San Angelo Standard-Times (Texas)
January 29, 2015
SAN ANGELO water supply 25 months 76% Nasworthy 8% Twin Buttes 14% O.H. Ivie 9.505 Jan. 27, 2014 9.137 Jan. 27, 2015 Rainfall to date 1.5 inches Jan. 27, 2015 A trace of rain Jan. 27, 2014 0.8 inches Normal Standard conservation: Outside watering allowed once every seven days. Report violations to 325-277-8906 or james.flores@cosatx.us Conservation tip: Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your bill and water meter are tools that can help you discover leaks.

Qorvo Joins Lexicon After Big Chip Merger; RF Micro-TriQuint firm aims to boost innovation in connectivity sectors
January 28, 2015
Qorvo CEO Bob Bruggeworth is leading a new management team working to integrate two chipmakers' products and cultures, leverage their combined strengths and define long-term technology and product road maps. He'll draw on 31 years of experience to accomplish the challenge. The name Qorvo might not ring a bell. RF Micro Devices, also called RFMD, agreed in February 2014 to acquire TriQuint Semiconductor for about $1.6 billion.

NEC Display Solutions NP-M402H
January 27, 2015
For most purposes, the 1080p resolution in a data projector like the NEC Display Solutions NP-M402H ($1,849) would be overkill. If you need to show fine detail in complex images, however, or show lots of information at once, high resolution is essential. The M402H can deliver that resolution with a big enough image to make all the detail both readable and bright enough to stand up to ambient light. The projector's 4,000-lumen brightness rating is actually slightly higher than the rating for the PanasonicPT-RZ370U, our Editors' Choice high-resolution data projector. In addition, the M402H sells at a lower price than the Panasonic model, although it may or may not be less expensive in the long run.

Pentax 645Z
January 21, 2015
Make no mistake about it, the Pentax 645Z ($8,499.95) from Ricoh Imaging is a serious medium format camerathat can go toe-to-toe with vastly more expensive models in terms of image quality. It uses the same image sensor as the Phase One IQ250 and Editors' Choice Mamiya Leaf Credo 50, but while both of those products are modular backs that can be used with medium format and large format technical cameras alike, the 645Z offers a more refined shooting experience that comes with an integrated sensor and body design. The Pentax does has some shortcomings as a studio camera, notably the lack of modern leaf-shutter lenses with which to pair it, but its image quality is just as good as the competing models that cost more than $25,000, and its autofocus system far surpasses that of the 645DF+ body that the Mamiya and Phase One offerings are most often paired. When you factor in its price, it's an easy pick as our Editors' Choice for medium format systems. If your workflow does require a modular back or high-speed sync with studio strobes, the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 is a fine alternative, but it's one that costs more than three times as much.

January 01, 2015
AIAA Fellow Jacobson Died in November Ralph A. Jacobson, retired U.S. Air Force major general and former president of Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, died 1 November at the age of 82 years.

Software-defined sensor; New Products: TEST & MEASUREMENT
January 01, 2015
  Melexis (Belgium) has introduced a new, fully programmable, compact sensor IC capable of measuring changes in magnetic flux density along its X, Y, and Z axes. Based on the company's proprietary Triaxis technology, the MLX90393 is suitable for joysticks, slide switches, push/pull switches, levelers, linear swipe switches, rotary knobs, and 3D position sensing systems. Features include:             * Various operating modes.       * A linear sensitivity across a selectable 16-bit full-scale range from [+ or -] 5 to [+ or -] 50 mT.             * An operating temperature range from -40[degrees] to +85[degrees]C.             * A 3 x 3 mm QFN package.         [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]           www.melexis.com     

Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
January 01, 2015
  QuickDraw is the first fully automatic spray tender, filling the sprayer with a completely mixed batch in less than ten minutes. QuickDraw starts with the chemical rates per acre and then calculates the volume of carrier and each chemical necessary based on field or sprayer tank size and total spray rate. The QuickDraw controller mixes the batch by reading carrier and chemical flowmeters and then controlling independent valves for each material. The chemicals are drawn from their bulk containers by generating suction with a venturi. For 2015, a new Micro-Motion mass flowmeter will accurately measure all liquids regardless of viscosity, conductivity, and other characteristics, removing the need to determine calibration numbers for the large variety of chemicals that sprayer operators use. The QuickDraw controller also calculates the required amounts of small volumes and dry chemicals and instructs the operator when to add them manually in the mix sequence. The QuickDraw iPad app communicates wirelessly with the main controller, allowing easy recipe creation and downloads of batch history.           [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]           SureFire Ag Systems Atwood, Kansas, USA     www.surefireag.com   

Product Design & Development
January 01, 2015
  [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]           Clark Solutions' (Hudson, MA) new Model Series CLXC-P single-jet dry type totalizing water meters are suitable for a range of sub metering applications. Produced in an ISO9001 certified production facility, the water meters are constructed in conformance with AWWA standard C712-10, and meet ANSI/NSF 61 for materials safety and ANSI/NSF 372 for lead free compliance. Features include:     * Availability with or without reed switch output.     * A 50% glass fiber reinforced engineering thermoplastic material.           * A maximum operating pressure of 150 psi.

Back-side illuminated CMOS image sensor; New Products: TEST & MEASUREMENT
January 01, 2015
  Imec (Belgium) has announced a backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor chip. Targeting imaging solutions in new markets such as life sciences, the 200 mm process line enables imec to offer design, prototyping, and low volume manufacturing of custom specialty chip solutions such as specialized CMOS image sensors. Features include:       * Anti-reflective coatings (ARC) targeting different regions of the light spectrum.         * Quantum Efficiency (Q.E.) values above 50% over the entire spectral range from 260 to 400 nm wavelength.       [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]           www2.imec.be         

NGWA Top Science Award Goes to Clemson University Professor
October 01, 2014
FULL TEXT The National Groundwater Association (NGWA) is honoring Clemson University professor Fred J. Molz with the 2014 M. King Hubbert Award.


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