Billion Electric Partners with Vextor to Introduce Groundbreaking 3G/4G LTE Broadband Technology in the Nordic Region
January 29, 2015
Billion Electric Co. Ltd. (TAIEX: 3027), a pioneering manufacturer of broadband telecommunication products, today announces its sales partnership with Vextor, a professional import and export trading company in Denmark, to launch its best-selling 3G/4G LTE devices.

-IKEA Group announces strong sustainability progress; Annual report on People & Planet Positive strategy released
January 29, 2015
The IKEA Group Sustainability Report for fiscal year (FY) 2014, released today, shows its People & Planet Positive strategy is on track and delivering good results. Sustainability performance is announced today alongside strong financial results, which show an increase in total sales to EUR 28.7 billion, a 5.9% increase (adjusted for currency impact) from last year.

Newark element14 adds Infineon RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 for Arduino
January 28, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Infineon Technologies AG has announced the availability of the new RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 for Arduino from Newark element14, an electronics distributor and online community for design engineers and hobbyists.

OCO WiFi Cloud Camera
January 28, 2015
Adding round-the-clock video surveillance to your home used to be a costly proposition, but not any longer. Today's Wi-Fi-connected camerasprovide a relatively inexpensive way to monitor your home or business using your smartphone, and with productssuch as the Nest Dropcam Proand iON The Homeoffering cloud storage, it's easier than ever to roll back the clock to watch archived video. The OCO WiFi Cloud Camera($149) is the latest entrant in the growing Wi-Fi cloud camera market, and like the Dropcam and iON offerings it has motion and noise detection abilities. This puck-shaped camera delivers sharp, colorful video, installs in minutes, and offers multiple ways to view live video. That said, it tends to switch over to night vision mode before it actually gets dark, and there's no way to capture video without a cloud subscription. Editors' Note: This review previously stated that the OCO lacks a zoom feature. After additional testing, we discovered that it can zoom using the Android or iOS app, but not the Web portal. As such, we've increased the rating half a star.

Vishay Intertechnology launches two new IHLP high-current inductors
January 27, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductors and electronic components, has launched two new IHLP high-current inductors in the 2020 case size with high operating temperatures to +155°C.

How to Buy an HDTV
January 27, 2015
Whether you're looking for a very basic low-cost set or a feature-packed, razor-thin 4K HDTV, selecting the right television isn't easy. There are plenty of questions to answer: What type of display should you get? How big should the screen be? What about resolution, refresh rate, and other specs? What sort of extras do you need? Understanding the basics will help you make your choice (and your video) crystal clear, so here's what you should consider when shopping for your next HDTV. LED or Plasma? Probably LED, Because Plasma's Nearly Dead. Plasma TVs were the only flat-panel models available when they were first introduced more than a decade ago. But given evolution of LCD and LED TVs in the past couple of years, most manufacturers have stopped making plasma sets entirely. That means your choices will mostly consist of LED-backlit LCD HDTVs, or LED TVs, with the exception of much, muchrarer and much, much more expensive OLED displays.

Cree introduces Connected Cree LED Bulb
January 26, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Cree, Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductor light-emitting diode materials and devices, has introduced the Connected Cree LED Bulb.

GE unveils new Lumination TS Series LED track lights
January 26, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: General Electric, or GE, has unveiled new Lumination TS Series LED track lights and recessed multiples for accent lighting applications.

Casio Slim XJ-A247
January 22, 2015
The Casio Slim XJ-A247 ($1,209.99) is a lightweight data projector that includes some nifty features, such as a generous 2X zoom and standard Wi-Fi, with the adapter included. It uses Casio's hybrid LED-laser light engine, which has a light source that should last the lifetime of the projector. The XJ-A247 has solid data-image quality, and is a good choice if you don't include much video in your presentations. Design This WXGA (1,280-by-800) DLP projector is rated at 2,500 lumens. Its hybrid light engine produces red with LEDs, blue with lasers, and green by shining the blue laser light on a phosphor. Various optics direct the red, green, and blue light to the DLP chip, and out the front lens. The LED lamp is designed to last up to 20,000 hours, far longer than typical projector bulbs-and unlike most projector lamps, it's mercury-free.

D-Link Wireless AC Day/Night Camera With Color Night Vision (DCS-2136L)
January 22, 2015
Nearly all of today's wireless home connectedwebcamsuse multiple infrared LEDs to capture night vision video, but most of them only deliver it in black-and-white. Enter the D-Link Wireless AC Day/Night Camera With Color Night Vision (DCS-2136L), a 720p home security camera that uses a single white LED to capture full-color night vision video. At $324.99, this indoor Wi-Fi camera doesn't come cheap, but you get a lot for your money, including the latest wireless technology, onboard storage capabilities, and motion detection recording. However, it doesn't offer cloud-based video storage and its night vision color could use a little more pop. Design and Features The DCS-2136L looks like other D-Link Wi-Fi cameras we've reviewed, including the Day/Night Network Cloud Camera 1150 DCS-933Land the HD Wireless N Day/Night Outdoor Cloud Camera DCS-2330L. It measures 3.7 by 2.3 by 1.7 inches (HWD), and is supported by a round stand with a 2.5-inch mounting arm. The camera attaches to the arm with a ball-joint mechanism that lets you swivel and rotate the camera for optimal coverage.


Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech introduces the Savannah G2 ALD system
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Entegris' VaporSorb filter line protects advanced yield production
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