Public safety; Columbus police getting upgraded, smarter Tasers;
February 27, 2015
Columbus police soon will be equipped with what's being called a more-effective, safer Taser. But make no mistake, it still will knock you silly. The city council is committed to spending $250,000 to replace older models of the nonlethal weapon, Council President Andrew J. Ginther said.

City moving forward with stormwater rate increase
February 26, 2015
Utility rate increases to pay for upgrades and overdue maintenance for Bozeman's neglected stormwater system were endorsed by the City Commission this week, bringing homeowners a step closer to seeing a few dollars a month added to their bills.

Firefighters: We are battling snow, flames
February 23, 2015
Challenges: Piles of snow block access as hoses, water sources freeze. Gilford Fire Department Capt. Michael Balcom said some people may be waiting for a day or two of "winter thaw" before tackling snow-shoveling tasks.

The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
February 19, 2015
David Rhodes, Memphis Thanks for the heat Monday afternoon, with all of the sleet and ice, our house temperature kept dropping. I checked and found that neither heater was on, so I tried to turn on the gas fireplace and found we had no gas. I immediately called Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division and explained we were two cold seniors who needed heat. Later that night, we had a new gas meter and went to bed with heat and hot water. The dedicated technician was great and replaced the meter in the cold and dark.

TriQuint Continues DoD's Trusted Source Status Through 2016
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (now Qorvo) announced it has earned continued Trusted Source Category 1A accreditation through 2016 from the Department of Defense (DoD). According to the certification, the accreditation of trust expresses the confidence of the DoD Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) and the National Security Agency's Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) that TriQuint will continue to deliver trusted foundry microelectronic goods and services (category' 1 A), which meet the mission critical needs of end users, now and into the future.

February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT RF Micro Devices Inc. and TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. announced they have completed their merger of equals to form Qorvo(TM), a new leader in RF solutions. As a result of the merger, which is intended to qualify as a tax-free reorganization, TriQuint shareholders will receive 1.675 shares of Qorvo and RFMD shareholders will receive 1 share of Qorvo for each TriQuint or RFMD share held, and a one-for-four reverse stock split was effected at closing. Former shareholders of RFMD and TriQuint will each own approximately 50 percent of Qorvo.

High Dynamic Range IF Receiver Simplifies Point-to-Point Design
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT Microwave point-to-point links are an integral part of a cellular mobile network. Known as backhaul, they link cell sites (the BTS or Node B) and the radio controllers (the BSC or RNC) in over 50 percent of the global deployments, where fiber links are not cost effective. The markets shift to smartphones has increased data traffic (e.g., streaming video), which is driving the capacity of microwave backhaul. To scale the data throughput of the point-topoint radio network to meet the needs of LTE and LTE-Advanced, future generations of microwave links will need to: * Move to higher-order digital modulation, from todays 256 QAM to as high as 4096 QAM. This will provide a 50 percent increase in capacity for a fixed channel bandwidth.

AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY: The Future Looks Bright for Smart Headlights
January 01, 2015
FULL TEXT The first low-beam headlights appeared on automobiles 100 years ago. Today, engineers are scrambling to de velop a new generation of smart headlights that will soon mak e traditional products as obsolete as kerosene lanterns. The goal is to create lights that react to the road environment and enhance driver safety. Smart headlights will better illuminate the road; spotlight obstacles, signs and lanes; project directions on the road; reduce glare; and increase visibility in fog, rain and snowstorms.

December 01, 2014
FULL TEXT Leak Tester Is Fast and Accurate - The 3520 Series leak tester provides high accuracy and fast cycle times. It is easy to use and calibrate, with built-in self-checks and diagnostics. The device supports multiple test types and pressures with programmable electronic pressure and flow control. A dual-stage, high-flow precision electronic regulator increases fill speed for testing, regardless of the volume. QualityWorX data management software collects, collates and distills testing data into clear, concise and insightful visual reports, including complete test waveforms, to optimize the leak test process.

Water leaks? Focus on flappers; green insider
June 01, 2014
  Building owners and managers need to be aware that a leak can add up over time and send the already steep price of water even higher.   The U.S. Geological Survey notes that a gallon of water is wasted for every 15,140 drips. A faucet that leaks five drops every minute would waste 173 gallons of water a year. Add that up across a portfolio of properties and the numbers can become staggering. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that leaky toilets are often a water-loss culprit.           [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]           DeeAnne McClenahan, Greystar's Senior Director for Procurement and Sustainability, says her company takes toilet flappers seriously--enough that it monitors portfolio-wide purchases of flappers to determine if proper repairs and leak precautions are being taken by apartment community maintenance crews.       Small, rubber flappers can save hundreds of gallons of water that seep away under the radar. To stay on top of leaks, Greystar monitors sub-metered properties for high water usage. It also requires maintenance workers to change toilet flappers every time a rental apartment turns over.


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