Die Bonder

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The Model 6500 is a high-accuracy, high-speed die bonder that offers eutectic placement accuracy of <1.5 µm at 3 sigma, and 500-uph placement with a 7-sec. cycle time. Applications include P-side down laser-diode attachment, silicon bench (V-groove) placement, high-density RF power transistors, and ultra-fine-pitch hybrid assemblies. The bonder’s footprint is 1m2, machine measurement is 38 × 48 in. long, machine height is 70 in., and bond area is 12 × 6 in. X-Y encoder resolution is 0.1 µm. Six programmable pick tools on a bi-directional rotating tool turret can be changed on-the-fly, and the machine can be customized for automated waffle pack loaders, tape-and-reel feeders, or gel-pack loaders. Its stage has a 1.0 × 1.5-cm heated area, and is a low thermal mass hot bar. Ramp times and repeatability are >100ºC/sec, and ±-2ºC control throughout the cycle. Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, Calif.,

DDR2 Module

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A 4-GB dual in-line memory module (DIMM) for high-end server, workstation, and supercomputer applications is built on a standard board height of 30 mm. This DDR2 ECC-registered module uses industry-standard, 1-GB DDR2 components and Legacy’s Canopy technology to produce maximum memory in a low-profile module. Each DIMM consists of 36 CMOS DDR2 SDRAMs in FBGA packages on a 240-pin, glass epoxy substrate. The Canopy leadless FBGA component carrier is part of this company’s patented, 3-D assembly technology - an alternative to conventional chip stacking - to provide thermal characteristics due to air gaps between devices. Legacy Electronics, San Clemente, Calif.,

Probing Adapters

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CA-MLF32A-A-01 and CA-MLF48A-A-01 probing adapters allow probing of 32- and 48-pin MLFs (QFN) with logic analyzers, and are compatible with other 32- and 48-pin MLF (QFN) chips with 0.5-mm pitch. A compatible MLF SMT socket adapter foot is available separately. The IC is installed into the ZIF socket on the probing board. The probe board is connected to the PCB-attached SMT foot, with a male-to-male pin adapter. Both the probe board and the SMT socket adapter have gold-plated machined pins, and the male-to-male adapter is also gold-plated for high reliability. Ironwood Electronics, Eagan, Minn.,

QLF Package

An open-tooled, high-performance 28-lead quad-lead flat package (QLFP) for millimeter-wave frequencies features a CuMo heat sink, kovar seal ring, gull-wing leads, and both differential and single-ended RF ports. Electrical performance characteristics are up to 40 GHz, and the cavity will fit most 3- or 4-mm devices. The heat sink supports most power device applications, and achieves hermeticity with either a combo lid or seam sealing to the kovar seal ring. Applications include power amplifiers, trans-impedance amplifiers, differential amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, modulator drivers, or millimeter-wave mixers. Kyocera America Inc., San Diego, Calif.,

FBAR Duplexers/Filters

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ACMD-7401 and ACPF-7002 film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) duplexers and full-band transmit filters are designed for handsets, data cards, and other wireless products. Built with Microcap bonded wafer chip-scale packaging technology, it allows ultra-small filters to be assembled in a molded-chip-on-board module less than 1.4-mm high with a 5 × 5-mm footprint. At 1.0-mm high, with a 1.6 × 2.0-mm footprint, the ACPF-7002 eliminates the need for a second filter, a RF switch, and associated passive components. Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, Calif.,

MOSFET Package

The PolarPAK MOSFET package allows designers to increase efficiency and power density, and is optimized for power conversion in computer, datacom, and telecom applications. By delivering thermal performance and reducing package-related losses, the 5 x 6-mm PolarPAK package allows creation of small, compact circuit designs with a low component count. With a 0.8-mm height, the PolarPAK package enables thin end products. STMicroelectronics, and Siliconix Inc., a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., Geneva, Switzerland, and Santa Clara, Calif.,, and

Humidity Sensor

HIH-4000 series humidity sensors deliver instrumentation-quality relative humidity sensing performance in a solderable, single in-line package. The thermoset sensing polymer provides optimal resistance and also allows the sensor to be cleaned. Their chemical resistivity and survival under saturation make them ideal for harsh environments. Each features a recessed die, which is a next-generation CMOS chip with a nitride passivation layer and integral light “shield” to reduce light sensitivity. Laser-trimmed interchangeability virtually eliminates the need for calibration. Low-current draw makes them ideal for low-drain, battery-operated systems, and fast response time enables use in instrumentation-grade equipment. Honeywell International, Morris Township, N.J.,

Macrodefect Management

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YieldView 2.9 provides fab-wide integration and analysis of defect data generated by the WaferView standalone and integrated i-MOD ADI inspection tools for improved process yields. YieldView 2.9 supports all advanced capabilities of the WaferView Team for tracking macro- and micro-scale defects on the front, back, and edge of a wafer. It also acts as a central database for recipes, defect classes, and alarm rules. YieldView allows engineers to access inspection data, manage recipes, modify defect classifications, edit alarm rules, and control almost every aspect of WaferView Team operations from any PC with a Web browser and appropriate network clearance. The user interface is specifically designed to facilitate lot disposition with access to lot inspection results sorted by time. Rudolph Technologies Inc., Flanders, N.J.,

Flash Memory Devices

StrataFlash embedded memory, a family of high-performance NOR flash memory products, is targeted for embedded applications in consumer electronics and industrial and wired communications. Densities from 64 Mb to 1 Gb provide an upgrade path for developers, eliminate redesign efforts, and minimize cost. Embedded system designers can choose from three package options to best meet their form factor needs, all of which are available in lead and lead-free packages. Features include fast access times for optimum application performance - 85-ns initial access times and subsequent 20-ns bus speeds - along with multiple protection options for maximum security and low voltage for longer battery life. Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif.,

Microelectronic Relay

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PVY117 Series microelectronic relays (MERs) increase product reliability by replacing electromechanical and reed relays that have fragile moving parts and metallic contacts with more reliable, solid-state relays that have no moving parts. Their low, on-state contact resistance and low, off-state capacitance maximize performance in low-voltage and high-test-frequency semiconductor ATE and other instrumentation circuits. Other applications include low-voltage audio and RF switching. International Rectifier, Los Angeles, Calif.,

-Lee Mather