New Products


Die-Attach Adhesive

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Hysol QMI 550EC is a next-generation silver-filled conductive die-attach adhesive that bonds ICs and components to advanced substrates, such as PBGAs, CSPs and array packages. Hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, the adhesive is designed to produce a void-free bond line with interfacial adhesion strength to various organic and metal surfaces. The material also provides cohesive energy and elongation at break. Fast curing, the adhesive is available with optional spacers for consistent bond line control. Meeting JEDEC Level 3 standards, the material reportedly cures in-line using skip-cure processing in 10 seconds, after the bond line reaches 150°C. Henkel Group, San Diego, Calif.,

Fume Extraction System

A portable, two-arm fume extraction system, BVX-200 combines fan performance with filtration and quiet, flexible operation. This system builds on its predecessor, but features a one-stage impeller design provides more than twice the total free-blowing airflow. Maximum free-blowing air is rated at 250 m3/h, with maximum suction force at 850 Pa, which provides capability in reserve to handle clogging that may occur during normal filter life. The filtration system features activated carbon and a large filter area, which makes the system efficient at filtering gases that standard HEPA filters alone cannot remove. Metcal and Impell, Divisions of OK International, Suwanee, Ga.,

Image Processing Software

GTI-1000, an imaging-processing program, allows X-ray inspection users to capture, enhance, transmit and store images. The software supports the quality assurance monitoring of BGA components and assembled boards. It also is designed to allow both live and freeze viewing in production or laboratory environments. Frame averaging is selectable from 2 to 32 frames, with manual or automatic contrast adjustment. Enhanced pseudocolor images identify specific components or flaws. Glenbrook Technologies Inc., Randolph, N.J.,

Microtest System

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Designed for testing microelectronics devices, MEMS, photonic and other small components, 5848 MicroTester provides precise load and displacement measurement capability and cyclic performance. With a load capacity of 2 kN, the system provides the submicron position measurement accuracy and position control capability required for static testing of microcomponents. The system's design includes a rigid frame that is capable of horizontal or vertical orientation. An encoder, mounted on the loading actuator, provides position measurement resolution of better than 20 nm. Applications of the tester include semiconductor die shear and pull tests, tensile testing of fine wires, flex testing of circuit boards and substrates, and peel tests of thin films and substrates. Instron, Canton, Mass.,

Ball Bonder

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Maxµmplus is an ultra-high-speed ball bonder designed for all types of ultra-fine-pitch applications, including 35-µm in-line pitch. The system delivers bond placement accuracy of 2.5 µm. An improved servo control system for the X-Y table reduces cycle times to 63 msecs. Other features include S-scan advanced imaging technology to increase process productivity, µT-sonics transducer to deliver dynamic response with low-impact forces and a precision-arc EFO system to enhance electronic ball control delivery. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa.,

Epitaxial Layers

A family of advanced AlGaN/GaN epitaxial layers on silicon substrates has been introduced for high-power, high-electron mobility transistors used in wireless infrastructure and other high-speed applications. These structures feature electrical transport properties and are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes. Picogiga International, Division of Soitec, Bernin, France.

Dicing Tape

DT204, a dicing tape for mounting and dicing silicon wafers, is designed to offer stable bonds and expansion properties. The tape consists of an expandable polyolefin base film coated with a UV-sensitive adhesive. The film is chloride-free and untinted to allow for inspection. The product does not require much force to stretch and returns to its original state after expansion. This reduces damage that might occur from tape dragging on an adjacent wafer when frames are inserted into a carrier or cassette for storage. NEPTCO, Pawtucket, R.I.,

Inspection Systems

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YTV-2080 is a high-speed AOI system featuring color megapixel thin camera technology, while The YTX-3000 is a high-resolution X-ray inspection system offering fully automated inspection. Additionally, both allow operators to create an inspection program in less than 45 minutes. Using a standard package library, the systems reportedly ensure program portability across manufacturing lines. The AOI system is available with up to 8 cameras — 4 top-down and 4 side-viewing. The X-ray inspection machine features an X-ray tube that provides a 5-µm spot size for image quality. YESTech, San Clementine, Calif.,

