New Products


Polishing pad platform

The IKONIC polishing pad platform for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) delivers multiple benefits in copper, tungsten, ILD, STI and other polishing applications. Its formulations combine a unique set of chemistries with a range of hardness and porosity, creating pads that are easy to condition. IKONIC pads are designed to improve defectivity performance for higher wafer yields, with the potential for extended pad lifetime leading to greater tool uptime. Dow Electronic Materials, Philadelphia, PA,

Automated resist processing

EVG updated its modular EVG 150 automated resist processing system to address specific needs for backend lithography, conformal coating, and planarization. The newest version of the EVG150 high-volume coater/developer performs spin coating, developing, spray coating and lift off on 50-200mm wafers, enabling up to four wet process modules combined with two stacks of hot plates, chill plates, and vapor prime modules. Two key additions include EVG's OmniSpray technology (with proprietary ultrasonic nozzle), and the NanoSpray coating technique to coat surfaces with vertical sidewall angles. EVG, St. Florian, Austria,

Solid State Technology | Volume 55 | Issue 8 | October | 2012