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Compiled by Laureen Bellville & Steve Smith


Portable particle counter

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Offering a sensitivity of 0.5 µm and a flow rate of 1.0 cfm (28.3 LPM) with a dynamic range up to 25.0 µm, the Solair 5100+ line of laser particle counters was the attendees' favorite, by popular vote, at the CleanRooms East 2004 exhibition in Orlando, Fla. The particle counter uses a color, 5.7-inch backlit touch-screen interface, and can store particle-count data from six channels, as well as data from up to four environmental sensors. All data can be downloaded to a computer or printed to a built-in thermal printer. The Solar 5100+ can be used as a portable instrument or integrated into a larger facility-monitoring or management system.
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Milpitas, CA

Oxygen analyzer

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The battery-powered Series 3520 portable trace oxygen analyzer features a long-life electrochemical sensor. Measuring ranges from 0 to 10,000 ppm to 0 to 50 ppm are available. Options include sample pump, in-line filter, pressure regulator, block and bleed, and flow meter. Applications include glove boxes, gas manufacturing, heat-treating, chemical and petrochemical manufacturing, welding and more.
Alpha Omega Instruments
Cumberland, RI

Silicone-covered hose

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Silicone Jacketed Hose features a cover of pure silicone encasing stainless steel over-braided PTFE hose to solve high-temperature handling and cleanliness problems. The silicone resists heat transfer, protecting technicians and workers from burns at times of hose handling. The smooth silicone jacket covers the braiding completely so that particles and liquids do not become trapped in the uneven surface of the braided stainless steel.
Southampton, PA

Validation packages

To help users maintain best industry practices amid expanded FDA regulations, Filamatic documentation packages include Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) protocols. For the novice, the packages can provide one or more blank protocols in a generic format, enabling the user to identify experiments for their Filamatic liquid filling system. More detailed packages are available with the assistance of the company's technicians, who are experienced in IQ/OQ compliance.
National Instruments Co.
Baltimore, MD

Differential pressure measurement

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Pascal transmitters are suitable for monitoring and controlling low differential air pressures from 0 to 100 Pa with an accuracy of +/-0.05 Pa, a resolution of 0.016 Pa and an over-pressure resistance up to 2 bars. The sensors detect the mass flow and transform it into a dP or air velocity value. Reportedly, this principle permits an accurate and reliable detection, even in the sub-Pascal range, without drift and hysteresis.
Pfaeffikon, Switzerland

Formaldehyde gas monitor

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The TG-1900KBP formaldehyde gas monitor is a direct-reading, compact instrument with digital display. It uses a patented gas membrane galvanic sensor that never needs to be replaced, according to the company. The manufacturer claims the sensor is unaffected by alcohols and other interfering gases, and can detect 0.01 ppm. Adjustable audible and visual alarms can be set to 0.1 ppm. The unit will operate for 30 days continuously on one set of batteries. The self-contained unit features a recorder output and built-in sample pump. It also detects glutaraldehyde over a range of 0 to 2 ppm.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ

Low-sulfur forged valve bodies

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Low-sulfur content forged valve boded with extended weld tangents are now available for ITT Industries' Pure-Flow hygienic diaphragm product line. These controlled sulfur devices were developed to solve common orbital welding issues, such as sulfur content mismatch and universal orbital weld head concerns, in the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries. The line features forged 316L stainless steel material, with sulfur content compliant to ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) 2002 Standard, Table DT-3. Weld tangents are equivalent to the lengths specified for ASME BPE-compliant fittings. Together, these features are designed to eliminate welded tube extensions, and allows for use of commonly used orbital welding equipment without the need for narrow or offset weld heads.
ITT Industries
Lancaster, PA

Wall-mounted gowning racks

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Designed for use in cleanroom environments and electronic assembly areas, these wall-mounted gowning racks are constructed of chrome-plated steel with an electropolished stainless steel finish. Hanger slots, hanger tubes, or hook styles are available. Plastic shelf markers are available for the hanger slot and tube models. Racks are offered in standard lengths of 48, 60 and 72 inches; custom sizes available upon request.
Eagle MHC
Clayton, DE

