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SEMICON West is taking place July 10-12 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

High-current ion implant

The Applied Varian VIISta Trident single-wafer, high-current ion implant system embeds dopant atoms on 20nm wafers at high yields. The VIISta Trident precisely tailors dopant concentration and depth profile to optimizing dopant activation and suppress defects in the extension, source/drain junction and contact regions at 20nm. The tool has a proprietary dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture for enhanced performance at low energy. The system's Energy Purity Module virtually eliminates high-energy species that can "smear" the transistor channel. Integrated cryogenic technology enables production implants as low as -100??C. Applied Materials Inc., South Hall, Booths 407, 552, 847, 1135, 2051, 2219.

Ion beam system

MicroSystems' new IonSys 800 precision ion beam tool provides structuring and finishing processes down to a sub-nanometer scale. It features proprietary ion beam sources and is fully compatible with reactive ion beam processing based on fluorine and chlorine gas chemistry. The IonSys 800 system suits industrial ion beam etching and deposition processes with high quality and productivity requirements. Its automatic handling robot features a cassette load-look and can be configured in cluster layouts. MicroSystems, South Hall, Booth 1924.

Automated temporary bonding/debonding system

The EVG850 TB/DB XT Frame from EV Group is an automated temporary bonding and debonding system for thin wafer handling, configured to address high-volume 3D IC and TSV manufacturing. The system temporarily bonds a device wafer to a rigid carrier wafer for safe and efficient processing of the device wafer. After subsequent processing (back thinning, lithography, metallization, etching, through via processing, etc.), the device wafer is debonded from the carrier substrate using various techniques dependent of the intermediate material. The system can be configured for LowTemp debonding methods like ZoneBOND technology with the required EZR (Edge Zone Release) and EZD (Edge Zone Debond) modules. A thermal-activated, mechanical slide-off is utilized for thermo-plast materials, while UV-exposure and lift-off debond is utilized for UV-activated tapes. It accommodates up to 9 process modules and boasts a continuous-mode operation with an ultra-fast handling system, up to 4 FOUP load ports, a material buffer in the form of a local FOUP storage system holding up to 10 additional FOUPs, and in-line metrology module option. EV Group, South Hall, Booth 719.

MOCVD trap

Nor-Cal Products provides MOCVD device manufacturers increased up time with their new three-stage trap. Features include a removable water coil assembly and particle filter with 50% greater capacity. The trap reportedly offers lower initial cost, lower cost of ownership, high capacity for extended PM, and ease of cleaning for GaN MOCVD reactors; AsP MOCVD reactors; and Aixtron G3, G4 and G5 systems. Nor-Cal Products, South Hall, Booth 2441.

Aluminum transfer valves

HVA's new high-performance aluminum slit valve range offer a slim profile and low vibration/particle levels, with reportedly light weight and high strength. Each valve component meets the throughput requirements of coating systems with up to 3 million cycles before maintenance. The valves are available in a range of sizes up to 2000mm as well as standard MESC 200/300/450mm sizes. HVA, South Hall, Booth 2625.

450mm WaferSense auto vibration system

CyberOptics Semiconductor Inc. added a 450mm form factor to its WaferSense Auto Vibration System family. Users put the wireless, wafer-like product through semiconductor fabrication processes to measure vibrations of wafer transfers in x, y and z dimensions. It can be used to observe and optimize wafer, cassette, SMIF and FOUP motions without exposing process areas to the environment. The data helps establish yield-based vibration standards for equipment, identify vibration sources, and set acceptable acceleration parameters for equipment. Companion vibration monitoring software allows engineers to set low, high, and band pass filters of equipment vibration frequencies to troubleshoot for vibration-related contamination. The software also allows engineers to collect and display acceleration data wirelessly to see the effects of adjustments in real-time. CyberOptics Semiconductor, South Hall, Booth 2406.

Electrochemical deposition tool for packaging

TEL NEXX's new plating tool, Stratus Thunder, is used for electrochemical deposition of TSV, middle and interposer, lead-free, copper pillar, and RDL advanced packaging materials. Stratus Thunder features a low-cost vertical plating architecture and additional features improve its productivity by up to 50%. TEL, South Hall, Booth 1531.

Packaging materials for LEDs, power semiconductors

ALPHA Argomax Silver sinter pastes and films suit power semiconductor die attach applications. Argomax was engineered to perform in fast-sintering, high-volume manufacturing to form lead-free metallic silver bonds. Alpha's Die Transfer Film process is a combination of ALPHA Argomax 8020 film and Datacon equipment capabilities. Alpha's Lumet line of lead-free solder paste covers a broad range of LED applications. Atrox conductive adhesive suits die attach applications. The company also makes solder spheres and fluxes for CSP and WLP. Alpha will introduce ultra-high precision stencils developed for semiconductor manufacturing applications. Alpha, a business unit of Cookson Electronics, South Hall, Booth 2341.

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Solid State Technology, Volume 55, Issue 6, July 2012

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