United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office Publishes Application for Trademark "UNIPART AUTOPARTS" to Unipart Group for Various Goods and Services
March 28, 2015
South Wales, March 28 -- Unipart Group Ltd., Oxford, has filed the trademark "UNIPART AUTOPARTS" on Dec. 16, 2014, for various goods and services. The trademark application (journal number: 2015/013) was published on March 27. Class(es): 9 [Electrical and electronic components for motor vehicles, namely batteries, alarms, automotive alarm systems, anti-theft warning apparatus, signalling light blinkers, electrical fuse boxes, electrical junction boxes, electrical wiring, audio loud speakers, cassette players, DVD players, CD players, audio-visual screens, central processing units, impedence chocking coils, cigar lighters for automobiles, circuit breakers, circuit closers, electric coilers, directional compasses, electricity connectors, insulated copper wire, automotive electricity control panels, distance measuring apparatus, distance recording apparatus, gasoline gauges for automobiles, electronic gauges for vehicles, speed indicators for vehicles, mileage recorders for vehicles, navigation apparatus for vehicles, navigational instruments for vehicles, petrol gauges for vehicles, audio and visual entertainment systems for vehicles, pressure gauges for vehicles, automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tyres, radios for vehicles, electronic vehicle breakdown warning signals, vehicle radios, temperature indicators, fuel gauges, battery condition indicators, brake wear indicators, onboard computers, distance indicating devices, electric cables, voltage converters, high voltage stencil indicators, low voltage stencil indicators, LED signalling lights, LED warning lights, LED information systems, electricity accumulators for vehicles, acoustic alarms, electrical aerials, charges for electrical batteries, electricity control panels, electricity regulators, insulated copper wire, electric couplings, electronic couplings, current rectifiers, electronic diagnostic apparatus, electricity loss indicators, electric loss indicators, self-fuel pumps, fuse wire, fuses, electronic radiant indicators, radar apparatus, electrical surge protectors for vehicles; fire extinguishing apparatus; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods], 11 [Lighting, heating, cooling, air-conditioning, defrosting and ventilating apparatus and equipment for motor vehicles; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods], 12 [Parts, fittings and accessories for motor vehicles included in class 12] and 35 [Retail services connected with the sale of clothing, footwear, headgear, camping and caravanning equipment and apparatus, nautical equipment and apparatus, camping and caravanning furniture and accessories, outdoor pursuits apparatus and equipment, bedding, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, outdoor cooking, lighting and sanitary equipment and apparatus, spare parts for caravans and water craft, bags, travel bags, storage containers, games and playthings, automotive spare parts, accessories for motor land vehicles, namely bulbs, batteries, floor mats, wiper blades, pedal sets, gear levers, gear knobs, seat covers, car covers, tool sets, socket sets, wrenches, tool boxes, torches, rechargeable torches, portable lighting, number plates, number plate holders, after market courtesy lighting for vehicles, after market exterior lighting for vehicles, after market day time running lights, exhaust system tail pipes, tool cabinets, vehicle diagnostic tools, boot liners, boot lid protectors, bumper protectors, mobile phone holders, satellite navigation unit holders, drink holders, sunglasses holders, sunshades, electrical multi-sockets, in car styling, gear gators, handbrake handles, handbrake gators, in car cigarette lighters, in car electrical device chargers, dashboard mats, in car power points, roof racks, roof boxes, vehicle bike carriers, vehicle ski carriers, ice scrapers, wash mitts, sponges for vehicle cleaning, chamois-Ieathers, artificial chamois leathers, polishing mitts, polishing cloths, telescopic ice and snow scrapers, Jump leads, high visibility clothing, tow ropes, snow shovels, foil hyperthermia blankets, windscreen weather covers and protectors, portable power packs for vehicles, portable satellite navigation systems, audio systems, portable satellite navigation cases, wireless portable audio systems, wireless portable telephone systems for use in vehicles, telecommunication headsets, vehicle battery chargers, LED vehicle bulbs, driving lights, fog lights, vehicle styling lights, child car seats, child booster seats, baby car seats, baby car travel systems, baby seat anchorage systems, child car seat anchorage systems, vehicle spray paints, vehicle scratch repair kits, masking tapes, glue and Velcro for vehicle body repairs, anti-rust applications, sandpapers and abrasives for vehicle body repairs, head gaskets for vehicles, exhaust repair kits for vehicles.

LAX Gateway Pylons to Go Dark in Support of Earth Hour, Saturday, March 28
March 26, 2015
Los Angeles World Airports issued the following news release: The 100-foot-tall LAX Gateway pylons that illuminate the Century Boulevard entrance to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be lit in various shades of green before Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28.

