MEMS Industry Group Hosts 10th Annual MEMS Executive Congress US; Tech Business Leaders Explore MEMS and Sensors in Consumer, Environmental, Healthcare/Medical, Industrial Apps
August 28, 2014
MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will host MEMS Executive Congress(R) US 2014, the annual business conference and networking event for the MEMS and sensors industry, November 5-7, 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ. Spanning environmental sensors for safe drinking water to personalized healthcare, cybersecurity for connected systems, and spectral imaging in wearable devices, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors enable human-machine interactions in unprecedented ways. "This year's MEMS Executive Congress US speakers reflect some of the most fascinating uses of MEMS and sensors in commercial applications," said Karen Lightman, executive director, MEMS Industry Group. "Ayasdi is tracking disease via smartphone. MoboSens uses a smartphone sensor to monitor nitrate in drinking water. VTT's microspectromers are likely to be used for skin cancer analysis, among many other uses. GE is advancing MRI. Wurldtech's technology protects critical infrastructure for oil and gas, smart grid and medical devices. And those are just a few of our speakers who will enlighten the C-level audience about maximizing the potential of MEMS and sensors -- the theme of this year's MEMS Executive Congress. Equally exciting, Congress attendees will also hear from entrepreneurs, academic innovators and one of the world's largest foundries, TSMC."

The Flying Artillery Boeing's AH-64E Guardian
August 28, 2014
India, Aug. 28 -- On 22 December 2010, the United States Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the Government of India of 22 AH-64D Block III Apache helicopters, along with various engines, equipment weapons, training, parts and logistical support, in a deal worth $1.4 billion. The original tender issued in 2008 featured six companies: Sikorsky, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters), Mil and AgustaWestland.

Apple's attempt to block Samsung phone sales rejected
August 28, 2014
A federal judge has rejected Apple's attempt to block the sale of several older Samsung smartphones that copied features in the iPhone, The New Zealand Herald reported. Wednesday's rebuff comes nearly four months after a jury awarded Apple Inc. $119 million in damages for Samsung's infringements on technology used in the trend-setting iPhone. The amount was well below the $2.2 billion in damages that Apple had been seeking in the latest round of legal wrangling between the world's two leading smartphone makers since the tussle began four years ago.

World Health Organization calls for strong regulation of electronic cigarettes
August 28, 2014
The World Health Organization (WHO) [official website] on Tuesday called for strict regulation [text, PDF] of electronic cigarettes, including a ban on the usage of the devices in public places and advertising targeting minors. The report, which will be debated by member states in October in Moscow, states [NYT report] that a great deal of uncertainty still surrounds e-cigarette use and that indoor use in public spaces should be banned until they are proven harmless to bystanders. The UN health agency also expressed concern about the growing power of the tobacco industry in this fast-developing market. While many health experts celebrated the United Nations health agency's recommendations, saying that they would help guide the world's policy makers, others worried [Reuters report] that overly restrictive regulations could discourage smokers from switching to less dangerous alternatives.

US judge rejects Apple bid to block sales of Samsung phones
August 28, 2014
India, Aug. 28 -- A US federal judge has rejected Apple Inc's attempts for a permanent injunction against smartphones manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd that copied features of the iPhone.

-Eyelit Releases a New Recipe Management System (RMS) Module to Improve Quality and Lower Manufacturing Costs
August 28, 2014
ENP Newswire - 28 August 2014 Release date- 27082014 - TORONTO - Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, discrete electronics, life sciences, medical device, semiconductor, and photovoltaic (solar) industries, announced today the general availability of the new Eyelit Manufacturing RMS module.

Intel Announces New Packaging and Test Technologies for Foundry Customers
August 28, 2014
Intel Corporation today announced two new technologies for Intel Custom Foundry customers that need cost-effective advanced packaging and test technologies. Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), available to 14nm foundry customers, is a breakthrough that enables a lower cost and simpler 2.5D packaging approach for very high density interconnects between heterogeneous dies on a single package. Instead of an expensive silicon interposer with TSV (through silicon via), a small silicon bridge chip is embedded in the package, enabling very high density die-to-die connections only where needed. Standard flip-chip assembly is used for robust power delivery and to connect high-speed signals directly from chip to the package substrate. EMIB eliminates the need for TSVs and specialized interposer silicon that add complexity and cost.

Boxsizer introduces new packaging solution for online retailers
August 27, 2014
UK-based Boxsizer has introduced a new packaging solution called Random Box Sizer that allows online retailers to pack their products in a lighter and more efficient way. Specifically designed for e-commerce, Boxsizer's Random Box Sizer range is aimed at minimising wasted space and packaging materials, which is the primary roadblock for most of the online retailers.

SemiLEDs releases 80x80mil metal LED chips
August 25, 2014
HIGHLIGHT: SemiLEDs Corporation, a provider of vertical LED technology solutions, has released 80x80mil metal LED chips, including white, blue and UV variations.

Full Speed Ahead? For Mobile EHR Adoption, Not Yet
January 01, 1970
WHILE CONSUMER-BASED MOBILE HEALTH APPLICATIONS HAVE EXPLODED IN GROWTH, CLINICAL APPS FOR TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES ARE STILL MATURING BY GABRIEL PERNA Dr. Lee Peter Bee, D.O. is one of those people who just can't run at half-speed. Bee, an internal medicine doctor in Sesser, 111., runs a six-employee independent medical clinic, Southern Illinois Medical Specialists. He is also a fellow with the American College of Osteopathic Internists, a trained chiropractor, who specializes in intervention pain management, and has a Masters degree in nutrition. He teaches students and second-year residents and works at an emergency room on the weekends. "You can't be everywhere and anywhere at the same time," says Bee, who seems to try anyway.


SEMI-GAS broadens gas mixing capabilities for highly corrosive gases
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Entegris announces GateKeeper GPS platform
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Bruker introduces Inspire nanoscale chemical mapping system
07/15/2014Bruker today announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) infrared system for 10-nanometer spatial...