Councilors eye fix to water line backlash
November 21, 2014
Two Evansville City Council members are proposing an ordinance that would allow the city to pay for water line repairs on private property as part of the city’s ongoing meter replacement project. The money spent on the repairs, though, would be expected to be repaid by the homeowner.

ToDo Fishing/Snow Report
November 20, 2014
11-18-14 Outdoor Conditions Report Information compiled by Amber Travsky Fishing conditions It's that time of year when the open-water fishing season is getting its last gasp and the ski and snow sport season is just getting started. We are emerging, finally, from the deep freeze. While there is no heat wave in the forecast, at least temperatures will rise above freezing for the next few days. The only downside to the milder temperatures is that it will be breezy. The winds pick up on Saturday and keep up through the weekend. The best angling options would be low elevation waters that have either timber or terrain protection to get relief from the wind. There might be a bit of snow in the mountains, but it is expected to be mostly dry elsewhere. Ranking categories:

NeC unveils Ultra HD desktop display
November 20, 2014
NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched a 4K Ultra High Defi nition (UHD) desktop display. The 32inch MultiSync PA322UHD offers resolution of 3840 x 2160. NEC desktop displays product line manager Christopher Parker said it would be ideal for all creative professionals, including broadcast and edit facilities. george.bevir@broadcastnow.co.uk (George Bevir)

House Judiciary Committee Hearing; "Oversight of the United States Secret Service."; Testimony by Joseph Clancy, Acting Director, United States Secret Service
November 19, 2014
Introduction Good morning, Chairman Goodlatte, Ranking Member Conyers and distinguished members of the Committee. Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today to discuss the United States Secret Service (Secret Service) in furtherance of your oversight responsibilities. On October 6, 2014, I embarked on the greatest endeavor of my professional career: the privilege to lead the exceptional men and women of the Secret Service through a challenging time in the agency's storied history. Returning to public service after beginning a successful and second career in the private sector was not an easy decision, but the call to restore operational excellence and public trust in the Secret Service was too urgent to ignore. The agency's integrated mission of protecting our nation's leaders and financial institutions from harm must, for the sake of our country, not fail. The Secret Service was founded in 1865 to protect the U.S. financial system from the counterfeiting of our national currency. Following the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, we were tasked with a second, higher profile mission: the protection of the President. Since that time, our integrated mission has expanded and evolved to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Internet of Things connects physical items to network
November 18, 2014
FULL TEXT Remember back in the good old days when futurists were telling us how cool it would be to have your fridge wired to the Internet to keep track of your groceries? It elicited a big yawn or a rolling of the eyes from a lot of people. Who could blame people for being a bit skeptical?

AAXA LED Android Projector
November 14, 2014
The AAXA LED Android Projector ($499) is a portable mini-projector that packs in a lot of features, most prominently a built-in Android operating system. It's capable of projecting Android apps and games at a much larger size than you can get on your phone or tablet. Although its video and photo quality are underwhelming, it has good data-image quality, and a nice range of ports for a small projector. Design and Features The all-black LED Android is a mini-projector, slightly larger than palmtop size. It measures 1.4 by 5.9 by 5.2 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.5 pounds. Behind the lens is a focus ring. In back are the connectors: a VGA port; an HDMI port; a USB Type A port; a mini USB Type B port; a composite audio/video-in port; and a headphone jack. It also has 4 GB of internal storage. This DLP-based projector has a 550-lumen LED, and a native WXGA (1,280-by-800) resolution. Its light source is rated for 20,000 hours of use, which should last the lifetime of the projector.

New technologies & applications - Power plant products - Wireless pulse data logger.
November 01, 2014
Omega's new series of wireless pulse data loggers, designated OM-CP-RFPULSE2000A, features two-way communication with pulse input for monitoring energy, wind speed, or flow rate. It has a digital display that shows data in real time, a battery life indicator and both audible and LED alarm indicators. It is a CE compliant product that features configurable alarms and a 3 year battery life.

Sea State Determination from Ship-Based Geodetic GPS
November 01, 2014
FULL TEXT ABSTRACT Ocean waves have a profound impact on navigation, offshore operations, recreation, safety, and the economic vitality of a nation's maritime and coastal communities. This study demonstrates that ships equipped with geodetic GPS and a radar gauge can provide accurate estimates of sea state. The Research Vessel (R/V) Kilo Moana recorded 1-Hz data for the entire period of a 10-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Solving for precise kinematic positions for the ship and combining these solutions with the ranges from the ship to the sea surface provided by the radar gauge, it was possible to retrieve 1-Hz estimates of the sea surface elevation along the cruise track. Converting these into estimates of significant wave height, strong agreement was found with wave buoy measurements and hindcast wave data.

Russian Navy To Upgrade Anti-submarine Helicopters
October 31, 2014

Sample-to-answer instruments: pros and cons; A guide to molecular diagnostics
September 01, 2014
  Molecular biology has its roots in the biochemistry laboratories of the 1960s and 1970s; PCR was developed in the mid-1980s, and by 1990 was in widespread use in academic laboratory settings. Common clinical use of molecular diagnostic techniques lagged behind academic applications, and in many cases still does in the present day.           There are a number of reasons for this, but a very major one was (and remains) the complexities inherent in performing a molecular test to clinical standards of result reliability. Expertise, equipment, and infrastructure are all needed to handle the steps of nucleic acid extraction, assay setup, and results interpretation within a context of contamination control, to say nothing of the less MDx-specific laboratory demands of sample tracking, results reporting, and quality assurance functions. While the situation has improved immensely from the days of laborious manual crude lysate sample preparations followed by slow thermocycling on a water-cooled instrument, agarose gel electrophoresis, and squinting into a UV light table in search of dim fuzzy bands in order to call positive or negative on a given molecular marker, molecular testing still mostly requires infrastructure and specialized technical expertise not available at smaller medical facilities. Note the "mostly" in that last sentence, however; the topic of this installment of The Primer will be the instruments designed to be the exceptions to that statement.     The future is ... now?


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