Wafer Bonder for CMOS Image Sensors


Wafer Bonder for CMOS Image Sensors

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In response to market needs For 300mm process equipment capabilities to demonstrate 3D processes, SUSS MicroTec has introduced The XBC300. The XBC300 is designed for 3D integration and 3D packaging with through silicon vias (TSVs), and is ideal for the CMOS image sensor (CIS) early adopter market. The XBC300 is tailored to cover all 3D requirements by different process modules allowing for a combination of capabilities in a small package. The tool performs a range of wafer bonding processes in a small footprint. That, combined with high throughput capabilities reportedly optimizes cost-of-ownership (COO) for CIS applications. Process capabilities include 3D stacking with Cu-Cu that have smaller than 10um vias, fusion bonds including low-temperature processing for submicron overlay accuracy, force parallelism and uniformity ensures polymer confinement, and hybrid bonding of metal interconnects dielectrically isolated with either deposited oxide layers or adhesives. SUSS MicroTec, Waterbury VT,

Lead-free No-clean Die-attach Solder Paste

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Indium9.32 Die-attach Solder Paste is a halogen-free, no-clean, die-attach solder paste used in high-volume manufacturing for lead-free die-attach applications. Formulated to leave a benign, invisible residue, it is designed for reflow in forming gas. This product is said to have superior wetting capabilities, and offers trouble-free probe testing. Low voiding, as well as ultra-low residue makes it compatible with a variety of molding compounds. Indium9.32 reportedly meets or surpasses all ANSI/J-STD-004, -005 specifications and Bellcore electromigration test criteria. Formulated to be applied using automated high-speed, high-reliability, single pointor multi-point dispensing equipment, it will also function in hand-held applications. Indium Corp. Utica, NY,

Polymer Resistor System

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LORD Corp. has developed the 8600 series as an alternative to ceramic high temperature materials (Cermet) for potentiometer applications due to its wear resistance. The polymer material is reportedly softer and offers extended life with reduced wear on the components. A low cure temperature attribute provides an alternative to the higher firing Cermet-based resistor systems. Each end member in the 8600 series is blendable with adjacent members to obtain intermediate resistance values. Further, it can be screen-printed onto a range of substrates including PCB, ceramics, glass, phenolic, and flexible substrates that are capable of withstanding the thermal processing requirements of the paste. The cured film is reportedly resistant to many solvents and is easy to use with good rheological properties. It can be used as a resistive coating for a variety of applications including tactile mouse control, or as die-attach adhesive for LEDs. Lord Corp. Cary, NC,

Inverted Materials Microscope

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The Eclipse MA200, from Nikon Instruments, is an inverted materials microscope designed for digital imaging and ergonomic efficiency. The MA200 uses integrated intelligence to automatically combine captured images with data on its observation settings for more comprehensive documentation. Additionally, its box design allows easy access to the sample on the stage and nosepiece, with a footprint that is 1/3 the size of the conventional model. Primary controls are set in front, to see and access the objective lens and sample easily, eliminating stress caused by long hours of operation.

The MA200 reportedly delivers bright, high-resolution and high-contrast images. The novel 1?? objective lens enables macro observation with actual field view of 25mm, making it possible to view the whole area of an embedded metallurgical sample. In addition, the MA200 offers a range of contrast methods including episcopic bright field, episcopic dark field, DIC, simple polarizing and episcopic fluorescence. The intelligent manual nosepiece outputs the objective position and internal magnification data out to DS-L2 and NIS-Elements for automatic scale calibration. The scales size is automatically calibrated when the objective magnification changes. Large image stitching is also possible through the optional stitching function in the NIS-Elements software. Nikon Instruments Inc., Melville, NY,

Hub Dicing Blades

UniPlus, a series of hub dicing blades from Kulicke & Soffa, was developed to provide improved cut quality, longer blade life, and increased productivity for a variety of chip scale package (CSP) applications. Each blade in the series is designed for a specific package singulation application, including ceramic, ball grid array (BGA) substrates, and quad flat no-lead (QFN) leadframes. UniPlus blades also utilize a harder nickel bond, which is said to maximize blade life and permit higher feeding speeds than traditional bond materials. Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Fort Washington, PA,

Aspherical Lens Caps

Customizable caps with optical properties from SCHOTT Electronic Packaging feature a variety of proprietary low Tg glasses. Aspherical Lens Caps were designed for the international data and telecommunications industry. This product seals a low Tg glass molded asphere (typically a TO cap) into a machined body, using low-temperature solder glass technology. It is customizable to customer’s specific requirements, using minimal mold tooling adaptation or modifications. SCHOTT North America, Inc., Elmsford, NY,

