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Compiled by Laureen Belleville

Natural gas leak detector

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A natural gas detector, the Mini Gas Sniffer is designed for simplicity and one-hand operation. The unit is equipped with a highly sensitive LED scale and beeper to pinpoint small leaks of gaseous hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane, LPG and so on) from piping or appliances. Features include an eight-inch long flexible probe for inaccessible, hard-to-reach points; a range of 0 to 640 ppm; a response time of less than two seconds and sensitivity to 40 ppm. The product provides 25 hours of continuous operation. E Instruments Group Langhorne, PA

Pure water system

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RiOs systems provide up to several thousand liters per day of Type III laboratory-grade water, suitable for laboratory applications such as general rinsing and feedwater to washing machines, autoclaves or a Milli-Q ultrapure water system. The systems provide complete control over pure water production, distribution loop components, water storage and monitoring functions from a single unit. Additionally, the systems incorporate advanced purification and monitoring technologies. The company reports that built-in water quality monitoring ensures the product water is within specifications. The systems are available in product flow rates of 30, 50, 100, 150 and 200 L/hr. Millipore Billerica, MA

Disinfection meter

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The Bromometer Duo uses the company's DPD chlorine and bromine test methods to offer a fast, simple check on disinfection and sterilization levels. It can test bromine in the range 0-10 mg/l and chlorine in the range 0-5 mg/l, with a resolution of 0.01 mg/l for both ranges. After dissolving the reagent in a sample, the sample tube is placed in the meter and a single button is pressed. The reading is then displayed on a 10-mm LCD screen. The blank reading can be held in memory for testing multiple samples. The product is powered by two 1.5V batteries, which the company says should last for 20,000 readings, and features automatic switch-off. Palintest USA Erlanger, KY

Automation software

With FastPic Parts Locator (PL) software stock selecting accuracy can be improved to the 99.9 percent level in cleanroom manufacturing storage and retrieval operations while reducing employee walk and search time, according to the company. Reportedly, inventory management also is simplified with the software's power to track and report stock quantities, eliminating or reducing errors in replacement stock purchasing decisions. Operators of automated storage and retrieval systems simply enter a part number into the system and the stored items are automatically delivered to them. FastPic Systems Westbrook, ME


Write-On labeling tape dispensers can be used with one hand. As each new label is advanced and cut off on the serrated edge, a fresh length of label tape is positioned on the writing platform. Dispensers are supplied with a roll of white Scienceware F13463 series Write-On tape. The company also offers the Write-On benchtop tape dispenser, which has a plastic-coated, weighted steel base with rubber feet to prevent slipping on the benchtop. The Economy Write-On tape dispenser is designed for lighter duty use and can be used on the benchtop or wall mounted. Bel-Art Products Inc. Pequannock, NJ

Differential pressure controller

Used for pressure, velocity and flow applications, the Series DH DigiHelic differential pressure controller achieves a 0.5 percent full-scale accuracy on ranges from 5 in w.c. to 100 in w.c. The unit provides a 4-20 mA process output, 2 SPDT relays with adjustable dead bands and selection of pressure, velocity or flow operation. Dwyer Instruments Inc. Michigan City, IN

Garment white paper

A white paper titled "The Dirty Dozen: 12 ways to cut the expense, time and stress of cleanroom garment programs" contains information on operating cost-effective cleanroom garment programs and shows how to provide a quality experience for garment wearers while keeping expenses low. CleanFit Systems Portland, OR

Air filter

Tough Air Filters protect electronic components that depend on forced air thermal management to keep them cool and functioning. The filters are designed to withstand harsh environments, including those where high temperature, high humidity, chemicals or solvents are present. They incorporate Quadrafoam II media, a coated polyether urethane formulation that is rigid and sustains its open-pored cellular structure and maintains performance characteristics despite the presence of heat and moisture. Universal Air Filter Sauget, IL

Thin film calorimeter

The TFC-9000 rapidly measures the exothermic heat reaction from a polymerizing sample through a highly sensitive sensor. It performs an analysis of the incoming data to produce meaningful results. After the 10- to 20-second analysis, the unit displays four key measured test results: time to reach peak temperature, peak temperature in BTUs, slope of the temperature rise and total energy emitted by curing reaction in BTUs. UV Process Supply Inc. Chicago, IL

Temperature/humidity data logger

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Designed to meet the needs of various instrumentation engineers and quality managers, both in laboratory and fieldwork, a new series of HVAC Mini DataLoggers includes the MiniLog T (temperature) and MiniLog T+RH (temperature and relative humidity). Both feature an acquisition sample interval from one second to two hours and TRLog software and PC interface cradle. They offer ranges up to 185 degrees F and user-defined maximum and minimum alarms. E Instruments Group Langhorne, PA

