China's top 10 packaging and assembling facilities


Packaging and assembly are key segments of the growing semiconductor supply chain in China. SEMI China reports that, based on their tracking of 139 companies, and considering numerous small companies not tracked in detail, there are over 200 companies competing in the packaging and assembly market in China. Although many are small companies manufacturing low-pin count devices, all of the world's "Top 10" OSAT, Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test, players have one or more assembly and testing facilities in China. Eight of the world top 10 IDM companies have assembly and test manufacturing facilities in China, and most entered into China earlier than the OSAT players, in the mid-1990s.

Top Ten OSAT Facilities in China

  1. ASE

  2. Amkor

  3. SPIL

  4. STATS ChipPAC

  5. Powertech

  6. UTAC

  7. ChipMOS

  8. JCET

  9. KYEC

  10. Unisem

In addition to the international companies, domestic subcontractor companies are increasingly joining the global outsourcing market. The assembly of small-size optoelectronic chips like CMOS image sensors is the most mature 3D through-silicon via platform at the moment and China players occupy an important place through transferring authorized technology from oversea partners. Also, domestic semiconductor equipment suppliers that previously focused on front-end tool development are applying their products in wafer level package and TSV assembly.

With the growth of semiconductor packaging industry in China, domestic packaging material suppliers are emerging with the industry and are now starting to serve the worldwide leading packaging houses. Given the emphasis on low-cost manufacturing, packaging houses will continue to evaluate China-based suppliers to realize lower material cost. On the other hand, to enhance their competitive power, stabilize sales and marketing channels, and reduce operational risk, China-headquartered material suppliers are forming partnerships with leading packaging houses.

Solid State Technology | Volume 56 | Issue 2 | February | 2013