CleanRooms Europe 2005


8th International Trade Fair for Cleanroom Technology, Hygienic and Contamination Control Technology

June 28-30, 2005
Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

June 28, 2005: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

June 29, 2005: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

June 30, 2005: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

This year, the eighth annual CleanRooms Europe trade fair will once again take place in Stuttgart, Germany. This June, over 75 exhibitors from around the world will gather to represent the contamination-control industry. From electronics to pharmaceuticals, from automotive to semiconductor, the most innovative technologies and products will be presented. In addition to the unique and informative presentations and exhibits, attendees will have the opportunity to attend daily forums on relevant topics such as components, integrated solutions, measuring technology, and hygiene and the hospital.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with over 75 contamination-control exhibitors from diverse industries around the world...

CRTM CleanRoomProducts GmbH

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Fraunhoferstr. 11

82152 Martinsried, Germany

Tel: +49 - 89 - 85 69 98 23

Fax: +49 - 89 - 85 69 98 24

Booth # B 060

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CRTM CleanRoomProducts GmbH will be exhibiting a wide selection of international cleanroom products, including their new German-made stackable dispensers for cleanroom disposables such as hoods, shoe covers, wipers and gloves.

IMP Klima d.o.o.

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Godoviˇc 150
5275 Godovi??c, Slovenia

Tel: +386 - 5 - 37 43 000

Fax: +386 - 5 - 37 43 082

Web site:

Booth # B 041

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IMP Klima is a producer of high-quality HVAC components for the cleanroom, including prefilter units, HEPA filter units, supply air ceilings, diffusers/fluff separators.

Klimaoprema d.d.

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Kralja P. Kresimira IV bb

HR-10430 Samobor, Croatia

Tel: +385 1 33 62 513

Fax: +385 1 33 62 905

Booth # D 021
Web site:

Booth # D 021

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Klimaoprema, Inc. is a modern manufacturing and engineering company with top-quality engineers and other specialists, modern CNC production equipment and ERP information system for managing business. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has been in business for thirty years. Klimaoprema’s production and engineering program includes: operation theaters, laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow booths, weighing/containment booths, special devices, and absolute ceiling filters. Klimaoprema’s experience and know-how is result of its own R&D. The company also offers turnkey solutions in the cleanroom area (design, installation and validation of cleanroom, HVAC systems and building management systems). A laminar flow booth, laminar flow hood and biological safety cabinet will be on display at Klimaoprema’s booth.

LymTech Scientific

P.O. Box 157

Chicopee, MA 01014

Tel: 413 592 4111

Fax: 413 592 4112

Web site:

Booth # A 030

Cleanroom wiper manufacturer LymTech Scientific has opened a European warehouse in Ghent, Belgium. The company says its European customers are now receiving shipments in days rather than weeks. Regularly stocked products include presaturated wipes, polyester knit wipers, validated sterile wipes and polycellulose wipes.

Novasina, a division of Axair Ltd.

Talstr. 35-37

8808 Pf??ffikon, Switzerland

Tel: +41 - 55 - 41 66 660

Fax: +41 - 55 - 41 66 262

Web site:

Booth # C 042

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Novasina is a leader in production and distribution of high precision sensors and transmitters for the measurement of differential pressure (Pascal product line), relative humidity and temperature (HygroDat, HygroGuard, HygroMate product line), as well as cleanroom climate parameters such as laminar airflow velocity in laminar flow benches. Thanks to forty years of experience in the relative humidity measurement sector, Novasina-priding itself on quality, reliability and accuracy-offers outstanding products for various applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, and semiconductor industries, among others. The above-mentioned products, as well as other monitoring and cleanroom qualification solutions, will be exhibited at Novasina’s booth. Products from Novasina’s exhibition partner companies CAS and Syte will also be presented.

RR Elektronik GmbH

Zeppelinstr. 8

75446 Wiernsheim, Germany

Tel: +49 - 7044 - 90 19 60

Fax: +49 - 7044 - 90 71 47

Web site:

Booth # A 052

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RR Elektronik GmbH has been an international supplier of particle counters, aerosol generators, dilution systems for aerosols, air samplers and accessories for twenty years. Services include attendance, calibration and repair of all products. On exhibit at RR Elektronik’s booth will be the Particle Counter PZG Line for Gas and Air. Among its features, this particle counter can be used as a portable instrument or integrated with a larger facility monitoring/management system; offers a sensitivity of 0.2, 0.3, or .05 μm and a flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM); has an 8.4-inch color touch-screen display; provides slots for one RS 232, one ETHERNET, and two USB connections; and allows eight particle sizes to be viewed simultaneously. Also on display will be the Aerosol Generator Type A250 for the testing of high-efficiency filters or the acceptance and control measurement of laminar-flow boxes and cleanrooms; the Dilution Systems for Aerosols Type V100, which is designed to accurately dilute aerosols to produce a defined particle concentration; and the Air Sampler Type Impaktor FH5, which is a measuring system for monitoring the germ content in the air.

