Single-input multiple-output visible light optical wireless communications supporting quality of service
March 05, 2015
Introduction With the emergence of the high intensity light-emitting diode (LED), visible light optical wireless communication (VLC) using LEDs is considered by industry and academia as a promising wireless communication technology for the future [1–4]. VLC is licence-free and electromagnetic interference-free, hence it can be used in the radio-frequency forbidden areas, such as airplanes and hospitals. The combination of white-light LEDs and VLC can provide illumination and communication simultaneously. Over the last decade, mobile phones with a built-in complementary metal–oxide semiconductor (CMOS) camera have become very popular, providing the ability to capture photos and videos anytime and anywhere [5]. Recently, the internet of things (IoT) have been widely discussed as the next network evolution in which devices are capable of interacting with other devices. The IoT reveals the importance of VLC, since VLC can provide a low-cost and secure communication interface suitable for the IoT wireless sensor network development, and photodetector (PD) is a typical receiver (Rx) for these wireless sensor networks.

Reduced-order model for MEMS PZT vibrational energy harvester exhibiting buckling bistability
March 05, 2015
Introduction Broadband vibrational energy harvesters are more appealing due to the versatility they provide. One way to achieve this capability is to design a bistable system. In the literature, one can find many ways to achieve this bistability [1]. This Letter's focus is on systems that are bistable due to buckling of clamped–clamped beams. Modelling of beam dynamics involves partial differential equations (PDEs) that give as a solution the time evolution of the displacement at any point on the beam, y(x, t). This is a continuous system, i.e. one having infinite degrees of freedom (DoF). A reduced-order model is one which has a (small) finite number of DoF. The proposed mechanical design, together with the results in [2] and some justified approximations, makes it possible to quickly fix dimensions in the design process and to accurately predict behaviour with a simpler nonlinear third-order system. In [3], the mechanical structure tested is very similar to that is proposed here and also exhibits asymmetric bistability. However, harvesting in [3] is achieved electrostatically. Promising experimental results are reported but no attempt at modelling is performed. In contrast, in [4], a theoretically extensive treatment of the behaviour of buckling beams and their combination to obtain multistable systems are presented.

Cohu Recaps 4Q 2014 Operating Results
February 25, 2015
Cohu reported fiscal 2014 fourth quarter net sales of $96.2 million and GAAP income of $1.3 million or $0.05 per share. In a release on February 19, the Company reported that net sales for the 12 months ended 2014 were $333.3 million and GAAP income was $5.8 million or $0.22 per share. Income for the fourth quarter and year ended December 27, 2014 included a $5.0 million non-cash, pretax charge for the impairment of goodwill and other assets due to a reduction in the estimated market value of our microwave communications equipment reporting unit.

Smart meters may be in water future
February 24, 2015
The wave of the future in the municipal utilities world, the advanced metering infrastructure, may be a part of Wichita Falls water system in the near future. City Chief Financial Officer Jim Dockery said the city has a memo of understanding with Energy Service Company, a consulting group that specializes in system implementation, to see whether the AMI system is a right fit for Wichita Falls.

Salem officials apprise council of big expenditures on horizon
February 24, 2015
Salem city officials met with the city council on Monday to lay the groundwork for several large expenses it could be facing in the next few years. The budget for fiscal year 2015-16 doesn't have to be approved by council until July 1. However, city officials wanted to brief the council about matters that are going to be coming up in the future so the council could provide some direction.

Cases to move forward despite fire at Norfolk DA's offices
February 23, 2015
A gas explosion and fire early yesterday that rendered Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey's Canton offices uninhabitable is not expected to stop court cases from going forward today, his spokesman said.

NEC Display Solutions NP-UM351W
February 17, 2015
The NEC Display Solutions NP-UM351W ($1,369) is a bright data projector for classroom or business use that offers good brightness, loud sound, solid data- and video-image quality, and a wide range of connectivity choices. As an ultra-short-throw model, it can project a large image even when placed very near the screen. Design and Features The NP-UM351W is an LCD-based projector with a rated brightness of 3,500 lumens and a native WXGA (1,280-by-800) resolution. The chassis is white, with rounded corners, and is large and heavy for an ultra-short-throw projector. It measures 4.4 by 16 by 23.3 inches (HWD), and weighs 12 pounds, and should be permanently mounted. It can be placed in either a tabletop mount ($219), or in a wall mount ($119) above the screen. The focus wheel is hidden under the right-hand edge of the projector-I had to look in the instruction manual to locate it. It proved responsive in my testing. Like most ultra-short-throw projectors, there is no optical zoom.

NEC Display Solutions NP-UM361X
February 17, 2015
The NEC Display Solutions NP-UM361X ($,1,149) is a powerful data projector, aimed at classrooms and businesses. It offers a bright image, a strong sound system, solid data- and video-image quality, and a good range of connection choices. It's a very good option if you want a bright ultra-short-throw projector that fares well in midsize venues. The NP-UM361Xis an LCD-based data projector with native XGA (1,024-by-768) resolution and a rated brightness of 3,600 lumens. The chassis has rounded corners and is large and heavy for an ultra-short-throw projector. It measures 4.4 by 16 by 23.3 inches (HWD), and weighs 12 pounds, and is meant for permanent mounting. It can be placed in either a tabletop mount ($219), or a wall mount ($119) above the screen.

Power plant products - New technologies & applications - Differential pressure transducer.
February 01, 2015
Omega has introduced a new high accuracy industrial duty wet/wet differential pressure transducer. The PX509HL Series, which is designed and manufactured by Omega, are said to be rugged shock and vibration rated combined with high accuracy, and are specifically designed to provide long life in demanding industrial areas over a range of containment pressures up to 10,000 psi. The compensated overload range minimises errors induced by large line pressures. Features include welded stainless steel construction, user accessible potentiometers for zero and span, and demountable electrical terminations or a fixed conduit fitting without trim pots.

Training - Virtual reality - Virtually a three-dimensional CAD.
February 01, 2015
With more than 150,000 employees in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric has more than 35 training centres around the world. Naturally, language is a barrier, but there are others too, such as the fact that much of the maintenance training is compromised by the difficultly in replicating the potentially hazardous situations that its engineers, or those of its clients, might encounter on site. In addition to this, Schneider Electric wanted to improve the whole classroom training experience by using the latest technologies. These should allow the trainee to practice a full range of skills and processes without the expense of the physical hardware and make the experience quicker and more enjoyable. In a bid to overcome these constraints, Schneider Electric's management team decided to investigate implementing virtual reality (VR) into its training programmes. The criteria were that the VR system should be portable, to share with training centres around the world, and that the virtual training environment developed allowed users to see what would be hidden in real life, and carry out safely actions that might be more risky in real life, or might even be impossible to replicate in the training environment.


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