Biodegradable bag

The EcoSol Bio Pouch is a delivery package for powders and non-aqueous liquids that dissolves immediately in water solutions. According to the manufacturer, the pouch becomes a harmless, non-toxic aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol. It is readily biodegradable and converts to carbon dioxide and water within 30 days. The pouches are available in a variety of sizes from a small sachet to a 30-gallon bag with a 1.5-mils thickness and improve the accuracy of proper chemical dosages. In addition to enhancing dispensing methods for cleaners, detergents and degreasers, the pouches offer a more environmental solution for laundry bags in institutions and hospitals, disposable cases in cosmetics and dispensing pouches for pigments and concrete additives. Cortec Corporation White Bear Lake, MN

Contact plate

The contact plate is a petri dish with a diameter of 60 mm, slightly overfilled with a nutrient agar. The petri plate has a grid molded into the bottom to aid in the counting of microorganisms. The Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) with Tween contact plate is useful in monitoring total microbial contamination and to assist in determining surface sanitation. TSA with Lecithin and Tween is available as a 15- x 60-mm contact plate that is available double bagged and gamma irradiated. Hardy Diagnostics Santa Maria, CA


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Designed with needle height that is adjustable for 96 individual or 384 stainless-steel needles, the ZipVap evaporator allows fast dry down of 96-Well and 384-Well microplates. The unit holds standard microplates or deep well plates, and flow control is adjusted with a fine needle valve. The heated holder can be removed for room-temperature operation, and the small footprint of the evaporator conserves bench space. The system is compatible with TFA, DMSO and standard solvents. It is available in nylon with a maximum temperature of 100 degrees C or polypropylene with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees C. BioTech Solutions Mt. Laurel, NJ

Curtain walls

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Clean Curtains enable separation between cleaning and processing to save time and product. The curtains have a slick surface that is able to shed water and soils and are available either in a 40 mil PVC, 40 mil USDA grade PVC or 40 mil antimicrobial PVC. To eliminate trapped contamination, the curtains have welded seams and do not have sewn joints or hems. Curtain panels are clear from top to bottom and they overlap to prevent wash breakthrough. The 304 stainless steel roller and track assembly are designed for easy cleaning. Goff's Enterprises Inc. Pewaukee, WI

Single-use process system

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The modular, single-use process system features entirely disposable product contact surfaces, eliminating CIP/SIP and cross-contamination between batches. The systems have a capacity range of from 5 to 10,000 liters. The core formulation bag includes a patented disposable mixing device that generates efficient, thorough mixing. Mixing speeds can be varied to suit formulation requirements. The single-use components include bioprocess bags (powder, delivery, mixing and fill bags), associated ports and tubing and disposable filter sets. Downstream components and the filter train come connected and pre-sterilized, if required. Alfa Laval Biokinetics Inc. Philadelphia, PA

Thin air filters

While they are reportedly as much as 70 percent thinner than standard air filters, the <1/4-inch thick Ultra-Thin Air Filters meet the filtration performance and flammability requirements of Telcordia NEBS, CE and UL. Specialized Quadrafoam media is used in roll-formed, aluminum-framed filter assemblies to fit limited-space environments. Frame options include edge-to-edge designs constructed with less-intrusive channel housings. Edge-to-edge technology maximizes the flow of clean, cooling air along interior walls of the chassis. Universal Air Filter Sauget, IL


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A portable, compact tachometer, the Mini Speed Pro – CT50 is designed for simplicity and one-hand operation. Accuracy is rated as +/-1% of rdg. Features include display of two parameters simultaneously, a hold function, min and max values and unit selection. A protective rubber boot is available upon request. E Instruments Group Langhorne, PA

Critical environment controller

The Envirotrak IV controller controls a variety of equipment and processes used in critical environment facilities such as laboratories, fume hoods and airflow and pressurization control systems in BSL suites, isolation and containment rooms. The controller features a 25-µsec scan rate, 1MB of Flash memory and 1MB of RAM and can be used virtually anywhere precise control of room temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow or any combination must be maintained. The product incorporates up to 48 I/O control points, and may be programmed to scan each individual point in any sequence without imposing limits on the application or number of downloadable graphic programs. Laboratory Control Systems Inc. Scranton, PA

Humidity transmitter

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The HT-737 is an advanced digital transmitter that measures relative humidity, temperature, dew point and absolute humidity. It has RS-232 or RS-485 output capability. Packaged in a rugged housing, the transmitter features a programmable micro-controller as well as digital zero and span adjustment. The HT-761 analog version provides a linear 0 to 1 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC output of ambient relative humidity and temperature. It operates in a temperature range from 32 degrees F to 176 degrees F. This unit is digitally adjustable with no potentiometers. The unit has completely sealed electronics in a stainless steel housing. Ohmic Instruments Easton, MD

Equipment catalog

The Test Equipment Catalog offers a selection of products for calibrating and testing pressure, temperature and electrical equipment. Featured in the catalog are modular pressure calibrators, analog and digital gauges, pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps, precision manometers, digital thermometers, RTD and T/C calibrators, multimeters and switch testers. Dwyer Instruments Inc. Michigan City, IN