Hose tracking system

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Hose track assembly tracking system uses a radio frequency identification tag encoded with a serial number and encapsulated into each hose assembly. The tag never contacts the interior of the hose and is enclosed with silicone on the outside. It is unaffected by cleaning processes. A portable, hand-held reader/writer identifies each assembly by its tag's serial number, and personnel can log and track ongoing wear-related events, along with cleaning dates and the number of batches of material that have been processed.
Southampton, PA

Membrane technology speeds flow rates

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The Supor EKV 0.2-µm sterilizing grade filter is designed to accelerate drug manufacturing flow rates by as much as 50 percent. It incorporates the company's proprietary machV membrane technology and can be used to remove bacteria and other pathogens from buffer solutions, tissue culture media, and critical process fluids used for drug production. Filters are available in cartridge formats as well as in single-use capsules. As a single-use capsule, the company says that manufacturers will be able to substantially reduce assembly, sterilization, cleaning, and cleaning validation sequences.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Test unit for membrane filtration

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The DSS Pilot Unit Combi M39/M3.8 laboratory test unit is designed to provide improved testing of spiral and plate-and-frame membranes. The company says it is ideal for selective flat sheet membrane screenings, pilot-scale spiral tests, and small-scale production using ultrafiltration and microfiltration. The unit consists of a DSS LabStak M39 and a housing for 3.8-inch spiral elements. The module has a flat sheet membrane area of 1 m2 and a 3.8-inch spiral element with a membrane area up to 7 m2. It is designed for operation at pH values from 1 to 13, and pressures up to 8 bar. All components are in compliance with FDA regulations.
Alfa Laval Inc.
Richmond, VA

Next-gen automated portal

As part of the manufacturer's modular Plus Portal family, the Plus Portal XT is billed as a next-generation automated equipment front-end (AFE) system for 300-mm fab production and advanced 200-mm factory automation systems. This AFE incorporates the latest robotics and front-load technology designed to deliver enhanced productivity, cost-effectiveness, and easy integration with semiconductor process, metrology and inspection tools. It features ultra-clean factory automation components, such as the company's IsoPort load port and the recently-introduced direct wafer-handling robot.
Asyst Technologies Inc.
Fremont, CA

Anti-ESD scanner

The ESD Gryphon anti-ESD industrial bar code scanner is made of conductive plastics designed for superior electrostatic grounding and low contamination suitable for Class 10 cleanroom use. Each scanner is available in multiple configurations to meet your specific requirements.
Codestar Electronics
Los Gatos, CA

Single-use depth filter

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Designed to meet a growing need for single-use technologies for the production of biopharmaceuticals, the SUPRAclean disposable depth filter capsule is made for pilot through large-scale biotech drug manufacturing. This filter, according to the company, eliminates costs associated with the cleaning-in-place cycle, and increases safety by significantly decreasing operator exposure to the product. The capsule design also provides a lower hold-up volume than standard module housings, allowing for greater recovery of the product.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Infrared food safety thermometer

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The ThermoTrace waterproof, non-contact low-temp infrared thermometer (Model 15006-40) is well-suited for use in the food industry because of its temperature display range, and for instant surface temperature screening of food during hot holding, in chilled displays and refrigerated storage, and for food safety procedures. Features include normal or continuous reading mode, a memory function that holds up to 99 points of temperature data, and a 15:1 field-of-view with laser sighting for objects as small 2.6 inches at 3.3 feet away.
DeltaTRAK Inc.
Pleasanton, CA

Molded silicone assemblies

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Supplied as silicone fittings attached directly to silicone tubing or hose, these molded silicone assemblies are well-suited for applications involving aseptic transfer, sterile processing and other critical applications in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and high-purity industries. According to the manufacturer, compared to typical tube-to-fitting connections, the assemblies eliminate entrapment issues and leaks associated with barb-type fittings; better meet requirements for process validations and inspections; provide a smooth inner surface with a seamless transition; offer consistent interior dimensions for maximum flow rates; reduce end-user assembly times; and have no contact with metallic materials.
Southampton, PA

Conveyor belt

The Transco FDA EX conveyor belt is anti-static and self-extinguishing, and is approved for food industry applications. According to the manufacturer, it is the only available white rubber, fire- and explosion-resistant safety conveyor belt manufactured to FDA standards. The belt's white rubber coating is made of an elastomer that remains completely inert on contact with foodstuffs intended for human consumption. The product is commonly used over a temperature range of -4 to +176° F.
Lille Mons Cedex, France