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Dual-stage photoresist coater/developer

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The Duo photoresist coat/develop track platform features a unique dual-track design which distributes the load to reduce wafer transfer speed even at high output rates — 250-300 wafers/hour depending on configuration, the company claims — and ensure nonstop operation, increasing wafer output/unit area by up to 40% compared with previous systems. The system supports a variety of lithography processes, including immersion ArF double patterning; various system configurations can be tailored to match specific coat/develop applications. integrated wafer cleaning options help extend maintenance intervals for the wafer chuck. Sokudo, Kyoto, Japan; ph +81/749-26-6596,,

In-situ etch chamber monitoring

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The EtchTemp SensorWafer in-situ plasma etch wafer temperature measurement product enables characterization of high-power, high-frequency etch process data for 65nm nodes and below, without modifying process recipe or tool
obot settings. Enhanced shielding withstands up to 7kW total RF power and RF immunity. 65 temperature sensors (32 within 10mm of the wafer edge) enhance spatial resolution, with 60% increased radial coverage. All electronics are totally encased within silicon substrates, enabling a thin 1.2mm profile for tool clearance. KLA-Tencor (SensArray division), Santa Clara, CA; ph 408/986-5600,

Green stage for litho

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The “Green” grid stage technology for step-and-repeat photolithography systems used for 3.5-4.5G flat-panel display manufacturing reduces power consumption by >99%. Four grid motors use just 27W of total power and require no separate cooling. An integrated stage body is >70% lighter than previous-generation stages; move time (for 250mm step move) is 20% faster, with improved settle performance and increased stability. A low surface area pin chuck minimizes harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD), and frictionless air bearing technology minimizes wear and periodic maintenance. Azores, Wilmington, MA; ph 978/253-6200,,

Three-axis nanopositioner

The Nano-LPS Series low-profile piezo nanopositioner features larger apertures to accommodate slides and other media, analog and digital control with added scan synchronization features, and compatibility with major image and automation software. Capabilities include up to 300µm in X, Y, and Z with picometer position noise and ultrahigh stability under closed loop control. Mad City Labs, Madison, WI; ph 608 298-0855,,

PV encapsulants

The PV5200 Series encapsulant sheets, based on polyvinyl butyral (PVB) polymer technology, offer physical and processing performance levels (mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical, moisture) for glass-glass adhesion, and mechanical/adhesive/melt-flow/chemical stability in contact with thin-film photovoltaic module designs and materials. “Excellent” flow characteristics enable encapsulation in nip-roll/autoclave and vacuum laminating equipment. Available thicknesses range from 15-45 mil (0.38-1.14mm). DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, Wilmington, DE; ph 888/387-8337,

Protect sensitive components

The ProTechna series protects critical and sensitive components from aggressive fluids and environmental conditions, preventing direct exposure to temperature, pressure, chemicals, erosion, corrosion, and abrasion and extending their operational service life and reliability. It can be processed from a wide range of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials to suit specific application needs. Green, Tweed, Kulpsville, PA; ph 215/256-9521 x1821,,

Versatile SEM

The Quanta 50 series scanning electron microscopes (SEM) is billed as a multipurpose SEM for imaging for a broad range of samples for materials research, chemicals, electronics, etc. Capabilities borrowed from the company’s Magellan Extreme SEM line include beam deceleration to increase surface imaging capabilities with lower landing energies, and SmartScan technologies to reduce noise. Source options include field emission electron (high-performance) and tungsten (cost-effective). FEI Corp., Hillsboro, OR; ph 503/726-7500,