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This page is usually reserved for a guest editorial by someone in the industry that wants to rant a little bit about the lack of standards in any given area, the need to get young students interested in engineering and the sciences, why fab safety is so important, or answering the call to innovate, to give a few examples.

This month, I'd like to put on my Associate Publisher hat and tell you about some of the changes Solid State Technology has recently made, and what we can do for you.

For starters, you may have noticed a change to our logo on the front of the magazine and on our website, with a bit more empahsis on the "Solid State" part of it. We did this in part to call attention to our roots, going back 54 years to 1958. The magazine actually started out as "Semiconductor Products" and then became "Semcionductor Products and Solid State Technology" in 1962, and then "Solid State Technology" in 1968. It was cool then, and it's still cool today!

Another reason for the change is that we have broadened our focus beyond mainstream semiconductor manufacturing to include more on advanced packaging, MEMS, LEDs, displays and other types of electronics such as biomedical devices, sensors and power electronics. Each of these has evolved to the point where new and unique process technologies and materials are required, and our goal is to keep you informed of the latest advances.

Most of you are reading this magazine in a digital format, perhaps on a mobile device. In October of last year, we launched a new design tailored for easy readability in the digital format.

We also made substantial improvements to our website,, to provide easier navigation, better search, faster load times, better SEO and greater ease-of-use with mobile devices. Five channels (each with topic centers) focus on Semiconductors, Packaging, MEMS, LEDs and Displays.

We have a strong line-up of Solid State Technology newsletters now including: WaferNEWS, LED Manufacturing News, Displays Digest, Advanced Packaging News, MEMS Direct and, every weekday, The Daily Pulse (sign up on the web).

Each month, we deliver this magazine to 40,000 people around the world. If you include SST China and SST Taiwan, each of which includes translated and original content, that number is well over 57,000 (57,301 to be exact).

What's important to note here is that the people reached by the magazine is a very different audience than that of our website (about 100,000 unique visitors/month) and newsletter subscribers (45,000). This gives us a total worldwide reach of 233,286 people.

In addition to the magazine and the website, we produce The ConFab, an exclusive invitation-only event coming up next month in Las Vegas (I'm the conference chair), webcasts, technology guides, videos, and an online Buyer's Guide. On our website, you'll also find white papers, podcasts, blogs and a bunch of other stuff (whew, if you're tired of reading this, think about me!).

Industry Forum columns conclude with a call to action, so here it is: Think about how you might contribute material. We're always looking for good feature content ??? you'll find our "roadmap" in our editorial calendar ??? as well as business and technology news, blogs, columns, book reviews, conference reports, case studies, how-to articles, new products.. you name it. We're happy to work with you to see what makes the most sense.

Any questions? Contact me for editorial matters, at, and, for advertising and sponsorships, contact Kerry Hoffman at

Solid State Technology, Volume 55, Issue 4, May 2012

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