mCube Garners 3 Awards at MEMS Executive Congress
November 25, 2014
mCube recently secured three awards at MEMS Executive Congress for its solutions in MEMS and sensors. According to a release from the company, mCube, based on online votes from colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers, was named "MEMS Start-Up of the Year" and its accelerometers secured runner up for "Best MEMS/Sensor Device of the Year."

IAR Systems Unveils New Development Tools for the 8-Bit STM8 Core
November 25, 2014
AR Systems has launched a new version of its development tools for STMicroelectronics' STM8. According to a release, Version 2.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 adds improvements and new functionality for debugging, as well as selectable math functions, updated user documentation and new device support.

Pakistan: Countering over billing: IESCO gives hand devises to its meter readers
November 25, 2014
RAWALPINDI, Nov. 25 -- IESCO has started giving Hand Held Unit (HHU) to its meter readers to avoid over billing issues.

NEC Display Unveils LED-Backlit 3 Megapixel MD212G3 Diagnostic Monitor
November 25, 2014
NEC Display Solutions of America has launched the MultiSync MD212G3 LCD, a widescreen display for diagnostic review applications in healthcare organizations.

X-FAB MEMS Foundry Receives 'Foundry of the Year' Award at MEMS Executive Congress
November 25, 2014
X-FAB MEMS Foundry received the "MEMS Foundry of the Year" award at the Best in MEMS & Sensors Innovation Awards ceremony as part of the MEMS Industry Group's 10th annual MEMS Executive Congress held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Beaufield Resources, Urbana to jointly explore gold, base metals assets in Quebec
November 19, 2014
Beaufield Resources Inc. and Urbana Corp. entered into an agreement to jointly explore their Urban Township gold and base metals properties in Quebec and share the boundary information, according to a Nov. 14 news release. The agreement covers a line-cutting program and detailed induced polarization and magnetometer geophysical surveying on the claims. Results will be compiled and interpreted with historical work to identify and prioritize drill targets. Beaufield Resources, which owns 24 claims covering 994 hectares, has agreed to become the operator. The two companies will retain a 100% ownership of their respective properties.

What's New
November 01, 2014
FULL TEXT LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Liquid Chromatography Units Are Fully Automated The i-Series of integrated liquid chromatography systems includes Prominence-i and Nexera-i for highland ultra-high-powered liquid chromatography (HPLC and UHPLC). An intuitive operating environment and fully automated design enhance performance and workflow. If integrated with the LabSolutions software, the instruments can operate in interactive communication mode (ICM) to send data to a lab's server for management and storage. ICM also allows users to perform operations from anywhere in the facility on a smart device. Operation is simple, and concentrated samples can be injected directly without dilution. These units achieve processing speeds more than twice as fast as the manufacturer's previous models. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

November 01, 2014
  Machine condition monitoring is a data acquisition application that also involves a degree of analysis and reporting. In addition, the overall process implies an element of time. Straightforward performance testing measures output against a standard--did the engine develop the expected torque at the set rpm? In contrast, condition monitoring compares a succession of measurements taken over time against a baseline or against previous measurements. At one extreme, condition monitoring is looking for a trend that may indicate a need for maintenance. At the other extreme, it's attempting to avoid catastrophic failure.           Major infrastructure equipment typically comes with built-in condition monitoring. As stated in a recent article, "Condition monitoring of rotating equipment is common throughout the oil and gas industry, with the objective to detect, analyze, and diagnose machinery faults. Critical machines (turbines, compressors, and large motors) are normally equipped with online condition monitoring and protection systems. The balance of plant equipment (motors, pumps, and fans) generally is not." (1)             However, as the author points out, the latter category accounts for the majority of both the quantity of equipment and the maintenance costs.

November 01, 2014
FULL TEXT Cobham pic announced that its acquisition of Aeroflex Holding Corp., previously announced on May 20, 2014, has been successfully completed following the receipt of regulatory and shareholder approvals. The transaction has an enteiprise value of approximately $1.46B. Approximately 70 percent of Aeroflex s revenue is focused on commercial markets with exposure to wireless, space, microelectronics, industrial, energy and other sectors. This will increase the proportion of Cobham's commercial revenue from 35 to nearly 42 percent of the total, on a pro forma basis, and build upon Cobham's focus on connectivity capabilities, customers and characteristics.

Decision-making in a crisis: What every leader needs to know
January 01, 1970
Introduction Managing is a constant job. It's never done. There is no sense of completion, and managers just move from one crisis to another solving problems and putting out fires. Henry Mintzberg argues that managers work at an unrelenting pace; their activities are typically characterized by brevity, variety, fragmentation and discontinuity, and they are strongly oriented to action. Managers need to be able to constantly switch from highly complex tasks to incredibly mundane ones on a moment-by-moment basis. Making decisions is a large part of a manager's job since he or she is often the one with the final say. Pulling the trigger on a new project or addressing malfunctioning products are examples of daily decisions for managers that have far-reaching consequences for employees, stakeholders, and organizations.


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