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Editorial Director

If you haven't checked out our new Web site, please point your browser to What you'll find is a new portal site focused on electronics and electronics manufacturing. We've designed it to be a gateway to the content of five different PennWell brands: Solid State Technology, Photovoltaics World, Advanced Packaging, Small Times and SMT. Each brand powers one of the five sections of the new site: semiconductors, photovoltaics, packaging, nanotech/MEMS, and surface mount technology, respectively. Bookmarked sites are automatically directed to the new site;, for example, goes directly to the semiconductor topic section within ElectroIQ.

You can easily navigate through these branded sections and associated topic centers to find a wide variety of content, including technical articles, industry news, product updates, videos, white papers, webcasts, blogs, podcasts, upcoming events, magazine archives, and more. The site also features search and advanced search functionality that allow you to find relevant content across all five brands.

One reason we're so excited about the site is that it runs on PennWell's Platform 7, a next generation content management system and Web platform, consisting of a modular set of functionalities, as well as best practice processes. Other recently deployed portal sites within PennWell include, and We are able to more quickly and efficiently post content with links to relevant content across the brands and to outside sites.

Another reason we're excited is that the site better reflects how manufacturing technology is evolving and becoming integrated in the various industries that we cover.

Increasingly, similar process technologies are being applied across the various industries addressed by our five different brands. Screen printing of conductive pastes, for example, is used in printed circuit board assembly as well as photovoltaics manufacturing. 3D integration is an advanced packaging concept, but largely uses semiconductor front end process type steps. MEMS are integrated and packaged with energy harvesting devices and thin film batteries. The list goes on, up and down—and across—the entire supply chain.

With topically aligned content, ElectroIQ delivers information readers need to make decisions about selecting new technologies, products and suppliers. It also allows you to easily see what technologies are being implemented in related industries and how you might leverage those for your own business.

Here's a quick synopsis of the various brands you'll find on ElectroIQ, including the subtopic centers for each.

Solid State Technology, focused on front-end semi manufacturing, is the most complete source of information for engineers, operators, managers, tool and materials suppliers and semiconductor researchers. Web Topic Centers include: Device Architecture, Facilities, Lithography, Materials, Inspection, Subsystems, Industry News and Wafer Processing.

Advanced Packaging, focused on back-end semi packaging, covers IC packaging processes, including 3D integration wafer dicing, die placement, die attach, wire bonding, encapsulation/molding, lead forming, solder bumping, package inspection, package test, laser marking, singulation, packing and shipping. Web Topic Centers include 3D Integration, Wafer Level Packaging, Test and Inspection, Materials and Equipment.

Photovoltaics World, the newest member of PennWell's Electronics Media Group, covers photovoltaics manufacturing and solar power generation, including solar cell design and manufacture. Web Topic Centers include: Silicon Photovoltaics, Thin Film Solar Cells, CPV, Equipment and Materials, Test and Reliability, and BOS Components.

Small Times is the leading source of business information and analysis about nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectro-mechanical systems), covering a broad range of applications, including medical and biotech, energy and environment, defense, electronics and microsystems. Web Topic Centers include: MEMS, Materials, Energy and Environment, Research and Development, Life Sciences and Medical and Tools and Equipment.

SMT is focused on engineering solutions for surface-mount assembly of printed circuit boards, and covers news, products, analysis, opinion, and technology, including applications needed by process, production, and manufacturing engineers and managers. Web Topic Centers include Assembly, Cleaning, Design, Printing, Soldering, Test and Inspection and Business.

It feels a bit as if we've moved from a one bedroom house with a lot of boxes of content in the attic to a sprawling new five bedroom house with a great new library where everything is easy to find. We're still rearranging the furniture and hanging up the curtains, but that's the fun part. Of course, we'd love to know what you think. Drop me an e-mail or give me a call:, 603-891-9217. 

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