United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office Publishes Application for Trademark "The Green Light Co." to GreenEverywhere for Various Goods
October 19, 2014
South Wales, Oct. 19 -- GreenEverywhere Ltd., Mellieha, Malta, has filed the trademark "The Green Light Co." on Sept. 28, for various goods.

Simi company creates bright spots in the night
October 19, 2014
The big selling point for LED lighting, and for a Simi Valley company that manufactures and sells LED lights, is energy savings. At the Moorpark Unified School District, discussions about reducing energy costs led the district’s maintenance director, Gary Ventsam, to look into LED lighting as part of the district’s energy-saving efforts. LED stands for “light-emitting diode,” and lights powered with these semiconductors don’t have the heat loss that incandescent bulbs do, making them more efficient. They also last for a long time, which means their light doesn’t degrade over time the way fluorescent bulbs do, and burned-out bulbs don’t constantly need to be changed.

Contract Notice: Department of the Navy (Virginia) Issues Solicitation for "CVN78 Classroom TVs and Electronic White Boards"
October 18, 2014
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 -- Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command has a requirement for "CVN78 Classroom TVs and Electronic White Boards." The solicitation no. N62793-15-P-A020 was posted on Oct. 17.

Canada Job Vacancy Intermediate/Senior Developer Analyst
October 18, 2014
Canada Public Service Commission has issued the following Job Opportunity: Intermediate/Senior Developer Analyst LED Roadway Lighting Limited Job Location: Halifax City About the company LED Roadway Lighting Limited (LRL) is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED (light-emitting diode) based street and area lighting fixtures. Our mission is to provide the most energy efficient and maintenance-free outdoor LED lighting solutions; helping our customers save money and improve their lighting with a positive impact on the environment. LRL currently has more than 300 utility, municipal, and commercial clients in over 40 countries. For further information please visit our website www.ledroadwaylighting.com.

Analyzing the iMac 5K Retina display: How do you squeeze 5K out of a last-gen GPU?
October 17, 2014
Apple announced a new 27-inch iMac yesterday, and it packs a significant wallop on the display front. As we've already detailed, these new 5K displays are thinner, cheaper, draw less power thanks to a more-efficient LED backlight, and, perhaps most importantly, Apple is selling the whole 27-inch iMac system at a mind-blowing price of $2500. That's the same price tag on Dell's 5K monitor. In other words, either Apple is going to sell this display at an incredible loss, or Dell was making an incredible profit. The latter is distinctly more likely than the former - and despite Apple's claim that it's developed an entirely new TCON (Timing Controller), this is distinctly unlikely.

Virtual Patients Come Alive in New Simulation Lab at UH
October 17, 2014
The University of Houston issued the following news release: This fall, University of Houston (UH) optometry students began hands-on training in a first-of-its-kind simulation lab that offers them 24/7 access to virtual patients. The Optometric Clinical Skills Simulation Lab, which will better prepare students to administer patient care when they start clinical rotations, is the only one at an optometric program in the country and the largest in the world. "When students come in this room and see the technology they're blown away," said assistant professor Heather Anderson, who led the initiative to bring the simulation lab to the UH College of Optometry. "The simulators have two components. The patient interface is a smooth black sheet of plastic with a 3-D face, and that face turns into the patient you're examining. The simulators take on the demographics of whatever cases are programmed into the computer, so now we can have the students examine elderly eyes, diseased eyes and eyes from all different ethnicities."

Tata Power Solar Lights Showcases Latest Range of LED Lamps
October 17, 2014
Bangalore . OREANDA-NEWS. Tata Power Solar, the leading solar solutions provider, today announced the launch of its latest product line in LED home lighting. With the extended Tata Solar Diva range of lanterns and table lamps (5L, 15L2 and 25L) as well as Tata Solar Venus range of home lighting solutions (15L and 75L), consumers can now enjoy uninterrupted power supply at an affordable cost. This latest improved and diverse range of solar products will be available from this Diwali, at select markets.Nearly 400 million people across India still do not have access to grid electricity. With the launch of these advanced off-grid solar solutions, across markets, people with no or limited grid access can now choose from a diverse range of warranted (1 year) products to meet their basic needs. These products are ideally suited for homes, small shops, street vendors and other applications, providing them with light and electricity.Commenting on the launch, Gagan Pal, Vice-President Products, Tata Power Solar said, "Tata Solar Diva and Tata Solar Venus will be the answer to many smaller families and businesses' light and energy issues. They will help users in remote locations move away from costly and polluting non-renewable sources, like kerosene, for power. Our products are an effective clean-energy solution, which come with trust of the Tata brand and at an affordable price range."LED lights have an average life span of over 40 times that of CFL lights, and use half the electricity.

Schlage WCO100NX Home Outdoor Camera
October 16, 2014
Today's connectedsurveillance camerasprovide a relatively affordable way to monitor outdoor activity around your home or business without having to invest in a full-blown multi-camera surveillance system. The Schlage WCO100NX Home Outdoor Camera ($189), designed exclusively for the Nexia Home Intelligence System, lets you view live video streams on your smartphone and PC Web browser and offers motion-triggered video capture. It will store recorded video in the cloud and send email alerts, but you'll have to purchase a Nexia Bridge and pay a monthly subscription fee for the service. Moreover, it doesn't offer the high-definition video quality that you get with our Editors' Choice, the D-Link Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera (DCS-2330L), and installation could be smoother. Design and Features The WCO100NXhas a white-and-black weatherproof housing that will operate in temperatures ranging from 14 to 133 degrees Fahrenheit. The camera measures 4.1 by 3.7 by 1.5 inches (HWD) and has a maximum resolution of 640 by 480 at 30 frames per second. It has a 50-foot daylight viewing range that drops to around 15 feet at night when it relies on eight infrared LEDs to light the way.

D-Link HD Wireless N Day/Night Outdoor Cloud Camera (DCS-2330L)
October 16, 2014
The D-Link HD Wireless N Day/Night Outdoor Cloud Camera (DCS-2330L)($179.99) is a weatherproof networked security camera that delivers a sharp 720p video stream. It's also equipped with a generous feature set that includes Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection, a built-in microphone, and email alerts. It offers an easy way to keep an eye (and an ear) on what's going on outside of your home or business using your Web browser or smartphone, and it will record video and audio to an onboard microSD card. Its ease of use and impressive video quality earn it our Editors' Choice for outdoor security cameras. Design and Installation The DCS-2330Lis similar in design to the D-Link Day/Night Network Cloud Camera 1150(DCS-933L), but at 5.5 by 3.6 by 2.6 inches (HWD) it is slightly larger. It comes with a sturdy whiteplastic stand that can be screwed into a soffit and has a pivot hinge that allows you to position the camera for optimal coverage.

Inventors of Blue Light Emitting Diodes receive Nobel Prize in Physics
October 07, 2014
On Tuesday, the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to a trio of scientists in Japan and the US for the invention of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs).


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