SIA: July semiconductor sales inch up, unevenly


Global semiconductor sales totaled $24.34B in July, a scant 0.2% increase from the prior month and down -1.9% from a year ago, as macroeconomic challenges weigh down demand particularly in Europe and the Americas, according to the latest monthly data from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

"July's sales figures offer some encouraging signs for the global semiconductor industry, but it's clear that macroeconomic challenges are restricting stronger growth," stated Brian Toohey, SIA president & CEO.

On a positive note, the year/year decrease was actually smaller than it has been since Oct. 2011, the SIA noted. June semiconductor sales were flat from May thanks to declines in the Americas and Europe, and down -2% from the same month a year ago.

Worldwide semiconductor sales growth by region. (Source: SIA/WSTS)

Worldwide semiconductor sales growth by region. (Source: SIA/WSTS)

The regional outlook remains uneven, with Japan rebounding from last year's disaster and the Asia-Pacific region holding steady, but Europe and the Americas are lagging behind. Japan (4.2%) and the Asia-Pacific (1.4%) showed year-on-year growth, but both Europe and the Americas saw around -10% declines. Likewise on a sequential monthly basis, Japan (5.4%, its strongest M/M increase in three years) and Asia-Pacific (0.3%) were positive, but Europe was flat and the Americas declined from June (-3.9%). All numbers represent a three-month moving average.???J.M.

Solid State Technology | Volume 55 | Issue 8 | October | 2012