Homing in on life science cleanroom issues


ORLANDO, Fla.—Day two and three of the CleanRooms East/PDA SciTech Summit next month will feature a cornucopia of conference sessions that will cover everything from decommissioning controlled environments to determining wiper efficiency and particle removal to an open forum on isolators and gloveboxes.

The event will be held March 8-12 at the Orange County Convention Center, and it promises to be a one-stop shop for life science professionals. The schedule for March 9-10 includes:

S1—EH&S Focus: Cleanroom Facilty Decontamination/Decomissioning, presented by Allan Chasey and Arnold Canales of Arizona State University's Construction Research and Education for Advanced Technology Environments.

S5—Water System Design for Clean Scientific Laboratory Facilities, presented by Dale Gordon, regional business manager for Millipore Corp.'s Lab Water Division.

S10—Determining the Dynamic Wiping Efficiency and Particle Removal Ability of Cleanroom Wipers, presented by J.M. Oathout, Senior Research Associate, DuPont Nonwoven Division.

P12—Open Forum: Isolators/Gloveboxes Issues and Answers, which will be hosted by manufacturers and officials of the American Glovebox Society.

For more information on the 2004 CleanRooms East/PDA, visit To reserve a booth, call Richard Arzivian, exhibit sales manager, at (603) 666-6623, fax (603) 891-9200; e-mail dicka