Memsstar to Launch Etch and Deposition Equipment Line
July 19, 2014
Memsstar Limited unveiled its Orbis platform of etch and deposition process tools for MEMS manufacturing. "Adoption of MEMS technology is increasing rapidly, with the explosion of mobile devices, the 'Internet of Things' and the trillion sensors roadmap," said Tony McKie, CEO of Memsstar, in a release. "With such diversity in applications and increasing performance and capability, manufacturers are clearly demanding process advances, as smaller, high-functionality MEMS devices can no longer tolerate process variations that impact performance. Our new Orbis platforms build on our first-generation systems to deliver significant process and hardware enhancements that advance manufacturing capability and performance in the MEMS industry.

Long Beach water use drops by 4 percent, bucking 8 percent Southern California rise
July 16, 2014
LONG BEACH >> Water use in coastal Southern California may be up by 8 percent, but use in Long Beach has fallen by 4 percent since March when compared with the same time period last year. State officials imposed a set of first-ever statewide rules to punish wasteful water users Tuesday while a survey showed that in coastal California, south of Santa Barbara, consumption rose 8 percent. The new rules, approved by the State Water Resources Control Board on a 4-0 vote, impose new restrictions on outdoor water use starting Aug. 1 that could result in fines of up to $500 per violation.

Mitigating saltwater pipeline spills a top priority
July 16, 2014
It would be difficult to classify the early July saltwater spill near Mandaree that leaked 24,000 barrels of brine, a byproduct of oil production, as the first wake-up call to state officials.

Late water bills may soak West Chicago residents Watchdog: Billing may not catch up til next year
July 16, 2014
It's been nearly a year since Sandie Robertson received a water bill from West Chicago. She paid $167 for water usage during that time, but she probably owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 more. The problem is that no one knows for sure what the 38-year resident of the city owes, including those at city hall. The bigger problem is that she's not alone. It's an issue that has affected the entire city.

Going Once… 239 Great Ideas From Xerox Available Through Mid-September.
July 15, 2014
  NORWALK, Conn. (PRWEB) July 15, 2014         Due to buyer demand and the resulting feedback, the Xerox (NYSE: XRX) sealed-bid corporate patent auction, done in conjunction with leading intellectual property broker ICAP Patent Brokerage, will be extended. Bidding will take place between September 11th and September 16th.           "We are pleased with this positive feedback and enthusiasm for the many important technologies available for sale," said Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage. "After receiving numerous requests for additional time to diligence, Xerox and ICAP Patent Brokerage have extended the auction date."             The sealed-bid auction includes 546 patent assets, encompassing US and foreign patents and pending applications, across 26 technological fields. The patents represent projects from Xerox's five global research centers, including PARC, a Xerox Company.           Specifically, the assets will be sold in lots corresponding to sub-portfolios that have been assembled according to the following technologies:       Mobile Devices         Web & Search           Queries & Keywords     Wireless Networks     Multimedia             Shopping, Payment, and Ordering Systems     Audio Communications   Touch Screen and User Interface   Social Networks & Recommender Systems       Networking & Servers   Compression/Decompression (Codec)           Display     Printers & Print Systems         Ordering Systems       Document Services via Mobile     Mobile Services across Wireless Networks     Connected Devices     Document Enrichment   Digital Imaging       Electronic Paper       HD Video Conferencing             Audio-to-Text (Mobile Devices)

An intelligent sprayer; For nursery and fruit tree crops
July 01, 2014
  Conventional spray application in floral, nursery, and other specialty crop production requires excessive amounts of pesticide to achieve effective pest control. This excessive pesticide use has economic as well as environmental consequences. To address this lem, our research at the USDA-ARS Application Technology Research Unit has demonstrated that optimizing the spray coverage, rather than the spray volume, can reduce pesticide use by more than 50% and result in significant production cost savings. Until recently, to achieve the optimum spray coverage required for effective pest and disease control, spray applicators had to follow complex operational guidelines, which could vary for each situation.

Comparison of Disdrometer and X-Band Mobile Radar Observations in Convective Precipitation
July 01, 2014
FULL TEXT ABSTRACT Microphysical data from thunderstorms are sparse, yet they are essential to validate microphysical schemes in numerical models. Mobile, dual-polarization, X-band radars are capable of providing a wealth of data that include radar reflectivity, drop shape, and hydrometeor type. However, X-band radars suffer from beam attenuationin heavy rainfall and hail, which can be partially corrected with attenuation correction schemes. In this research, the authors compare surface disdrometer observations to results from a differential phase-based attenuation correction scheme. This scheme is applied to data recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) X-band dual-polarized (NOXP) mobile radar, which was deployed during the second Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment (VORTEX2). Results are presented from five supercell thunderstorms and one squallline (183 min of data). The median disagreement (radar-disdrometer) in attenuation-corrected reflectivity Z and differential reflectivity Z^sub DR^ is just 1.0 and 0.19dB, respectively.

July 01, 2014
TECHNICAL BOOKS Author: Ron Lawes Publisher: CRC Press MEMS Cost Analysis: From laboratory to industry demonstrates how cost analysis can be adapted to MEMS, taking into account the wide range of processes and equipment, the major differences with the established semiconductor industry and the presence of both largescale, product-orientated manufacturers and smalland medium-scale foundries. The content examines the processes and equipment sufficiendy for the reader to appreciate how costs arise. It examines how representative costs are examined in sufficient detail and accuracy for specific equipment, processes, products or foundries to show how financial models can be introduced to estimate the cost and price for a MEMS product. List Price: $149.95. Available at www.crcpress.com.

July 01, 2014
FULL TEXT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SULPHURISED ADDITIVE FOR METALWORKING FLUIDS Dover Chemical Corp. introduces a high-performance, light-colored sulphurised vegetable ester that makes metalworking fluids more environmentally friendly. Doverlube LCS-10 Is 100 percent biodegradable, gives off no detectable hydrogen sulfide and has low odor. It Is non-active, uses no Inhibitors and Is suitable for use In many types of base oils and vegetable esters In many metalworking applications on various metals and alloys. In four-ball testing, Doverlube LCS-10 outperforms other sulphurised additives. Formulations combining It with Dover's patented Doverlube® NCEP or Mayfree® 133 additives further enhance performance and are chlorine-free. Doverlube LCS-10 provides equivalent or superior tap efficiency performance compared to other sulphurised products.

Description and Derived Climatologies of Automated In Situ Eddy-Dissipation-Rate Reports of Atmospheric Turbulence
June 01, 2014
FULL TEXT ABSTRACT The statistical properties of turbulence at upper levels in the atmosphere [upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS)] are still not well known, partly because of the lack of adequate routine observations. This is despite the obvious benefit that such observations would have for alerting aircraft of potentially hazardous conditions, either in real time or for route planning. To address this deficiency, a research project sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration has developed a software package that automatically estimates and reports atmospheric turbulence intensity levels (as EDR â¡ ?^sup 1/3^, where ? is the energy or eddy dissipation rate). The package has been tested and evaluated on commercial aircraft.


Entegris announces GateKeeper GPS platform
07/15/2014Entegris, Inc., announced last week the launch of GateKeeper GPS, its next-generation of automated regeneration gas purification system (GPS) technology....
Bruker introduces Inspire nanoscale chemical mapping system
07/15/2014Bruker today announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) infrared system for 10-nanometer spatial...
MEMS wafer inspection system from Sonoscan
06/25/2014Sonoscan has announced its AW322 200 fully automated system for ultrasonic inspection of MEMS wafers....