SEMICON West hosts 2012 ITRS updates


2012 is an even-number year, meaning that only updates, rather than major revisions, are made to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). At SEMICON West, ITRS reps presented 2012 changes and guidance on expected revisions in 2013.

For front-end semiconductor manufacturing, expect increased device density through new transistor architectors (strain, high-k metal gate and now the new multi-gate FET). The targets for dimensional scaling and the power/performance management of leading devices, are set primarily by gate length in conjunction with equivalent scaling.

New work is also being done to address max on-chip frequency. The transition to 450mm wafers is also an active research area in the US and Europe. ITRS has moved the forecast production start date to 2015-2016.

In the back-end assembly arena and ???More than Moore??? technologies, MEMS sensor integration is a hot topic, with sensors going from stand-alone devices to integrated 6-, 9-, and 10-degrees of freedom (DOF) devices. 3D and 2.5D interposer packaging are both front-of-mind for ITRS working groups as well. ITRS is adopting an application-driven roadmapping model for some of the new device technologies in semiconductors.

In single-chip packaging areas, the focus is primarily on lowering costs. For 3D packaging, ITRS is looking at roadblocks such as thinned wafer/die handling and high-volume TSV fabrication.

On the photonics integration question, ITRS still has a lot of ???bricks??? ??? items on the roadmap flagged red to indicate that the industry does not know how to tackle a challenge ??? and even more yellows ??? areas where the industry is not sure if a technology will work.???M.C

Solid State Technology, Volume 55, Issue 7, September 2012