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X-ray Inspection

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VJE X2500 provides high-contrast resolution at high viewing angles with integrated motion control and image measurement analysis. A setup program using the 1-2-GO interface allows users to characterize the entire process with one solution, while offering the freedom to inspect from every angle without losing return on investment (ROI). On-screen representation of boards for easy maneuvering allows for maximum productivity and increased quality based on instant and accurate information, minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing throughput. VJ Electronix Inc., Shirley, Mass.,

Backside Wafer Coating

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This high-throughput backside wafer coating process is hosted on a mass-imaging platform, and can exceed ±12.5-µm Total Thickness Variation (TTV). Compatible with underfill or adhesive-type coatings which are normally applied at a 50-m thickness to the backside of wafers prior to singulation, the backside wafer coating process includes an optional wafer handler, a flexible printing platform, and a reflow oven. It easily re-deploys for other processing requirements, and delivers high ROI. Also compatible with proprietary metal stencil and emulsion screen technologies, it enables materials with larger filler particles, such as encapsulation materials, to be applied with a smooth surface finish. Mesh stencils allow materials such as thermoplastic adhesives to be deposited accurately and at high speed. DEK International GmbH, Flemington, N.J.,

Fine-pitch Printer

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The SP200-AV semiautomatic stencil-printing machine controls and regulates all printing parameters, producing precise, reproducible printing results. The 2-point vision system provides exact alignment - two cameras look straight through the stencil and onto the PCB. A side drawer on the printer facilitates loading and unloading of PCBs. The SP200-AV accommodates frames as large as 584 × 584 mm for mounting, and its maximum printing area reaches 400 × 360 mm. ESSEMTEC AG, Aesch, Switzerland,

Die Bonder

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EASYLINE 8088 die bonder is ideal for pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and other components related to the automotive, biomedical, and IT markets. The equipment is based on the existing EASYLINE platform, featuring high-speed, air-bearing pick-and-place, a closed-loop linear motor pick tool for bond-line-thickness control, and fully automatic wafer handling. To match MEMS- and sensor-related demands, active, accurate theta control of the bond head is implemented. It can handle all types of substrates, including leadframes, premolded leadframes, and ceramics as large as 4.5 × 4.5”. Its dispense technology allows exact dispensing of epoxies and solder pastes. An “open interface” SMEMA allows fast adaptation to third-party systems or production-line integration. Front access to all major systems simplifies operation with a 1-m2 footprint. Alphasem AG, Berg/TG, Switzerland,

Selective Soldering

TPD6-25F, a lead-free selective soldering system, is a stand-alone system that features cost-efficient application, a selective spray fluxer with precision needlepoint, and six individual FLIP units - individually programmable on soldering time and soldering height. Top clearance of parts is 150 mm and maximum bottom clearance of parts is 25 mm. Also, the system features a 60-second throughput tact time per board/panel, as well as touch-panel operation with up to 20 PCA memories. The system’s preheater uses solder bath temperature, and the spray fluxer is a precision needle spray nozzle that is position-programmable. Tamura H.A. Systems Inc., Beaverton, Ore.,