January 31, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 31 -- The trademark SAMSUNG LYNK REACH (Reg. No. 4677392) was issued on Jan. 27 by the USPTO.

ESCATEC's Future Lab workshop concept dramatically cuts development time of new LED-based products
January 30, 2015
SPIE has issued the following news release: ESCATEC, one of Europe's leading providers of contract design and manufacturing services, is using a novel workshop concept to dramatically reduce the time taken to go from concept to prototype for LED-based products.

Long wavelength single-mode fibre optic TX and RX modules “sugar cubes”
January 30, 2015
SPIE has issued the following news release: The PLD-1315 and PLD-23XX Series manufactured by PD-LD are a transmitter-receiver in a “sugar cube” form-factor. The series is an ideal cost-effective fibre-optic communication solution for 150Mb/s over short and long-range. The sugar cube form-factor allows designers to offer single-mode fibre performance in applications which currently use short wavelength (850nm) components in identical form-factor packages. A link upgrade from multi-mode to single-mode fibre can be achieved by simply replacing the optical components on the circuit board.

Council enters final stage of LED street lighting rollout
January 30, 2015
Bournemouth Borough Council, UK Government has issued the following news release: More than 90 per cent of Bournemouth streetlights have now been switched over to the low energy LED lanterns resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

GE Link Connected LED
January 29, 2015
Out of all the digital hometechnologieson the market, I think connected lighting has the greatest potential for going truly mainstream. Think about it: Thanks to the remote, you probably don't even know where the physical Power button is on your television, yet you walk around the house turning off every light before you go to bed every night. Wouldn't it be easier to just get in bed, tap a button on your phone, and have them all turn off automatically? Or better yet, have the lights set to a schedule so you don't have to do anything at all? I thinkconnected lighting will one day become nearly as ubiquitous as the remote control, and the $14.97 GE Link Connected LED could help reachthe tipping point. It requires a hub, and gets hotter than other connected bulbs I've tested. But it's attractive, easy to set up, and along with the Cree Connected LED Bulb, you can't beat the price, especially if you're looking to outfit your entire home.

OCO WiFi Cloud Camera
January 28, 2015
Adding round-the-clock video surveillance to your home used to be a costly proposition, but not any longer. Today's Wi-Fi-connected camerasprovide a relatively inexpensive way to monitor your home or business using your smartphone, and with productssuch as the Nest Dropcam Proand iON The Homeoffering cloud storage, it's easier than ever to roll back the clock to watch archived video. The OCO WiFi Cloud Camera($149) is the latest entrant in the growing Wi-Fi cloud camera market, and like the Dropcam and iON offerings it has motion and noise detection abilities. This puck-shaped camera delivers sharp, colorful video, installs in minutes, and offers multiple ways to view live video. That said, it tends to switch over to night vision mode before it actually gets dark, and there's no way to capture video without a cloud subscription. Editors' Note: This review previously stated that the OCO lacks a zoom feature. After additional testing, we discovered that it can zoom using the Android or iOS app, but not the Web portal. As such, we've increased the rating half a star.

Welch Allyn Pocket LED Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope Sets Aimed at Advancing Early Diagnosis to Enhance Preventative Care
January 28, 2015
Welch Allyn issued the following news release: Welch Allyn, a leading medical diagnostic device company that delivers pragmatic innovation at the point of care, today announced the availability of new Pocket LED and Pocket Plus LED Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Sets. The sets build on the company's 100- year history of providing practical solutions that are designed to help physicians identify the presence of various eye and ear diseases and increase the number of patients receiving timely treatment that may help prevent vision or hearing loss. Now available in Mexico, Colombia, the UK and India, the new otoscope and ophthalmoscope sets are optimized with Welch Allyn SureColor LED lamp technology, which provides the right balance of color temperature and rendition and brightness to enhance early and accurate diagnoses.

How to Buy an HDTV
January 27, 2015
Whether you're looking for a very basic low-cost set or a feature-packed, razor-thin 4K HDTV, selecting the right television isn't easy. There are plenty of questions to answer: What type of display should you get? How big should the screen be? What about resolution, refresh rate, and other specs? What sort of extras do you need? Understanding the basics will help you make your choice (and your video) crystal clear, so here's what you should consider when shopping for your next HDTV. LED or Plasma? Probably LED, Because Plasma's Nearly Dead. Plasma TVs were the only flat-panel models available when they were first introduced more than a decade ago. But given evolution of LCD and LED TVs in the past couple of years, most manufacturers have stopped making plasma sets entirely. That means your choices will mostly consist of LED-backlit LCD HDTVs, or LED TVs, with the exception of much, muchrarer and much, much more expensive OLED displays.

Biostar Hi-Fi A88W 3D
January 26, 2015
There are several motherboards on the market right now that are built around the AMD A88 chipset platform, but the BioStar Hi-Fi A88W 3D ($94.99) cherry-picks some of the best features for gaming and audio and delivers a decent board with a great price.

Zagg Slim Book for iPad Air 2
January 26, 2015
There are a variety of productivity apps in Apple's App Store, including Pages and Google Docs, both of which are free. That means if you've got an iPad, you can get some basic work done without the need for a heavier laptop. Even Lenovo's insanely lightweight LaViecan't compete with the iPad Air 2's portability and weight. The $129.99 Zagg Slim Book for iPad Air 2 is the sleek version of the bulkierZagg Rugged Folio, and as such, it unleashes your iPad Air 2's productivity capabilities. The keyboards are almost identical, and they both feature detachable sections that add versatility. These features easily earn the Zagg Slim Book for iPad Air 2 our Editors' Choice accolade. Design and Features Measuring 9.6 by 7 by 0.60 inches (HWD), the Slim Book by Zagg is a svelte keyboard case for your iPad Air 2. It weighs 1.1 pounds-not unnoticeable, but not bad, and the majority of which comes from the keyboard section. The Slim Book has portability and sleek aesthetics in mind, rather than rugged protection, so it's smaller and lighter than the Rugged Foliowe tested for the iPad Air, which has a steel plate in itskeyboard section.


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