Clues about Southern ship surface
April 17, 2014
The remains of a ship that was commandeered in Charleston harbor by an enslaved black man during the Civil War and used as an escape vehicle may have been discovered off the South Carolina coast, according to a historian with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NEC Utilizes eASIC to Optimize iPasolink Microwave Products
April 17, 2014
eASIC Corp., a provider of Single Mask Adaptable ASIC devices, announced that NEC Corp., a provider of solutions in the microwave backhaul market, is using eASIC's Nextreme-2 product to optimize the performance and power of key functionality in their iPasolink backhaul products.

ON Semiconductor Launches Python CMOS Image Sensors
April 17, 2014
ON Semiconductor has announced the introduction of the first devices in its new Python CMOS image sensor family. According to a release, with resolutions of 300 K, 500 K and 1.3 Mega pixels (MPix) respectively, the Python 300, 500 and 1300 are designed to address the needs of general purpose industrial image sensing applications such as machine vision, inspection and motion monitoring, as well as security and surveillance applications including intelligent transportation systems (ITS). ON Semiconductor's new global shutter image sensors combine flexibility in configuration and resolution with high speed and high sensitivity for the industrial imaging market.

PwC to Retain EPGL Equity
April 17, 2014
EP Global Communications, Inc. has been informed by PwC Caymans that it wishes to hold 100 percent of its 2 Billion Common shares in EPGL which it manages on behalf of AJW Funds and does not wish to give up any EPGL equity at this time.

chesapeake man faceswater-stealing charge
April 16, 2014
By Scott Daugherty The Virginian-Pilot CHESAPEAKE John Lindsay called police last month thinking he'd caught one of his neighbors stealing his water. He was wrong. According to police, the neighbor was stealing the city's water. Raymond Brinson of the 2400 block of Number Ten Lane is wanted on one count of obtaining water without payment, which is punishable by up to five years in prison. Police obtained a warrant on March 26 charging him with the felony but had not served it as of Tuesday afternoon, a department spokesman said.

Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to a Geohazard Survey in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska; Federal Register Extracts
April 16, 2014
SUMMARY: NMFS has received an application from BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. (BP) for an Incidental Harassment Authorization (IHA) to take marine mammals, by harassment, incidental to conducting a shallow geohazard survey in Foggy Island Bay, Beaufort Sea, Alaska, during the 2014 open water season. Pursuant to the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), NMFS is requesting comments on its proposal to issue an IHA to BP to incidentally take, by Level B harassment only, marine mammals during the specified activity. DATES: Comments and information must be received no later than May 16, 2014. ADDRESSES: Comments on the application should be addressed to Jolie Harrison, Supervisor, Incidental Take Program, Permits and Conservation Division, Office of Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910. The mailbox address for providing email comments is ITP.Nachman@noaa.gov NMFS is not responsible for email comments sent to addresses other than the one provided here. Comments sent via email, including all attachments, must not exceed a 25-megabyte file size.

Cops: Huntley teen who crashed SUV into homes is not licensed
April 16, 2014
A 17-year-old Huntley resident who drove an SUV into two townhouses Monday afternoon was not licensed to drive.

Slovakia's Eustream gets licence for reverse gas supplies to Ukraine
April 16, 2014
Slovakia's economy ministry has issued a licence to gas transmission company Eustream that enables it to launch reverse gas supplies to Ukraine, SITA news agency reported. OnĀ April 15 the two countries held talks with the European Commission on possible gas deliveries from western Europe to Ukraine via Slovakia. So far, however, no agreement has been signed. According to Ukraine's energy minister Yuriy Prodan, the negotiations will continue and should be completed within two weeks.

Weather to blame for yo-yo water bill \ Meters often not reachable
April 15, 2014
If you've noticed a big fluctuation lately in your bill from the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility, you aren't alone. Oppressive winter weather meant utility crews were unable to reach numerous meters and water usage amounts were estimated for those customers, said Allen Mounts, director of the utility. Differences will be applied now that the weather has cleared and crews are able to see the meters again.

Imogen Heap's Crazy, Music-Controlling Gloves Hit Kickstarter
April 11, 2014
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care... if you want to make all sorts of trippy-sounding music. At least, that's the premise offered by a brand-new Kickstarter project from singer-songwriter Imogen Heap's exceedingly interesting tech gloves.


Spectral reflectometer for film thickness measurement
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New Kimtech Pure G3 EvT nitrile gloves
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UVOTECH releases UV-Ozone Cleaning System
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