A salute to the next generation


Pete Singer

I've been working with the Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) in some way for about as long as I remember, and they're doing very good work. By sponsoring university-based research, they are getting young people focused on the right kinds of research, while also providing the guidance they need to become industry leaders. Indeed, many of today's leaders had much of their education sponsored by the SRC.

For the last couple of years, we've been working with the SRC to post some impromptu but interesting video clips captured at the group's annual TECHCON meeting. TECHCON provides a forum to exchange news about the progress of new materials and processes created by SRC's network of more than 100 of the top engineering universities.

The idea behind the videos was to capture some unrehearsed thoughts about the SRC and various research projects underway. Most of them are fairly short, just a few minutes long, but that's plenty of time to catch the excitement of the event, and grasp the range of projects and kinds of people involved with SRC. It's particularly encouraging to hear from the students and listen to the commitment they have to their research. We salute you!

Take a few minutes, and check them out on our website ( Here's who you'll hear from: Ramakanth Alapati, Global Foundries; Timothy Lu, MIT; David Pan, Univ of Texas at Austin; Roey Shaviv, Applied Materials; Lauren Bacigalupo, Lehigh; Xuan Liu, Carnegie Mellon; Stephen Kosonocky, AMD; Paul Bogdan, Carnegie Mellon; Steven Kurtz, Notre Dame; William Song, IBM Fellow, Georgia Tech; Celia Merzbacher, SRC Innovative Partnerships; and MaryLisabeth Rich, SRC Education Alliance.

You'll also hear from the two SRC award winners from this year. Dr. Andrew Neureuther, professor emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley, the recipient of this year's SRC Aristotle Award; and Dr. Jesus del Alamo, professor of Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the recipient of the SRC Technical Excellence Award.

Solid State Technology | Volume 55 | Issue 8 | October | 2012