride (GaN) RF chip manufacturer to achieve Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 9.

ASE posts Q2 EPS of NT$0.64
July 30, 2014
Packaging and testing leader ASE (2311) posted Q2 net income of NT$5.09 billion and an EPS of NT$0.64.

An anti-glare, anti-reflective display for mobile devices?
July 30, 2014
If you've ever tried to watch a video on a tablet on a sunny day, you know you have to tilt it at just the right angle to get rid of glare or invest in a special filter. But now scientists are reporting in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces that they've developed a novel glass surface that reduces both glare and reflection, which continue to plague even the best mobile displays today.


Entegris announces GateKeeper GPS platform
07/15/2014Entegris, Inc., announced last week the launch of GateKeeper GPS, its next-generation of automated regeneration gas purification system (GPS) technology....
Bruker introduces Inspire nanoscale chemical mapping system
07/15/2014Bruker today announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) infrared system for 10-nanometer spatial...
MEMS wafer inspection system from Sonoscan
06/25/2014Sonoscan has announced its AW322 200 fully automated system for ultrasonic inspection of MEMS wafers....