NanoArt does not cost ‘small’ bucks


Typically, scientists and researchers are the ones who have been trying to find ways to educate the public about nanotechnology (see “Public views nanotech research on TV,” SmallTimes, July/August 2007, page 4), but now artists are getting into the act.

Cris Orfescu, an artist who was born in Bucharest, Romania, is attempting to bring nanotechnology to the fore through his paintings and prints. As explained on his Website (www.cris, “My art is a reflection of the technological movement. I consider NanoArt to be a more-appealing and more-effective way to communicate with the general public and to raise the awareness for nanotechnology and its impact on our lives.

This nanosculpture, called Black Eye NanoOctupus (Orfescu, 2007), is priced at approximately $12,900.
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“I bring the small world in front of my audience through high-resolution electron microscope scans of natural micro- or nanostructures and nanosculptures I create by physical and/or chemical processing. I paint and manipulate digitally the monochromatic electron images and print them on canvas or fine art paper with archival inks specially formulated to last for a long time.”

Orfescu’s works were recently showcased at the Galeria Espacio Kubiko ( in Madrid, Spain. He has also exhibited in Paris, France; Finland; and Los Angeles, Calif. His works can command prices to $40,000.

- Marcy Koff