Pakistan: Metro project workers break gas pipeline
March 06, 2015
ISLAMABAD, March 6 -- Metro project workers while digging drain at Shamsabad, Benazir Bhutto Road, broke down gas pipeline on Sunday evening and the gas supply could not be restored to the consumers on fourth day Wednesday by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) workers.

New industrial Ethernet Extender powers MTM, Internet of (Industrial) things
March 05, 2015
Patton Electronics announced today the US-manufactured CopperLink CL2300E (http://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.patton.com%2Fethernet-extender%2Fcl2300e&esheet=51053784&newsitemid=20150305006623&lan=en-US&anchor=CopperLink%E2%84%A2+CL2300E&index=2&md5=4328504d0b2e9633190b4ddc3b1a1a6d) light-industrial, wire-bonding Ethernet Extender will soon be available for pre-order. Ideal for extending long-range Ethernet (LRE) segments in machine-to-machine (MTM) and industrial networks, the CL2300E employs wire-bonding technology to join up to four twisted pairs into a single Ethernet connection with superior speed and distance performance. Because it operates over any installed copper infrastructure, Patton's CL2300E (http://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.patton.com%2Fethernet-extender%2Fcl2300e&esheet=51053784&newsitemid=20150305006623&lan=en-US&anchor=CL2300E&index=3&md5=68db3958e5e1fac8a3ce78639065ae2a) eliminates the expense and delay of installing new cabling when interconnecting industrial WiFi access points (WAPs), IP cameras, programmable line controllers (PLCs), flow meters, magnetic sensors, and similar IP-enabled devices with SCADA systems or remote industrial-Ethernet LANs.

Maintenance workers needed
March 05, 2015
The Village of Waynesville has two open full-time maintenance worker positions. Both the Maintenance Worker I and II positions require a valid driver's license, the ability to work primarily outdoors, reading water meters, cutting grass, plowing snow, repairing streets, catch basins, and other duties not listed. CDL and backhoe experience is preferred. Maintenance Worker II also requires municipal water experience. Send application and resume to the Village Manager, Gary Copeland, at 1400 Lytle Road, Waynesville, OH 45068. For more information, call 513-897-8015.

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power Hearing; "The 21st Century Electricity Challenge: Ensuring a Secure, Reliable and Modern Electricity System."; Testimony by Naimish Patel, CEO, Gridco Systems
March 04, 2015
Good morning. My name is Naimish Patel; I am the CEO of Gridco Systems, a provider of advanced power flow control and grid operating system technologies for the electric grid, what is termed Agile Grid Infrastructure. Since the first electrification of street lighting in Manhattan in 1882, the electric grid in the US has become pervasive in its reach, essential to the sustainable growth of our economy and our national security, and providing a service that we are so reliant upon but often take for granted; all testament to the numerous utilities that maintain and operate our grid. Today, however, utilities are operating in a changing environment that poses a wide variety of challenges, but also opportunities for innovation. Much as our telephony system experienced a transformation in the 1990s resulting from customer adoption of computing and demand for information services, so too are we seeing the beginning of a customer-driven evolution of the electric grid. Consumers of power are increasingly also becoming producers, through adoption of rooftop solar or small-scale wind power, requiring the distribution grid to accommodate two-way power flow, in contrast to its original architecture. Customer adoption of electric vehicles is creating new demand for power, equivalent to entire homes, requiring demand control measures to avert overloading of existing infrastructure.

The Best Full-Frame D-SLRs
March 03, 2015
ZIFFROUNDUPTABLE sectionid="1563" articleids="307282,330426,328119,326791,313473,296691,318420,308077"/ For a long time full-frame D-SLRs-those with image sensors as large as a 35mm film frame-were only for pros and well-heeled shutterbugs. Most folks buy a camera with an APS-C image sensor, a little less than half the size of full-frame in terms of surface area. But there are advantages to getting a camera with a bigger sensor-including a larger, brighter viewfinder and the ability to create an extremely shallow depth of field with wide-aperture lenses. You'll still have to part with a good chunk of change to get an entry-level full-frame model like the Canon EOS 6D or the Nikon D610, but there's no doubt that costs are dropping, putting these cameras into the hands of more and more photographers.

Court accepts indictment against Soma disaster suspects
March 03, 2015
İSTANBUL (CİHAN)- A local court accepted an indictment on Monday by a prosecutor implicating 45 people in connection with a mining disaster in Soma that claimed 301 lives on May 13 of last year.

City transitions to automatic meter-reading system
March 03, 2015
Cuba City`s automatic meter-reading project in underway. Earlier this year, Cuba City Municipal Utilities began installing new electric and water meters throughout the city. The meter replacements are part of a project approved by the Cuba City Light and Water Commission in October.

Russia-Ukraine winter gas package reaffirmed
March 03, 2015
An agreement was reached to fully implement the winter gas package between Russia and Ukraine, following trilateral talks with the European Commission on 2 March. The two countries’ energy ministers and the commission’s vice-president announced that both parties are to adhere to the winter package until the end of March.

Exhibitors to highlight technology for moving and handling materials
March 02, 2015
With a demand for greater efficiency, the latest in material handling systems, conveyors, blenders and other auxiliary equipment will be presented at NPE 2015. Here's a look: Advanced Blending Solutions LLC (Booth W7763): Smart Systems geared for complex multi-layer co-extrusion systems and centralized large-scale plant material handling systems; angel hair traps, smart stands. Adescor Inc. (Booth W5645): Pipe extrusion downstream equipment; builder of custom automation for material handling, packaging and converting. Apex Machine Co. (Booth W2042): Design and build custom parts handling and printing systems.

Fancy a Balloon Trip to the Edge of Space?
February 20, 2015
Fancy a trip to the edge of space in a high-altitude balloon? World View and United Parachute Technologies (UPT) brought that dream one step closer to reality on Friday with the successful flight of a parafoil from a record-breaking height of 102,200 feet.


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