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Precursors for DRAM, PRAM

The Extrema STO (strontium titanium oxide) precursors improve manufacturers' ability to better deposit ultrahigh-k dielectric films using atomic layer deposition (ALD) for use in 22nm-15nm DRAM devices. The Extrema GST version (alloy of germanium, antimony, tellurium) can be made to change phase under the influence of temperature, to allow thermal ALD of conformal films critical to the manufacture of PRAM devices at 22nm and below. Both precursors work together to enable compositional control of new films, e.g. laminates of two binary films. Air Products, Allentown, PA; 610/481-4911,

Bowl feed module for small package test handling

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The Multitest next-generation MT9928 bowl feed module is a gravity feed handler with a variety of loading and unloading options and throughput of up to 14,500 uph. The system can be combined with all types of unloaders. It uses only one bowl to feed one to four tracks, which can support up to eight contact sites. Features include vision inspection for pin 1 orientation, lot recognition, and an optimized ergonomic design with an operating height of less than 130cm. Multitest elektronische System GmbH, Rosenheim, Germany; +49/8031-406-216,

Fab automation for semi/solar/LED fibs

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The SmartFactory MES is an out-of-the-box factory automation system to track and streamline materials flow throughout a manufacturing facility, particularly designed for solar, LED, and chip packaging. Based on Applied's FAB300 MES technology, the system features prebuilt tech-specific scenarios to monitor machines and work-in-progress material movements; manage production sequencing; create an audit trail; and deliver instructions to shop floor workers. An optional advanced process control (APC) module uses Applied's E3 technology to interface directly with production equipment to enable real-time run-to-run process tuning and FDC. Statistical process control, equipment performance tracking, advanced dispatching, and RFID wireless management capabilities can be added. Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA; 408/727-5555,

Thin-film thickness measurements

The 20/20 Film microspectrophotometer rapidly and non-destructively measures the thickness of thin films by either transmission or reflectance, on both transparent and opaque substrates, ranging from semiconductors to MEMS to hard-disk drives to FPDs. Sampling areas can range from <1µm to >100µm across. It includes easily modified processing recipes and the ability to create new film recipes, as well as tools for analyzing data, plus automation options including touchscreen control. Direct imaging and analysis of films with ultraviolet, visible, and NIR microscopy can be added. CRAIC Technologies, San Dimas, CA; 310-573-8180,

Power glitch/energy recorder

The PQube records power quality events and energy consumption (and energy/carbon emissions) to help pinpoint the root causes of electrical malfunctions—voltage sags, interruptions, voltage swells, harmonics, frequency variations, and high-frequency impulses—in semiconductor tools, wet benches, and other sensitive electronic systems. Patent-pending technology automatically adjusts to every frequency (50-60-400Hz) and standard voltages. The system works with single-phase and three-phase systems, and at 1/10 the size of comparable traditional instruments it can be embedded directly into products. Power Standards Lab, Alameda, CA; 510/522-4400,

Real-time fab monitoring

FabStat v12, based on a SIMCA-P+ multivariate platform, delivers real-time fault detection/classification. Entire production line can be monitored, each tool and wafer by wafer; when a fault occurs, FabStat instantly identifies the out-of-control tool, and points to the leading culprit signals. The system handles hierarchical models and supports PLS and PLS-DA models. It integrates into existing data collection infrastructure, with interfaces to data collection and SPC systems, modifiable to integrate with most silicon wafer data systems up including 300mm tools. Umetrics, Umeå, Sweden; +46/90-184800,

3D optical profiler

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The CoutourGT-K0, targeting QA/QC production and R&D use, utilizes white light interferometry via dual HB-LED illumination) for precision non-contact 3D surface metrology, from nanometer-scale roughness through millimeter-scale steps, with sub-nanometer resolution. Streamlined architecture and functionality, and "significantly improved" measurement and computing hardware/software, help deliver up to 10X higher throughput on critical metrology analyses. Veeco Instruments Metrology & Instrumentation group, Santa Barbara, CA; 805/967-2700,

Multipurpose bond tester

The 4000Plus can perform a wide range of shear and pull applications, as well as a new push functionality up to 50kg. It is suitable for traditional bond tests as well as emerging ones (e.g. ribbon pull, new hot bump pull, and fatigue). Features include a unique anti-backlash system to aid setting/control of step back, a range of XY stages (160mm is standard), and an image capture system for advanced analysis. Integrated "Paragon" software provides functionality such as semi-automatic test routines, automatic GR&R calculation, and a database search engine wizard. Nordson DAGE, Aylesbury, UK; +44/(0)-1296-317800,

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