General products catalog

A new catalog showcases UVC emitters for mold and microbial control, enhanced IAQ and energy savings. The eight-page catalog describes the company's line of UVC devices and accessories for commercial, healthcare, food processing, school, industrial and residential applications. Life cycle cost information, UVC output data and other technical information are included. Steril-Aire Inc. Cerritos, CA

Modular workstation

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Series 8000 modular workstation systems can be configured in a variety of heights and lengths to best suit specific needs. They are available in five standard industry widths and in three heights up to 84 inches. Work surfaces are available in standard laminate or static dissipative. Arlink Burlington, ON, Canada

Storage cabinet

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Enclosed vertical storage cabinets are designed for critical manufacturing, assembly and storage areas where products and components must be securely stored in a dust- and dirt-free environment. The NSF-approved cabinets feature a chemically resistant, easy-to-clean stainless-steel exterior. The cabinet body is made of 18-gauge stainless steel, with interior stainless-steel shelves adjustable on four-inch vertical increments. Enclosed vertical storage shelves are available with a flat top or an alternative sloped top providing laminar flow to meet stricter cleanroom requirements. Eagle MHC Clayton, DE

Water treatment

Electrodeionization (EDI) technology provides high-capacity boiler feed water. According to the company, EDI is a continuous process for producing high-purity water using ion-exchange membranes, resins and electricity. Direct current is the driving force for removing ionized and ionizable species from the feed stream, while continuously regenerating the resin pack. Reportedly, EDI, in combination with reverse osmosis as pretreatment, strips away more than 99.9 percent of feed water ions. Ionics Incorporated Watertown, MA

Gas flow calibrator

The Cal=Trak SL-500 gas flow calibrator offers a standardized accuracy of +/-0.4 percent in a portable unit. The dimensionally based primary accuracy of the product is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis. Field rugged, it is used in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, flow meters and other varieties of flow equipment in the 5-sccm to 50-slpm range. Sierra Instruments Inc. Monterey, CA

Swab applicators

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Used in clinical and cleanroom environments, the glass-free Puritan Popule applicator incorporates a swab and liquid solution in one package. Users simply snap the seal to saturate the swab and dispose after use. The Puritan X-PressPrep contains a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water. Puritan Medical Products Company LLC Guilford, ME

UVC kit

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The Fan Coil UVC Kit provides mold and IAQ control, energy savings and reduced maintenance. Each kit contains a UVC emitter and power supply plus all necessary hardware components to retrofit a fan coil with UVC. According to the company, the kit fits all major fan coil brands. Emitter tubes come in a choice of six lengths from 16 inches to 42 inches. Installed across from the cooling coil, the emitters irradiate high output UVC energy to eliminate surface contaminants and reduce airborne microbial contaminants. Steril-Aire Inc. Cerritos, CA

Thermocouple logger

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The HOBO U12 thermocouple logger is a self-contained, 12-bit resolution data logger used to measure and record temperatures from a variety of thermocouple probes. The unit can accept any J, K, S or T thermocouple and provides high-accuracy measurements over wide temperature ranges. Users can choose either Windows or Mac OS X software to plot and analyze data. The direct USB interface enables high-speed data offload (43,000 measurements in 30 seconds). Onset Computer Corporation Bourne, MA

Universal carriers

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Universal carriers provide Remstar Vertical Carousels a flexibility of design that makes them easily adaptable in meeting changing cleanroom manufacturing storage and retrieval requirements, according to the company. Vertical carousel carriers are available in a range of heights, widths and depths to meet any parts storage requirement and can be configured to hold a variety of container sizes. Reportedly, options can be combined to create a customized storage system for cleanroom applications. The system of vertically arranged rotating carriers brings the exact pick/store position to the operator. Remstar International Inc. Westbrook ME

Flow controller

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The NT Integrated Flow Controller (IFC) is available with DeviceNet communications, a protocol that provides a cost-effective method of linking several factory automation devices to a network. The network increases flow controller uptime by using advanced diagnostics available via the network. For example, the company explains that users can automate and optimize chemical processes for consistent batch control, bath filling, chemical blending and chemical spiking applications. The NT IFC can be used in various types of wafer processing applications, including bulk chemical delivery, CMP polishing, cleaning systems, etching systems and wet processing systems. Entegris Inc. Chaska, MN

Panel meter indicator

The LCI132, 3 1/2 digital panel meter indicators, housed in a compact 1/32 DIN package, can be programmed to the scale needed by the user. Other standard features include high-accuracy and IP65 (NEMA 4X) front panel. Inputs are available for Process (0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA) and AC volts, AC amps, DC volts and DC amps. Optional 4/48 VAC operation is available. Love Controls division of Dwyer Instruments Inc. Michigan City, IN