Sennheiser RS 175
March 25, 2015
The home theater-focused wireless headphones categoryis, compared withthe larger realm of Bluetooth headphones, a niche market. Sennheiser continues to fill it with quality offerings, however. Introduced at CES, the $279.95 Sennheiser RS 175 is a powerful set of wireless headphones, with a dedicated recharging stand and transmitter that accepts both analog and digital inputs from your home theater components. It's strictly for home use, using its own modulating transmitter instead of Bluetooth or another mobile-friendly standard. The sound signature is very sculpted, with bright highs and rich lows, as well asthe ability to add more bass. There's also a Surround effect mode for movies and television. Purists seeking flat-response audio should steer clear, but if you love rumbling bass with your movies and music, the RS 175 is a solid wireless-but not portable-option to consider. If you want quality wireless audio on the go, theHarman Kardon BT is an excellent Bluetooth choice.

2015 Ford Edge
March 24, 2015
When the Ford Edge was introduced in 2007, it hit the market just in time to take advantage of the burgeoning crossover craze. But due to a surplus of new competitors and an aging design, sales of the Edge were down last year while the overall CUV category was up. For the all-new 2015 model, the Edge receives a more refined exterior and interior, revised drivetrains that increase both performance and fuel efficiency, and an extra helping of driver assist systems. Unfortunately, the car'sin-dash tech in the form of MyFord Touch is carried over. How Much? The 2015 Ford Edgestarts at $28,100 for the base-level SE trim. It goes up to $31,500 for the SEL, $35,600 for the Titanium, and $38,100 for the flagship Sport model. We tested the Titanium AWD with a base price of $37,095, and the addition of the $5,645 Equipment Group 302A option bumped the final sticker to $42,940.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Market Research Report To 2020 Grand View Research Inc.
March 24, 2015
Global physical vapor deposition (PVD) market is anticipated to witness growth on account of rising importance of coatings in semiconductors LED and storage systems. Semiconductor industry growth in China South Korea Japan and Singapore is anticipated to fuel PVD demand. Gaining popularity of microelectronics in semiconductor industry is expected to have a positive impact on PVD market. Rising importance of LED on account of being an energy efficient option in emerging markets of China and India is expected to promote market demand in the near future. Increasing demand for photovoltaic cells in solar industry is likely to augment PVD market growth over the forecast period. For More Information on quot;Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Market Research Reportsquot; visit ndash;

Why Smart Bulbs Are Quietly Becoming the Most Exciting Thing in Tech
March 23, 2015
Over the last two years, I've received various press releases from light bulb companies hyping their latest bulb to be hooked in to the Internet of Things (or IoT). Initially, I was underwhelmed by this phenomenon since most of them appeared to be little more than app-controlled lights that would allow you to switch them on or off or alter the hue from your smartphone. If you wanted to stretch the definition of smart products to include anything with a digital connection, then I guess these were indeed part of the IoT or-as they've come to be branded-"smart bulbs." However, I always thought there had to be more to this category. I felt they could be smarter.

Control Resources Inc. awarded Microchip Design Partner Platinum Master Certification
March 23, 2015
Littleton MA March 18 2015 - Control Resources Inc.(CRI) a Massachusetts based OEM electronics design and manufacturing company is once again pleased to announce that it has been awarded quot;Platinum Master Certificationquot; status in the Microchip Design Partner Program. CRI is proud to be one of the select few from hundreds of Microchip Design Partners to be awarded Platinum Level status.nbsp; CRI has extensively used the Microchip family of products in designing the following: * Audio Amplifiers * LED Lighting Controls * Motor Controls * Power Supplies * Fan Controllers and Alarms * Pump Controls * Irrigation Controls * Variable Frequency Drives As a Microchip certified design partner CRI receives priority technical support free product samples and discounted development tools to provide quick and inexpensive solutions at low risk to the OEM. Since 1984 Control Resources Inc. has specialized in the design and manufacture of microcontroller-based power electronics for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Beyond the many custom solutions provided CRI also offers a wide range of SmartFanreg; off-the-shelf air mover and motor control products for telecommunications industrial electronics and medical industries. For additional information contact: Jeff Myatt at 978-486-4160 x207 jmyatt@controlres.com

Eaton's Halo Product Line Named Leader in Lighting by BUILDER Magazine for the 17th Consecutive Year
March 19, 2015
Eaton issued the following news release: Power management company Eaton today announced that BUILDER magazine's 2015 BUILDER Brand Use Study named Eaton's Halo(TM) product line the brand leader in lighting. Awarded for an unprecedented 17th consecutive year, the Halo product line of recessed, track and surface lighting was given top honors in all four lighting categories including Brand Familiarity, Brands Used in Past Two Years, Brands Used the Most and Brand Quality.

Celebrate Earth Hour and Make the Switch to Energy-Efficient Lights
January 01, 1970
Time Is Right for Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulbs as Prices Fall and Variety Increases From now until April 26, Ontario residents can save on LEDs and other energy-efficient products with saveONenergy COUPONS

Electricity use dips by 3.5% per cent during Earth Hour in Toronto
January 01, 1970
Toronto went dark to celebrate the importance of energy conservation TORONTO, March 28, 2015 /CNW/ - Toronto Hydro customers came together this evening to show their support for Earth Hour, as the city's electricity use dipped by 103 Megawatts (MW) or 3.5%. 


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