Top 10, by category


The Small Times’ university survey included 26 questions about funding, facilities, patenting, company formation, research, publishing, plus micro- and nano-specific courses and degree programs. It also gave respondents the opportunity to write in which of their peer institutions they thought were leaders in small-tech research and commercialization.

This year for the first time we asked respondents to consider institutions across the globe-not just in the United States. Although no non-American institutions received enough write-in votes to make it into the Top 10 lists, several did register. Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, is worthy of particular note. It received the most votes of non-American schools, and in fact, garnered recognition in all four peer-ranked categories. Perhaps the following comment, included in a press release issued by Delft in 2005, demonstrates why the institution is so widely regarded: “Nanotechnology has long lost its status as a buzzword. It is now part of our everyday vocabulary.” Delft seems to have been ahead of its time.

Following are the results. Note that some universities made the peer rankings, but do not appear at all in the survey rankings; those universities did not respond to the survey or else they provided incomplete information.

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