MediaTek Allocates US$300m to Invest in New Business Opportunities
March 01, 2015
- MediaTek Ventures launches to enable a new generation of world-class companies MediaTek, today announced the launch of MediaTek Ventures - a new strategic investment arm within the company. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MediaTek Ventures will initially invest in startups in Greater China, Europe, Japan and North America, with a US$300m reserve.

Post Reference Number 2940BR
February 28, 2015
Cardiff University of United Kingdom has issued the following job vacancy: Post Reference Number 2940BR Job Title Senior Operations Manager Job Category Business / Strategic Management Career Pathway Managerial, Professional and Specialist Staff – MPSS School / Directorate PHYSX - School of Physics & Astronomy Advert Senior Operations Manager

Canon develops next-generation semiconductor lithography system
February 26, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Canon Inc. has developed a next-generation semiconductor lithography system employing nanoimprint technology.

Rating Action: Moody's rates Lattice's new Senior Secured debt and CFR at Ba3; outlook stable
February 26, 2015
Moody's Investors Service has issued the following press release: Moody's Investors Service, ("Moody's"), assigned ratings to Lattice Semiconductor Corp. ("Lattice") -- Corporate Family Rating ("CFR") of Ba3, Probability of Default Rating of Ba3-PD, and Senior Secured Term Loan rating of Ba3 (LGD3). The rating outlook is stable. Lattice will use the proceeds of the $350 million Senior Secured Term Loan and balance sheet cash of both Lattice and Silicon Image, Inc ("Silicon Image") to fund the acquisition of Silicon Image for about $603 million plus about $28 million of transaction fees.

February 26, 2015
ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP, Delaware, has filed FORM 8-K (Current report) with Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 2015 State or other Jurisdiction of Incorporation: Delaware

TriQuint Continues DoD's Trusted Source Status Through 2016
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (now Qorvo) announced it has earned continued Trusted Source Category 1A accreditation through 2016 from the Department of Defense (DoD). According to the certification, the accreditation of trust expresses the confidence of the DoD Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) and the National Security Agency's Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) that TriQuint will continue to deliver trusted foundry microelectronic goods and services (category' 1 A), which meet the mission critical needs of end users, now and into the future.

125 W GaN HEMT Covers 1 to 2700 MHz
February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT Freescale Semiconductor Tempe, Ariz. The significant advantages of gallium nitride (GaN) have mostly been discussed in relation to delivering high peak power in narrowband pulsed applications, primarily active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. However, as GaN devices are inherently broadband, they are also appealing for use in electronic warfare (EW) or applications with multiple narrow frequency bands, such as military radios. To serve these, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the MMRF5014H, a GaN on SiC HEMT power transistor that delivers at least 125 W, CW or pulsed, up to 2700 MHz and 100 W CW from 200 to 2500 MHz. FEATURES AND BENEFITS

February 01, 2015
FULL TEXT L-3 Southern California Microwave announced that it has been selected by Lockheed Martin's Mission Systems and Training business to provide its MICRO Secure Digital Data Link as the secure command & control and ISR communications backbone for the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD) digital Desert Hawk III DDL small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS) platform. The MICRO SDDL transceivers enable optimal utilization of frequency spectrum through a single RF channel supporting an IPbased, bidirectional TDMA secure communications link.

Solving an Organic Semiconductor Mystery
January 17, 2015
The U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory issued the following news release: Organic semiconductors are prized for light emitting diodes (LEDs), field effect transistors (FETs) and photovoltaic cells. As they can be printed from solution, they provide a highly scalable, cost-effective alternative to silicon-based devices. Uneven performances, however, have been a persistent problem. Scientists have known that the performance issues originate in the domain interfaces within organic semiconductor thin films, but have not known the cause. This mystery now appears to have been solved. Naomi Ginsberg, a faculty chemist with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California (UC) Berkeley, led a team that used a unique form of microscopy to study the domain interfaces within an especially high-performing solution-processed organic semiconductor called TIPS-pentacene. She and her team discovered a cluttered jumble of randomly oriented nanocrystallites that become kinetically trapped in the interfaces during solution casting. Like debris on a highway, these nanocrystallites impede the flow of charge-carriers.

Mind the Gap
December 01, 2014
FULL TEXT Wide bandgap semiconductors will spur new demand for power electronics. "Mind the g ap" is an expression that's frequently heard on the London Underground. It also applies to manufacturers that build products equipped with battery chargers, converters, inverters, regulators, transformers, transistors and other types of power electronics. In England, "mind the gap" is a polite w ay to warn people to be careful when entering and exiting trains. In the manufacturing world, it means engineers should pay attention to wide bandgap (WBG) semi - conductors.


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