Softbank's Masayoshi Son's Entrepreneurial Journey - From Japanese Immigrant To Being The Richest Man In Japan
November 27, 2014
Not that we have a dearth of success stories, but now and then there are some stories worth knowing. One such story is of Son. The renowned richest man in Japan, he is the founder of Softbank and an aggressive investor. Having funded the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, buying the American mobile carrier Sprint and now having funded Snapdeal (http://trak.in/tags/business/2014/10/17/snapdeal-650m-funding-softbank-valuation-2b/), he seems to be eyeing the Indian e- industry closely. After having invested in Snapdeal, Mr Son exclaimed, "I strongly believe that Snapdeal has the potential to be like the Alibaba of India." With 3 huge investments (Snapdeal, Ola & Scoopwhoop) in a matter of a single month in India, Softbank has created a flutter amongst the tech and ecommerce space in India. And this investment spree is not going to end anytime soon, as they have pledged to invest a whopping $10 Billion in India. (http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/softbank-of-japan-to-invest-10-b-in-india/article6538573.ece) Here is a look at the man who made Softbank what it is today - Mr. Masayoshi Son

Apogee offers incredible Black Friday deals on holiday gifts for any musician or audiophile to record or listen to music on iPad, iPhone or Mac
November 27, 2014
 Apogee Electronics, industry leader in digital audio recording technology since 1985, has launched the biggest holiday sale in the company's history, offering up to 60% off perfect gifts for any musician or audiophile. Between Wednesday, November 26 and Tuesday, December 2, customers in the US can visit Apogee's online store to take advantage of the lowest prices ever on the best audio interfaces for recording or listening to music on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

-Airbus Defense and Space delivers more naval radars to US Navy Littoral Combat Ship program under contract to Lockheed Martin
November 27, 2014
ENP Newswire - 26 November 2014 Release date- 25112014 - Airbus Defense and Space, Inc., has installed and put into operation the third TRS-3D naval radar for the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program through its agreement with LCS prime contractor, Lockheed Martin.

Meijer Changes Cyber Monday to Digital Monday; Special "mPerks Monday" Promotion Will Save Customers 20 Percent off Electronics, General Merchandise and Apparel
November 26, 2014
Midwestern retailer Meijer is shifting the focus this Cyber Monday to digital, announcing an unprecedented 20 percent off coupon through its mPerks program and allowing its customers to go digital for the greatest savings. "More than 30 percent of our current sales are digitally-enabled, so many of our customers have sent a message that they are shifting from cyberspace to the digital space," said Peter Whitsett, executive vice president of merchandising for the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based company. "Our mPerks program has more than 3 million subscribers, and those customers have a great opportunity to save a lot of money inside our stores on what has traditionally been an online shopping day." The mPerks Monday promotion includes a 20 percent off coupon through mPerks that can be used on one electronics, apparel or general merchandise item. Meijer credit card customers, who have a 15 percent off reward coupon, can use it in addition to the mPerks Monday promotion for even more savings. This is the largest percentage off coupon ever offered through mPerks and the first time an mPerks promotion has been offered on a Monday. The coupon will be available for mPerks subscribers to clip Nov. 30 through Dec. 1 and will only be available for use on Dec. 1.

November 26, 2014
RETAIL Quebec-based Simons will launch stores in five cities TORONTO - After 175 years, Quebec-based Simons is primed to make a major expansion push beyond the province with stores in five new cities across Canada. The family-owned clothing retailer will launch in Vancouver, Calgary, Mississauga, Ottawa and Gatineau, Que., beginning next year and into 2017. With the exception of West Edmonton Mall, the eight other existing Simons stores are based solely in Quebec. The new stores will range from 80,000 to 113,000 square feet and will be built within both new and existing structures. RETAIL

Eisai opens packaging facility for new cancer treatment in UK
November 26, 2014
The facility has been designed to handle highly potent difficult-to-handle compounds. The two-storey building measures 2900 m2 and will help in expanding the company's current site by around 40%.

Colorado: Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
November 25, 2014
Department of History, The State of Colorado has issued the following news release: Computer Systems Engineers/Architects Computer Systems Analysts 14 years 4 months 28 years Job Objective & Comments

Washington: Researchers test insect-inspired robots
November 24, 2014
The United States Army, The Government of USA has issued the following news release: Army researchers are finding they have much to learn from bees hovering near a picnic spread at a park. Dr. Joseph Conroy, an electronics engineer at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, known as ARL, part of the Research, Development and Engineering Command, works with robotic systems that can navigate by leveraging visual sensing inspired by insect neurophysiology. A recently developed prototype that is capable of wide-field vision and high-update rate, hallmarks of insect vision, is something researchers hope to test at the manned and unmanned teaming, or MUM-T, exercise at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, Georgia. This project will give us a chance to implement methods of perception such as 3-D mapping and motion estimation on a robotics platform, Conroy said.

Washington: Researchers seek to enable autonomy
November 24, 2014
The United States Army, The Government of USA has issued the following news release: The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command is synergizing research centers and labs to create a robotics community that will enhance the Army's ability to employ autonomy-enabled vehicle technologies to support the Soldier in every aspect of their operational life. The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center's Ground Vehicle Robotics division is spearheading that initiative for the RDECOM community to create a Robotics Community of Practice, known as the CoP. The new Robotics CoP will speak with one voice coming from RDECOM to provide a concise message to the Army and Department of Defense customers we support. It's all about removing redundancy across programs and collaborating a lot more closely as an enterprise.

SUSS MicroTec wins order for ACS300 coater/developer tool from SPIL
November 21, 2014
HIGHLIGHT: SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry, has received an order for its ACS300 coater/developer tool from Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd., or SPIL, a provider of semiconductor packaging and testing services.


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