Not on a shoestring: Footwear, gadgets to become cheaper
March 01, 2015
New Delhi, March 1 -- In a bid to satisfy the country's consumer base, the government in its Union Budget 2015-16 announced generous excise duty cuts on household products ranging from leather footwear, mobile phones, microwave ovens, refrigerator compressors to LED panels and tablet computers.

For 'Make in India': No basic custom duty on 22 items
March 01, 2015
New Delhi, March 1 -- Finance minister Arun Jaitley has abolished basic custom duty on imported raw material in order to provide further thrust to the Make in India campaign.

Cree introduces CXA2 LED arrays
February 25, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Cree, Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductor light-emitting diode materials and devices, has introduced CXA2 LED arrays, a new addition to its CXA LED array family.

Illumiseen Offers An Effective Way To Not Miss Winter Runs With Rechargeable LED Reflective Belt
February 25, 2015
Experts agree one of the keys to achieving success following a fitness program is consistency. In the winter months for those following outdoor focused training methods like runners and joggers the shorter daylight hours provides a great challenge. Illumiseen leaders in wearable LED technology have recently announced thattheir popular USB Rechargeable LED Reflective Beltnbsp;has been being adopted by greater and greater numbers of happy users looking for a solution to this problem. quot;For people really dedicated to working out it#39;s not really acceptable to have to skip workouts because of darkness or having to risk training in unsafe conditionsquot; commented a spokesperson from Illumiseen. quot;We#39;re happy to offer our valued customers a way around this problem. With our LED Running Belt a person can run jog or walk at night and be confident that drivers will be able to see them easily at roadside.quot; According to the company their Illumiseen LED Belt provides the benefit of having both reflective strips and USB rechargeable LED lights making it a more effective safety tool than reflective belts which lack the LED feature. It#39;s also lightweight with users reporting it does not hinder running jogging or outdoor calisthenics in anyway. nbsp;

February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT Peristaltic Pump Ensures Repeatability Watson-Marlow's 120 cased peristaltic pumps are designed for single-use systems that require no contamination. The 120 pumps are compact and stackable and can be used for multiple feed applications such as pH control, antifoam, and nutrient and buffer addition. The 120 pumps offer accurate and repeatable pumping with a speed range of 2000:1, speed accuracy of ?1%, and a selection of USP Class VI tubes.

Using Conductive Adhesives for Thermal Management in Micro-and Power Electronics
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT Thermally conductive I adhesives are a proven yet underutilized bonding solution in electronics engineering. The increase in demand for mobile electronic devices has brought about new design challenges with an ever-greater emphasis on mechanical strength and thermal management capability. As substrate sizes shrink and operating environments become more rugged, integrated product design must overcome the challenge of dissipating heat while maintaining shock resistance.1 Conductive adhesives are a proven yet underutilized bonding solution in electronics engineering. Figure 1 (p. 16) illustrates thermally conductive adhesives joining two components to transfer heat from the hotter surface to the colder one. Adhesives can cover large surface areas, thereby providing the necessary heat transfer and forming a durable structural joint. In contrast, most other thermal interface materials (TIM) like thermal greases, phase-change materials or polymer pads require mechanical fastening. One exception, soldering, offers mechanical stability but at higher processing temperatures than an adhesive solution.

Laser Welding Plastic Parts
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT Precise laser delivery and controlled clamp force ensure flawless through-transmission welding of dark or clear parts. To manufacturers, a laser is much more than a beam of light energy. It is the means to faster, better and more cost-ef fective assembly of plastic parts. Such was not the case in the early 1990s. Back then, man y engineers considered laser welding of plastic to be the stuff of science fiction. Thermoplastic polymers weren't stable enough to conduct laser energy and enable welding. But, other engi - neers, such as those at the Aachen, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, took on the challenge of mak - ing the process w ork. Over several years, Fraunhofer performed extensive research in conjunction with various laser welding equipment suppliers.

AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY: The Future Looks Bright for Smart Headlights
January 01, 2015
FULL TEXT The first low-beam headlights appeared on automobiles 100 years ago. Today, engineers are scrambling to de velop a new generation of smart headlights that will soon mak e traditional products as obsolete as kerosene lanterns. The goal is to create lights that react to the road environment and enhance driver safety. Smart headlights will better illuminate the road; spotlight obstacles, signs and lanes; project directions on the road; reduce glare; and increase visibility in fog, rain and snowstorms.

Ford Invests in LED Plant Lighting
December 01, 2014
FULL TEXT DEARBORN, MI-Ford Motor Co. is installing 25,000 energyefficient LED light fixtures at its assembly plants. The $25 million project will sa ve energy and money while impro ving safety and lighting quality.

December 01, 2014
FULL TEXT Portable Scissor LiftTable BPST portable scissor lifttables enable assemblers to easily raise work materials and position them within ergonomic reach. Made of heavy-duty steel, the tables have liftcapacities from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds. Their work platforms measure 28 to 48 inches wide and 48 to 90 inches long. They can be raised to 46 or 58 inches and lowered to 10 inches. User-friendly features include simple push-button operation and smooth-glide phenolic casters. Accordion safety skirts are optional. Beacon Industries Inc.


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