December 17, 2014
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 17 -- The trademark TELLING LIFE'S STORIES FROM MEMORY TRUSTING THEM TO SANDISK (Reg. No. 4653814) was issued on Dec. 9 by the USPTO.

Retired PC tells of 'mayhem' on pitch at Hillsborough; Court hears PC Maxwell Groome carried victim Colin Wafer on hoarding
December 17, 2014
A retired police officer described the pitch at Hillsborough as "absolute mayhem". Maxwell Groome told the inquests into the 96 deaths he was returning to his position on the pitch perimeter track in front of the Spion Kop at about 3.10pm when he saw Liverpool fans coming over the fences of the Leppings Lane pens. He said he assumed it was a pitch invasion.

Scientists measure speedy electrons in silicon
December 17, 2014
berkeley University of California has issued the following news release: The entire semiconductor industry, not to mention Silicon Valley, is built on the propensity of electrons in silicon to get kicked out of their atomic shells and become free. These mobile electrons are routed and switched though transistors, carrying the digital information that characterizes our age. mobilized electrons in siliconIn semiconductors like silicon, electrons attached to atoms in the crystal lattice can be mobilized into the conduction band by light or voltage. Berkeley scientists have taken snapshots of this very brief band-gap jump and timed it at 450 attoseconds. Stephen Leone image. An international team of physicists and chemists based at UC Berkeley has, for the first time, taken snapshots of this ephemeral event using attosecond pulses of soft X-ray light lasting only a few billionths of a billionth of a second.

BASF to build electronics-grade sulphuric acid plant in China
December 16, 2014
BASF has announced plans to build an electronics-grade sulphuric acid (H2SO4EG) facility at Zhapu in Zhejiang Province, China, in partnership with Jiahua Energy Chemical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huafang Textile.

Regional Applications Engineer
December 16, 2014
Altera has issued the following Job vacancy: Regional Applications Engineer Location: Japan-Tokyo Requisition ID: 4429 # of openings: 1 Description As a Regional Applications Engineer, you will be responsible for supporting design, embedded system, IP and software issues. You will be involved in all phases of the customer design process from concept through silicon implementation, and be able to contribute to the resolution of problems in the areas of hardware, Altera design tools and third party EDA tools. You will understand software/hardware trade-offs. You will also work with local team members and factory specialist colleagues to bring issues to closure as efficiently as possible. Your day to day interaction will be with direct customers, Altera FAE and distribution FAE teams.

Applications Engineer, Senior
December 16, 2014
Altera has issued the following Job vacancy: Applications Engineer, Senior Location: Japan-Tokyo Requisition ID: 4343 # of openings: 1 Description At Altera, we take pride in creating an energetic and dynamic work environment that is driven by ingenuity and innovation. We believe the growth and success of our company is directly linked to the growth and satisfaction of our employees. That is why Altera is committed to a work environment that is flexible and collaborative, and allows our employees to reach their full potential.

Integration Engineer
December 16, 2014
Altera has issued the following Job vacancy: Integration Engineer Location: US-CA-San Jose Requisition ID: 4024 # of openings: 1 Description

December 15, 2014
The following information was released by the University of California - San Diego: By Ioana Patringenaru A team of researchers from the University of California, San Diego have demonstrated a way to emit and control quantum light generated using a chip made from silicon-one of the most widely used materials for modern electronics. The UC San Diego researchers recently described their new device's performance online in the journal Nature Communications, available via Open Access.

Innovation culture is inherently Midwestern
December 14, 2014
Business professor Anne Marie Knott looked at her state-by-state data on innovation and couldn't easily explain why Minnesota ranked just behind California, home to the innovation hotbed of Silicon Valley. The thing is, she wrote in a post for the Harvard Business Review, California and Minnesota are just not much alike. Californians enjoy a sunny Mediterranean climate on the coast, while here in the heartland the climate is more like Sweden's, only colder. She may have been too quick to dismiss cultural similarities, though. The innovation culture of the Twin Cities maybe isn't as different from Silicon Valley as people might first think. That's because if you look back far enough into Silicon Valley's past, you see some very Midwestern roots.

January 01, 1970
FULL TEXT Sitting on fresh earth, Darren O'Meara and his father, Pat, braced themselves and cranked hard on a large wrench. At work in the backyard of a Milton home, they were securing a large metal mast that would soon hold an array of solar panels vast enough to power the residence. Nearby, a Volvo excavator hoisted the hydraulic unit that would help the solar tracker follow the sun over the course of a day - maximizing the amount of electricity the array can generate.


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