New Products


Bonder Upgrade

Performance upgrade packages, with Bond Data Miner (BDM) software, are available for CBT6000 and model 8000 automatic wire bonders. BDM monitors machine and process trends for increased yield and predictive maintenance, tracking and archiving traceability data, adapting parameters to address production variations, and reporting uptime remotely. The packages also feature improved vision systems for pattern recognition, and updated operating software. Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA,

Silver-filled Epoxy

ARALDITE 7047, a one-component, silver-filled epoxy adhesive, performs void-free circuitry and chip-to-board bonding and die attach. The epoxy reportedly demonstrates high electrical and thermal conductivity and good bond strength. Formulated without solvents or viscosity diluents, it features a one-hour cure time (165°C) and four-day work life at room temperature. Properties include an aluminum/aluminum lap-shear strength of 1300 psi, gold/gold die-shear strength of 1700 psi, glass transition temperature of 130°C, and CTE of 72. Huntsman Advanced Materials, The Woodlands, TX,

Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Designed for machine applications that require a small sensor in an industrial, harsh-environment package, the MT miniature photoelectric sensors are available in three sensing modes: polarized reflective, diffuse reflective, and a through-beam model. The polarized reflective sensors feature different models for solid and transparent materials. The sensors mount in tight locations on semiconductor machinery, packaging machinery, and assembly systems. Each sensor features sensitivity adjustment, a yellow LED for output indication, a green LED for stability indication, and an M8 four-pole connector to aid in installation. The sensors carry an IP66 rating, allowing for use with dust or liquids, and a sensing distance range from .2 cm to 6 m, depending on model. Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc., Carlisle, PA,

Vacuum Soldering Systems

The VLO series of vacuum soldering systems integrate heating and cooling platens intended for efficient ramp-up and cool-down of substrates. Individually controlled rigid platens allow for mixed load processing at up to 450°C, and temperature homogeneity across the platen. Applications include flip chip, MEMS, optoelectronics, multichip modules (MCMs), and other packages, including those specific to military usage. The furnaces suit productions that require flux, flux-free, or void-free solder processing. Process gas atmospheres available are nitrogen, full hydrogen, forming gas, and formic acid. Process profiles editing and recipe storage are available via a process control computer, which offers accuracy in repeated runs. The machine’s vacuum can reach 0-5 mbars of pressure. centrotherm, Blaubeuren, Germany,

Optoelectronic-assembly Bonder

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The OPTO-BONDER FEMTO, in the FINEPLACER product family, performs automated, sub-micron assembly for power laser bonding, flip chip, MEMS and MOEMS, sensors, chip-on-glass (COG), and die-attach assembly. The system combines ±0.5 μm accuracy with process flexibility for various assembly applications. It occupies a 1270- × 900-mm footprint and features a 25% larger table than previous generations, X/Y/Z/theta movements, and automatic controls for alignment and bonding processes. The machine handles die up to 4" in diameter and substrates up to 6" with automatic pattern recognition. It suits production and process- or product-development environments. FINETECH USA, Tempe, AZ,

Software Product Library

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Designed for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) electronic design automation (EDA) software tool, the Advanced Design library includes various products in different packages to enable RF-product designers to integrate complex designs. ADS features design links for RF architecture applications, enabling complex high-frequency systems and circuit designs. The library works in conjunction with the software to enable customers to perform diagnostics on designs prior to manufacturing. Simulation technologies range from frequency- and time-domain circuits to electromagnetic fields. The library, accessible online, includes data for Accu-P, Accu-L, LGA and SMT couplers, low-pass filters, and 3dB couplers. AVX Corporation, Myrtle Beach, SC,

Nano Bonding Material

NanoFoil, a multilayer foil, controls the instantaneous release of heat energy for joining and reaction-initiation applications. The foil suits thin-film coatings; aerospace, defense, and automotive end products; joining of sputtering targets; and other large- and small-scale joining processes. It delivers localized heat in a fraction of a second. RNT, Hunt Valley, MD,