Daktari Diagnostics Launches Portable Healthcare at Museum of Science, Boston
November 24, 2014
Daktari Diagnostics recently reported the opening of Portable healthcare, an educational exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston. According to a media release, the exhibit highlights the Daktari CD4 System, a portable and cost-efficient technology designed to aid in the delivery of HIV care in developing countries within 15 minutes, all from a single drop of blood.

UBM Canon: EDN Highlights the Hot 100
November 24, 2014
UBM Canon's EDN released the 2014 EDN Hot 100 celebrating the electronics industry's most significant products of the year based on innovation, significance, usefulness, and popularity. According to a release, the technologies range from ICs and components, to software, test instruments, development tools, and sensors. "With technology advancing and changing as quickly as ever, there was certainly no lack of new and interesting products for EDN's editors to choose from when selecting this year's Hot 100 Products. This year's list leaves no doubt as to the hottest technology trends, with mobile, wearables, connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) - along with related areas of sensing, security and low power - all heavily represented. And emerging technologies like 3D rapid prototyping/printing, wireless power and indoor location also made an appearance," said Rich Pell, Chief Technical Editor, EDN.

NEC Unveils Product Bundles
November 24, 2014
NEC Display Solutions of America recently introduced several product bundles with SpectraViewII calibration software to help pro-sumers, entry-level photographers and desktop power users manage color accuracy.

NEC Display Adds 2 Blue Laser Phosphor Models to PX Series
November 24, 2014
NEC Display Solutions of America recently reported the addition of two blue laser phosphor models to its PX Series integration projector portfolio.

The Buffalo News (New York)
November 23, 2014
New York State officials issued details advice on how to deal with flooding in your home. The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday as temperature rise into the 50s and rain begins to fall. Home Flood Safety Information

City eyeing way for water users to manage costs
November 23, 2014
It is a genuine challenge for Evansville water customers to make it very long without having a water-line break. It happens often, and seemingly too often on the homeowner’s side of the meter. If it is on the government side of the meter, it is the city’s responsibility. That rarely seems to happen. More often, it is on the resident’s side of the meter and therefore it’s the resident’s responsibility to pay for the break.

Meter readers given hand devises to counter over-billing
November 22, 2014
RAWALPINDI, Nov. 22 -- IESCO has started giving Hand Held Unit (HHU) to its meter readers to avoid over billing issues. HHU is a device already being used in noting the readings of gas meters. However, meter readers are being trained to how to use new meter readers. Almost 200 meter readers are being trained for this purpose in Rawalpindi. Numeral people have issued notice to IESCO through court to get back their overpaid money, whereas IESCO has planned to adjust the overpaid money through bills. Published by HT Syndication with permission from Daily Times. For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at htsyndication@hindustantimes.com

Two reports of cars with punctured gasoline tanks
November 20, 2014
TWO REPORTS OF CARS WITH PUNCTURED GASOLINE TANKS FIRE ROUNDUP There's a new way to steal gasoline and Spokane Valley Fire Department firefighters are left to clean up the mess. There have been two instances lately where someone has crawled under cars and used a drill to make a small hole in the gas tank to drain off the fuel, said Fire Marshal Kevin Miller. "It's pretty dangerous," Miller said. "You can catch yourself on fire doing something stupid like that." The first case was reported on Nov. 6. The car's owner was refilling his gas tank at the 7-11 on North Argonne Road when the method of gas theft was discovered. "While they were putting gas in, there was gas coming out," Miller said.

Sea State Determination from Ship-Based Geodetic GPS
November 01, 2014
FULL TEXT ABSTRACT Ocean waves have a profound impact on navigation, offshore operations, recreation, safety, and the economic vitality of a nation's maritime and coastal communities. This study demonstrates that ships equipped with geodetic GPS and a radar gauge can provide accurate estimates of sea state. The Research Vessel (R/V) Kilo Moana recorded 1-Hz data for the entire period of a 10-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Solving for precise kinematic positions for the ship and combining these solutions with the ranges from the ship to the sea surface provided by the radar gauge, it was possible to retrieve 1-Hz estimates of the sea surface elevation along the cruise track. Converting these into estimates of significant wave height, strong agreement was found with wave buoy measurements and hindcast wave data.

Russian Navy To Upgrade Anti-submarine Helicopters
October 31, 2014


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