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Flash and DRAM test on one tool

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The V6000 product line enables testing of both flash and DRAM memory on the same automated test equipment platform by changing to a new test program and probe card. Three versions target engineering, wafer sort, and final test (multichip packages). Each version includes a patent-pending “Active Matrix” technology that provides massive parallelism (>18,000 I/O pins, a driver and comparator for each pin, and 4000 programmable power supplies), up to 4x that of conventional memory ATE architectures, and enables 300 mm one-touchdown probing on most devices. System performance and pin count can be upgraded by adding test site modules or Active Matrix modules. The systems are water-cooled, which require a smaller footprint and use less energy than air-cooled systems. Verigy, Cupertino, CA; ph 408/864-5987,

Single-chamber dielectric etch

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The Centura Enabler E5 dielectric etch system performs all the steps in a complex integration scheme (e.g., mask open, via, trench, resist strip and residue removal, barrier open) in a single chamber. Independent inner and outer wafer temperature tunability, high-power dual-frequency bias, and a modified gas delivery scheme achieve enhanced etch depth capability, superior etch rate, and CD bias uniformity as well as >80% bottom-to-top CD ratio with no profile bending (<3nm bowing of the contact sidewall). A patented high-frequency source for plasma density generation enables operation in either a low dissociation, high selectivity mode for ultra-thin photoresists or a high dissociation mode for removing PR and post-etch residues and for chamber cleaning. Ion flux and neutral species distribution are independently tunable to provide ultra-precise on-wafer performance. Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA; ph 408/563-0647,

Aligners, measurement systems for 3D IC, MEMS

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The NT series of aligners and measurement systems offer dramatically increased alignment accuracy (1μm down to 0.1μm) for advanced MEMS, compound semiconductor, silicon-based power, 3D IC, and nanotechnology devices. Two mask aligners handle substrates from 5mm-150mm and 3" to 8", respectively, and feature active vibration isolation and linear motors. A “SmartView” version featuring a high-precision alignment stage with top- and bottom-side microscopes can handle alignments from wafer-to-wafer, backside, and infrared transport; W2W alignments have demonstrated <0.3μm face-to-face accuracy, eliminating post-processing steps such as generating backside alignment keys and double-sided polishing. Alignment accuracies for the SmartView vs. its predecessor increased by more than 60%, 300%, and 40% for SmartView, backside and transparent alignments, respectively. Another version targets single- and double-sided structured wafers and bond interfaces, offering 200-300 measurements/hour, 5x better than its predecessor; accuracy is increased 60% to <0.2μm. EV Group, St. Florian, Austria; ph 43/7712-5311-0,

Fast, compact resist
esidue removal

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The Enviro Xceed400 resist
emoval tool achieves 400 wafers/hour throughput with small installation footprint (2000 x 2800) compared to other 300mm wafer processing tools. It incorporates a novel, proprietary vacuum transfer platform and a downstream plasma source capable of >10μm/min resist removal rate. Wafer transfer sequence is controlled and optimized by new software, doubling wafer throughput vs. the predecessor Enviro Optima. A RF wafer bias is available for difficult strip applications. Ulvac Technologies, Methuen, MA; ph 978/686-7550,