Water-based Defluxing Cleaning Agent

ZESTRON America’s water-based defluxing agent is designed for spray-in-air processes with low-to-medium pressure cleaning applications with long exposure times. VIGON A 250, an MPC-technology-based cleaning agent, removes leaded and lead-free flux residues from electronic assemblies in batch cleaning systems as well as in centrifugal and ultrasonic cleaning applications. It features a high bath loading capacity for extended bath life. Due to the surfactant-free formulation, VIGON A 250 eliminates the formation of white residues on cleaned parts and cleaning equipment, and eradicates surfactant monitoring.This aqueous cleaning agent is biodegradable and free of halogenated compounds. Additionally, it meets the new RoHS and WEEE guidelines as well as current worker safety standards and actual applicable environmental requirements. Its formulation is free of any other banned hazardous substances. ZESTRON America, Manassas, VA,

Thermal Modeling Software

The updated ANSYS Icepro 5.1 provides a fast route from CAD model to thermal analysis with ANSYS Icepak. Features and enhancements in ANSYS Icepro 5.1 allow for greater geometric fidelity than the previous version, while at the same time providing options to eliminate features that may not be essential to the analysis.The graphic user interface (GUI) has been enhanced for clarity and management of CAD and ANSYS Icepak data. Enhancements in the remove face tool make it reportedly easy and fast to de-feature. The roll-back based feature suppression tool has been retained with some improvements. Automatic and manual decomposition tools are said to offer flexibility in modeling ANSYS Icepak versions of CAD parts. Enhancements in the cut CAD tool allow extraction of the ANSYS Icepak model and usage as an alternative de-featuring tool.The inventory node in the listview allows for storage of cleaned CAD parts obtained from feature suppression, remove face and cut CAD tool. These stored versions in the inventory can be further processed with any of the ANSYS Icepro tools. Processing enhancements include the altering of ANSYS Icepak CAD blocks and ANSYS Icepak CAD plates to improve the tessellation quality, and new features in Icepro 5.1 allow for better organization of the ANSYS Icepak model. ANSYS, Inc. Canonsburg, PA,

High-endurance BGA Socket

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Ironwood Electronics introduces the SS-BGA225G high-performance 10 GHz socket for 0.65mm-pitch BGAs. The contactor is a spring pin (pogo) with 16g actuation force/ball and cycle life of 500,000 insertions. The contactor’s self-inductance is 1.3nH, insertion loss of < 0.25dB at 4.5 GHz (<3dB at 10GHz), and capacitance 0.53pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 2.5amps. Socket temperature range is -40 to +150??C. The specific configuration of the package to be tested in the SS-BGA225G is an 11??11mm, 0.65mm pitch, 15??15 BGA, with a 225 ball array. To use, drop IC in part, close clam shell lid, and apply down force using compression screw. This socket can be used for hand test and burn-in applications with the most stringent requirements. Ironwood Electronics, Bursnville, MN,

Test and Burn-in and RF Sockets

Aries Electronics has updated its CSP/BGA test and burn-in and RF sockets, including 13mm2, 27mm2, 40mm2 and 55mm2 models, to accommodate devices with pitches down to 0.3mm. The sockets are suitable for use with a greater range of CSP, MicroBGA, DSP, LGA, SRAM, DRAM and Flash devices. A standard molded socket format enables each socket to accommodate any device package size indicated by using machined or custom molded pressure pads or interposers.

RF test sockets can be mounted to and removed from the PCB, and the CSP/BGA test and burn-in sockets can be mounted to and removed from the burn-in-board (BIB). This is made possible by the sockets’ solderless pressure mount compression spring probes, which can be accurately located by two molded plastic alignment pins and mounted with four stainless steel screws. Gold over nickel plated compression spring probes leave small witness marks on solder balls. The pressure pad compression spring also provides proper force against the device, allowing for height variations in device thickness.

Included with the CSP/BGA test and burn-in version is a four-point spring probe crown to ensure scrub on solder ball oxides. The RF socket includes scrub on solder balls with raised tip probes that provide scrub on pads. Signal path during test is 1.96mm.

CSP/BGA test and burn-in and RF socket versions are available in custom materials, platings, sizes and configurations. Aries Electronics, Bristol, PA,