Robust, easily installed commanding and signaling devices in a modern design
February 26, 2015
February 26, 2015 - Modular commanding and signaling device system in four design ranges - Extensive selection of pushbuttons, switches and indicators in various colors and designs for every application - Rugged designs with IP69K degree of protection - Particularly straightforward, error-free installation and removal thanks to twist prevention and snap-on concept Nuremberg - Sirius Act is a completely new system of commanding and signaling devices developed by Siemens. A modular system, it features a robust design with IP69K degree of protection, high-level aesthetics and simple operation. Users have a choice of a wide range of pushbuttons and emergency stop buttons, selector and key switches and acoustic and optical indicators. The diverse range in metal and plastic versions for front panel mounting can also be combined flexibly with different rear-mounting contact and LED modules. An online configurator simplifies selection and ordering. The components are connected to the controller via AS-Interface, IO-Link or standard cabling. Thanks to twist prevention and the innovative snap-on concept, the new commanding and signaling devices can be installed quickly and easily without errors even if holes are not keyed.

Cree introduces CXA2 LED arrays
February 25, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Cree, Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductor light-emitting diode materials and devices, has introduced CXA2 LED arrays, a new addition to its CXA LED array family.

Illumiseen Offers An Effective Way To Not Miss Winter Runs With Rechargeable LED Reflective Belt
February 25, 2015
Experts agree one of the keys to achieving success following a fitness program is consistency. In the winter months for those following outdoor focused training methods like runners and joggers the shorter daylight hours provides a great challenge. Illumiseen leaders in wearable LED technology have recently announced thattheir popular USB Rechargeable LED Reflective Beltnbsp;has been being adopted by greater and greater numbers of happy users looking for a solution to this problem. quot;For people really dedicated to working out it#39;s not really acceptable to have to skip workouts because of darkness or having to risk training in unsafe conditionsquot; commented a spokesperson from Illumiseen. quot;We#39;re happy to offer our valued customers a way around this problem. With our LED Running Belt a person can run jog or walk at night and be confident that drivers will be able to see them easily at roadside.quot; According to the company their Illumiseen LED Belt provides the benefit of having both reflective strips and USB rechargeable LED lights making it a more effective safety tool than reflective belts which lack the LED feature. It#39;s also lightweight with users reporting it does not hinder running jogging or outdoor calisthenics in anyway. nbsp;

ET deals: LG 65-inch LED-lit HDTV for $799.99
February 24, 2015
Is your HDTV getting on in years? Looking for a new big screen for your den? Well, look no further. This 65-inch LED-lit HDTV from LG is exactly what you need without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Simply put, this is a no-frills HDTV with a surprisingly low asking price.

Illumiseen LED Reflective Belt Takes Amazon.com Marketplace by Storm
February 24, 2015
24 February 2015: Illumiseen are happy to announce that their USB Rechargeable LED Belt for Joggers Runners amp; Cyclists has been met with an enthusiastic response by Amazon.com shoppers and is steadily moving up the marketplace#39;s sales charts. A superior product backed by passionate reviews this momentum is expected to continue. Make no mistake running or jogging at night without the proper equipment can certainly be a great risk. Fortunately with a little planning and the right product these dangers can be greatly minimized. Enter Illumiseen a ground breaking company whose leading product the IllumiseenLED Reflective Beltnbsp;for Joggers and Runners has been met with an incredibly enthusiastic response on Amazon.com.

LG 65EC9700
February 23, 2015
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) continues to be the most promising HDTVtechnology out there, and LG continues to be one of the few companies working on it. The LG 65EC9700 we testedand the 77EG9700arefollow-ups to the 55-inch 55EC9300, our Editors' Choice for high-end HDTVs last year. They're65- and 77-inch curved OLED HDTVs with one important upgrade besides the size: they're now an ultra-high-definition (UHD, or 4K) televisions instead of 1080p. They're sharp, come with loads of features, and thanks to its OLED panel produce a very impressive picture. Theonly issue is the price tag: You'll have to drop $11,999.99 to get the 65-inchHDTV in your home, and the 77-inch model is more than twice that at $24,999.99.

A better climate from day one
February 20, 2015
By Dick Duindam The decision of broiler farmer Bernard Wolters’ (54) to use ionisation lamps was an unintended consequence of the transition of regular illumination lamps to the use of LED lamps in his houses. 
This liberated two out of four rows of lighting fixtures. Wolters: “The vendor of the company Freshlight-Agri, which installed the LED lamps suggested to place ionisation lamps in the released fittings. We treated it like a laughing matter at first, as at that time we had no idea what the function of those lamps could be.”Normal fitting, so easily placeable Initially, at the beginning of 2014 in one house 42 ionisation lamps were placed in the present luminaires (about 55 m2 surface per lamp) with a production of 5 million units/m3/second each. The lamps have normal E27 fittings, making them easy to be installed. Next, weekly measuring’s were conducted in order to see the lamps’ actual effects.

Events are now on social media
January 07, 2015
Social media: Social media has given a new turn to the entire events industry. Earlier, events were just executed on-ground and then broadcast on television. Now, it is all on social media. The support that social media has rendered to the events business is tremendous. Earlier, around 5,000 people would attend events on-ground. Today, with social media, an event can engage 5-15 million people at a time. They can share or post messages and pictures from events taking place across the world via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media has definitely been the game changer for the events industry in terms of marketing promotions or even the way people engage themselves during an event on social media.

A Focus on Displays
January 01, 2015
FULL TEXT b. y focus display solutions, inc. Focus Display Solutions, Inc. http://focuslcds.com A Q&A on display technology. When should you consider stepping up to a better display? A primary reason why OEMs upgrade to a better (enhanced) display is to change from a monochrome display to a multicolor display, such as a TFT (thinfilm transistor)[1] or OLED (organic light-emitting diode)[2].

Li-Fi Lighting the Way
January 01, 1970
FULL TEXT Communicating with light is nothing new. Ancient Chinese soldiers used signal fires along the Great Wall to alert one another of an impending attack. Laser beams have been used for shortrange voice and data transmission in line-of-sight and fiber-optic applications for decades. Now, building on an idea first proposed by University of Edinburgh professor Harald Haas, scientific teams and startups are putting a 21stcentury spin on the idea, piggybacking high-speed broadband Internet access onto ordinary room lighting. Dubbed Li-Fi in Haas's 2011 TED Talk, the system takes advantage of LED lighting. As the name implies, Li-Fi is analogous to Wi-Fi, using light instead of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The system takes advantage of the ability to flicker LED light bulbs billions of times a second, far too fast to register with the human eye, by modulating current. The systems can operate even when the bulbs are dimmed to the point they appear to be off.


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