Furniture/Benches & Workstations


compiled by Sue Forsyth

Cleanroom chairs

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This AM-series heavy-duty ergonomic chair is designed to help cleanroom personnel remain productive throughout the day. The chair features a sculpted seat designed for greater comfort, a taller and wider backrest for ergonomic support and controls for easy adjustability. It features a waterfall front for improved circulation and reduced strain on the lower legs. The seat is upholstered with molded foam cushioning and has an internal seat-board bumper guard for added resistance to wear. Both the seat understructure and foam cushioning are waterfall-shaped to maximize circulation to the legs, while the oversized backrest conforms to the natural curves of the spine. The chair features chrome-plated metal parts and is available with performance packages for ISO Class 3 through Class 6 cleanroom applications.
BioFit Engineered Products
Waterville, OH

Ergonomic cart

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The ergonomic Z-Cart for laptops turns a laptop computer into a mobile computer workstation. Compact, stable and maneuverable, it can be adjusted to the user's height, promoting natural posture while standing or sitting. The cart comes with a locking work surface that secures the computer against theft, slippage and spills while providing a tabletop for documents. The retractable, full-size keyboard tray includes a bi-directional sliding mouse tray to accommodate right- and left-handed users. Other standard features include a built-in mouse holder and a recoil lanyard that keeps a power cord off the floor. The basic model provides room for a flat lithium battery to be mounted under the laptop, and an external battery holder is also available. The cart's five rubber casters provide quiet, smooth movement and can be locked to give the unit extra stability when stationary.
Franklin, MA

Adjustable workbench

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The Align workbench can be adjusted to accommodate workers with the appropriate work surface height. It is designed for repair, testing and assembly of mechanical and electrical products and components, packaging, calibration and R&D development. The work surface aligns with the worker's optimal reach zone to reduce fatigue, stress and potential injury, and is designed to optimize production throughput. Height can be adjusted with a motorized lift, hand crank, or slide leg platform. The workbench supports up to 1,000 lbs., and is available in a variety of surfaces, including plastic laminate, chemical resistant and static dissipative.
Lista International Corp.
Holliston, MA

Flexible lab furniture

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The Metro Starsys system line of mobile, modular lab furniture is designed to accommodate changing lab requirements. The line facilitates fast, agile lab configuration by putting the power to reconfigure in the hands of the lab professional. In minutes, according to the company, a lab technician can reconfigure the mobile workcenter to support new research protocol, changing technology requirements or increased throughput. This system features an aluminum and steel-framed substructure, with advanced polymers forming the outer skin. The design features easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant surfaces that will not chip, peel, dent or corrode over time. System components include mobile workcenters, carts, tall cabinets, stationary workcenters, base units and overhead cabinets.
InterMetro Industries
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Cleanroom workstation

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The DownDraft workstation is useful for soldering or chemical processing that release noxious fumes because its 1,200 CFM blower draws contaminants downward and away from the operator. A purification filter incorporating bonded activated charcoal adsorbs organic vapors to allow safe exhaust release, and a final HEPA filter helps meet cleanroom particle requirements. Benchtops are cleanroom-grade white laminate fused on all sides to prevent particle sloughing.
Terra Universal
Anaheim, CA

Etch system

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This porous Si Etch system incorporates zero-surface infringement on a substrate. The design uses pneumatic bladders for sealing the perimeter of the substrate during chemical processing, while increasing the surface area and yields. The etch system cabinet is constructed of FM 4910-compliant PVC-C and incorporates a dual-chamber etch cell with an integral chemical recirculation sparger located on the bottom of each chamber. After completing an etch cycle, the chemical is drained into a reclaim reservoir for reuse. Rinsing is performed by high-volume fill and side-wall DI water spray nozzles that are capable of being adjusted to ensure complete rinsing of the etch chambers. The etch cell and wafer cathode assembly accommodate 100, 150, 200, and 300-mm single substrates, and pieces of each size wafer with the optional substrate holder. The etch solution is constantly re-circulated, filtered and temperature-controlled to maintain cleanliness and etch repeatability.
Wafer Process Systems
San Jose, Ca

Controlled-environment furniture

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This variety of controlled-environment furniture can outfit a cleanroom with workstations, chairs, desks, benches and shelving. All items are available in various construction materials, including stainless steel, laminate, cold-rolled steel and polypropylene. A variety of finishes, including polished, electro-polished, powder-coated and painted, are available.
Ultrapure Technology
Suwanee, GA

Dust-containment cabinets

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The series 1532 inflow dust-containment cabinets are constructed of painted steel for compatibility with typical cleanroom environments, and are considered a solution for mailroom protection, hazardous materials and biological safety applications. With the blower located on top of the unit, the system draws air into a pair of wall-mounted filters to be filtered and discharged back into the workspace. The HEPA filter system consists of two parts—-the absolute HEPA filter and a flexible duct to form a modular component. The units also provide two stages of filtering before the HEPA filter. The first stage consists of disposable, non-woven framed fiberglass media, while the second is an optional charcoal filter.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Framework system

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The GATORJAW framework system makes it easy to build with industrial-strength aluminum rather than a T-slot.

The fasteners are self-tightening—no nuts, drilling, tapping or welding. You can make attachments any place along all four sides of the extrusion to create enclosures, workstations, laminar flow units, carts, barriers and more.
Simplex Isolation Systems
Fontana, CA

Stand-alone cabinets

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Series 9000 cabinets are designed with flexibility and space efficiency in mind, working as stand-alone units or as pedestal-based workbenches when combined with the company's workbenches. A variety of cabinet configurations and five different heights are available. Optional drawer partitions and dividers can be used to create custom drawer interiors. Cabinets have a 150-pound capacity and come with a central lock and two keys.
Burlington, Ontario