Explosion Rocks City Home; 2 Firefighters Hurt; Apparent Bullet Hole Found In Gas Meter
December 18, 2014
JTODD@LNPNEWS.COM Two city firefighters were taken to the hospital after a gas explosion at a Lancaster city home Wednesday night. Both were treated for first-degree burns to their head and face and then released. One returned to the fire scene while the other went home, according to Battalion Chief Jeffrey Oatman.

Brown County district cancels water pipeline
December 18, 2014
Board members of the Brown County Water Improvement District voted Tuesday to scrap a $12 million pipeline that would have transported effluent water from a county treatment facility to Lake Brownwood.

Global Semiconductor Alliance Reports Award Recipients
December 17, 2014
The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) revealed the recipients honored at the 2014 GSA Awards Dinner Celebration that took place in Santa Clara, California. The association reported that the awards program recognizes the achievements of semiconductor companies in several categories ranging from outstanding leadership to financial accomplishments, as well as overall respect within the industry.

Airport aims to speed up the lines
December 17, 2014
An $18 million project approved this week will dramatically change the security checkpoints at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, officials say. The goal is to speed the lines of airline passengers through security and reduce average wait times. The project, approved by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) on Monday, involves consolidating four existing security checkpoints in Terminal 1, also known as the Lindbergh terminal, into one big security checkpoint with 10 lanes, said Patrick Hogan, MAC spokesman. The new mega-checkpoint will provide more space for conveyor belts carrying passengers' carry-on bags past scanners. There also will be added room for passengers exiting the checkpoints to put back on their shoes, belts and jackets.

Water service shut off Wednesday
December 16, 2014
The Mandan Public Works Department will shut off water service beginning at 9 a.m. Wednesday, for all residents in Woodlands Mobile Home Park and in Wildwood Mobile Home Park living south of Third Street Southeast. Water will be shut down from 9 a.m. until a new master water meter vault is installed. Work is expected to be completed by late Wednesday afternoon. For more information, call 701-667-3240.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
December 10, 2014
Not content with novel design alone, Lenovo's taking things a few steps further with its latest Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Equipped with a supersized 13-inch, Quad HD display and built-in projector, Lenovo is positioning the $469.99 (32GB) tabletas an all-in-one media powerhouse. Some lingering complaints remain-like the heavy-handed Android skin and performance hiccups-but the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is easily Lenovo's most compelling Android tablet yet. Design, Features, and Projector Lenovo's unique multi-mode design remains largely unchanged for this year's Yoga tablets. You get the signature cylindrical edge with a built-in kickstand and a nice tapered profile. It's made from a combination of aluminum and gray plastics that give the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro a premium look and sturdy feel. At 13.11 by 8.81 by 0.14-0.5 (thinnest and thickest points) inches and 2.09 pounds, the Yoga Tablet 2 is big and heavy, but the weight feels reasonably comfortablein the hand thanks to the unique design.There are a few new additions to the Yoga design, including a JBL-branded subwoofer around back and a pico projector built into one end of the cylinder.

Mamiya Leaf Credo 50
December 08, 2014
The Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 ($26,995) is another in a recent spate of medium format cameras to eschew traditional CCD sensors in favor of a more modern Sony-made 50-megapixel CMOS sensor. It has a lot in common with a higher-end model, marketed by Mamiya Leaf's parent company Phase One, the IQ250, but omits a few features and shaves close to $8,000 off of the sticker price. The Credo 50 has a few of the same issues that we encountered with the IQ250, notably an out-of-date autofocus system when paired with the standard 645 DF+ body. But its modular design allows you to purchase one for the camera system of your choice, and a sharp rear display makes image review in the field very easy. The Credo 50 doesn't have quite as many features as the IQ250, but its image quality is just as good and it comes in at a much lower asking price. It's our pick as Editors' Choice for medium format cameras.

How Time Flies
November 17, 2014
100 years ago Nov. 17, 1914: Police are looking for Joseph Keller, formerly of Bloomington and now a Champaign clothing merchant. He’s also an alleged sports bookie who left several students holding the bag as he absconded with their bets. He has apparently “blown” town. 75 years ago Nov. 17, 1939: Members of Maplewood Country Club elected officers. But the club is on hard times and is going into receivership. It may not reopen next year, depending on what arrangements can be made with the foreclosing parties. 50 years ago Nov. 17, 1964: A pre-dawn fire at 201½ E. Washington St. caused up to $40,000 loss to the two insurance agencies that occupied the building. Off-duty firemen were called in and Normal sent an aerial truck to help. Cause of the fire is not known. 25 years ago Nov. 17, 1989: A faulty toilet is apparently to blame for Alderwoman Judy Markowitz having the highest home water bill of anyone on the city council. The water meter was checked, and it’s fine. The suspected culprit toilet has since been replaced.

Safety Sensors and Functions for a Packaging Machine
October 01, 2014
Abstract - This paper presents the documenting stage for a functional safety investigation for a packaging machine. The ELPACK machine was bought "as it is" four years ago, with a complete description about how to operate it, but no parts list or documentation. Because of it's good behavior in use since - very few faults - it is a good subject to inspect the functional safety characteristics. Depending of the quantity and completeness of the information, the entire machine or just parts will be evaluated. This documentation will be the base for investigation stage two, building data acquisition programs to acquire signals from electrical elements like photoelectric sensors, non electrical equipment like compressor unit, etc., calculate the values of safety integrated level and confront them with values in corresponding standards. Keywords: packaging machine, functional safety; safety sensors; functional safety standards.

All's Well that Ends Wells
January 01, 1970
FULL TEXT Citing a rush on new well applications in response to the ongoing drought, Montecito Water District officials have requested the county impose an emergency moratorium on the requests. The mere announcement served to accelerate the demand with seven new applications submitted the day the story surfaced last week. District manager Tom Mosby argued the moratorium is necessary so long as the emergency drought conditions persist. Mont?alos groundwater basins, notoriously small to start with, are exceptionally hard to manage when the county is approving additional wells, he said. (The district does not issue well permits; the county's Department of Environmental Health Services does.) Last year, there were 13 applications. Not counting the latest seven, there have been 70 this year. How many of these have been drilled remains unclear. There are roughly 600 permitted wells within the Montecito Water District. Three dozen of them have failed in the past two years, Mosby said.


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