Frame Grabber

MVS-8501 frame grabber is for next-generation high-speed cameras that use progressive scan CCD sensor technology. In addition to supporting double-speed analog cameras, the grabber is said to be backward compatible with standard speed analog interlaced and progressive scan cameras. The system provides real-time image transfer over the PCI bus to system memory for analysis. Independent direct memory access reportedly eliminates delays by allowing captured images to be processed at the same time other images are being captured. Cognex Corp., Modular Vision Systems Division, Natick, Mass.,

Dispensing System

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DJ-9000 jet is engineered for precise, high-speed delivery of various fluids including underfill, surface mount adhesive, encapsulants, conformal coatings, UV adhesives and silver epoxy. Used for stacked die and densely packed boards, the dispenser jets in spaces as small as 200 micrometers, and creates fillet wet-out widths as small as 300 mm on the dispensed side of the die. Dot diameters as small as 0.33 mm, shot volumes as small as 3.6 nL and jet stream diameter sizes of 100 micrometers also can be achieved. The jet offers flow rates up to 50 mg/sec (for underfill materials); shot rate up to 200 dots/sec; no Z-axis motion; on-the-fly jetting with no stopping required between dots; and more. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

Laser Marking System

A desktop or onsite transportable unit, EasyMark is a small-footprint, self-contained diode-pumped laser marker designed for metal or polymer marking applications with smaller dimensions and low to moderate volumes. The system is derived from the company's PowerLine E series with beam performance, high-beam quality and pulse stability. Its end-pumped diode technology offers long diode life and near maintenance-free operation. The marker reportedly incorporates technology, allowing marking program files and laser control lines to be downloaded directly from the user's laptop or desktop computer. Rofin-Baasel Inc., Boxborough, Mass.,

Package Metrology System

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OMISTRAIN, a thermomechanical deformation strain measurement system based on image correlation technology, correlates its digital micrographs to small fractions of a pixel — revealing complex thermomechanical motion patterns and strains at critical material interfaces. The system can detect the underlying causes of defects in virgin packages, before temperature-humidity or other thermal stressing cycles. Optical Metrology Innovations Ltd., Co. Cork, Ireland,

UV Curing System

The UH202, a high-power, automatic UV curing system, features fully programmable operation and safeguards such as interference detection and autodetection of vacant slots in the frame magazine. The system's high-power UV lamp is designed to dramatically reduce UV exposure time, making it suitable for mid- to high-volume production environments. Ultron Systems Inc., Moorpark, Calif.,

Spray Coating System

EVG 150 automated spray coating system offers a coating performance said to enable new applications in MEMS, advanced packaging, compound semiconductors and thin-film markets. The system features OmniSpray coating technology, and is designed for conformal coating of substrates with challenging surface topographies. EV Group, Schärding, Austria, For free data, enter 163 at

Vertical Carousel System

A cleanroom-compatible vertical carousel system is designed to increase the performance and decrease the cost of ownership of automation systems used in semiconductor wafer manufacturing. The UTS carousel reportedly eliminates traditional stockers by providing higher reliability and better storage density. Its vertical platform increases mean time between failures over traditional stockers, improving semiconductor manufacturing effectiveness. Remstar International Inc., Westbrook, Maine, and Brooks Automation Inc., Chelmsford, Mass.,,

BGA Sockets

The Tsunami Series of ball grid array (BGA) sockets is available in 0.65-, 0.88-, 1.0- and 1.27-mm-pitch open-top clamshell sockets. The clamshell sockets include a Z-axis adjustment feature that allows packages of varying thickness to use the same grid pattern. The lidded offering also can accommodate both BGA.and LGA packages and allow for custom thermal dissipation solutions such as integrating passive or active thermal controls in the socket itself. WELLS-CTI, Phoenix, Ariz.,