Shield Medicare Ltd

Hurlands Business Park

Farnham GU9 9JE

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1252 717616

Fax: +44 1252 715269

Web site:
Booth # D 031

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Shield Medicare delivers specialist contamination control products to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries worldwide. It is a market leader, with fifteen years experience in cleanroom manufacturing to cGMP standards. The company offers an extensive range of cleanroom and critical area products including alcohols, disinfectants, sporicides, cleaning systems, wipes, training kits and sterile component multipacks. Key products being demonstrated will include a range of fully compatible sterile disinfectants in several formats, which are cleanroom processed and packaged, suitable for Grade A and B areas. On display for the first time will be new autoclavable mopheads. Other new products being presented will include sterile paper-free chemotherapy spill mats, sterile environmental transfer swabs with forty-eight-hour recovery time and sterile multipacked cleanroom components that offer fast and easy transfer into the controlled area.

Silclean Techwear, Inc.

553, Sinpyeong-Dong

ROK 604-030 Saha-Gu, Busan, Korea

Tel: +82 - 51 - 20 65 741

Fax: +82 - 51 - 20 65 740

Booth # A 050

Silclean Techwear, Inc. specializes in finished garments used in paint-spray, semiconductor, food-processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, as well as other high-purity industrial applications. For the prevention of dust generation or electrostatic discharge, Silclean offers a wide variety of cleanroom garment products.

TÜV Cleancert

Waffenschmidtstr. 4

50767 K??ln, Germany

Tel: +49 - 221 - 70 90 06 60

Fax: +49 - 221 -70 90 06 66

Web site:

Booth # C 082

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Whether in the pharmaceutical sector, the food industry, biotechnology, microelectronics, optoelectronics, or micro- and nanotechnology manufacturing-tasks in the area of contamination control and cleanroom technology are governed by a host of guidelines and laws. TÜV Cleancert is your partner, providing proactive support in all contamination-control-related endeavors. Services include consulting, project planning, acceptance/certification, qualification/validation, recertification or requalification, evidence of cleanroom compatibility, and instruction and training. To realize these tasks, TÜV Cleancert relies on a network of leading contamination-control and cleanroom technology experts and organizations, including experts from universities, research institutes and supervisory and standardization/guideline committees (e.g., VDI, ISO, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FHG-IPA, -IGB, -ITEM, -IME). TÜV Cleancert maintains contacts at international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ISPE (in relation to GAMP [Good Automation Manufacturing Practice], and many more, guaranteeing that contamination control and cleanroom technology issues will be handled on the highest possible level. The integration of TÜV Cleancert’s pool of know-how, longstanding experience in contamination-control technology and direct access to the resources of the TÜV SÜD Group ensures optimum processing of cleanroom projects.

Viessmann Kältetechnik

Schleizer Stra??e 100

95030 Hof, Germany

Tel: +49 - 9281 - 81 40

Fax: +49 - 9281 - 81 42 69

Web site:

Booth # E 010

Viessmann Cleanrooms: non-combustible and antimicrobial innovations for more application variety

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Viessmann Kältetechnik AG will present several innovations relating to the recently-launched Viessmann Cleanroom system. With Viessmann perlite insulating boards, certified to Euroclass A1, a completely new noncombustible insulating material is available for the Viessmann Monoblock wall and ceiling system, which is specially designed for cleanroom applications. The new insulating board material is produced by a process developed and patented by Viessmann and is especially suitable in areas where the dangers of fire have to be eliminated and safety has to be integrated. Wall and ceiling elements of the Viessmann Cleanroom system are available in several surface types, such as powder-coated, stainless-steel, and Viessmann SilverProtec®, which offers an active and lasting protection against microorganisms.

Other CleanRooms Europe exhibitors include:

Allgemeine Bau Chemie GmbH

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Axima GmbH

Bardusch GmbH & Co. KG

basan GmbH

Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG

Bolidt Synthetic Flooring

BRIEM Steuerungstechnik GmbH

BSR Ingenieur-Büro

Cadolto Fertiggebäude GmbH & Co.KG

Camfil KG

CAS Clean-Air-Service AG

CAT Clean Air Technology GmbH

CCI - von Kahlden GmbH

Chemgineering GmbH

CleanRooms Magazine



Contec Inc.

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH

C-tec Cleanroom-Technology GmbH

Daldrop + Dr. Ing. Huber GmbH + Co.

Dastex Reinraumzubehör GmbH & Co. KG

Denios AG

Dorfner KG

Dou Yee Enterprises (S) Pte. Ltd

Dustcontrol GmbH


Elektroprojekta Roznov, a.s.

ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH

Flomerics Limited

Forbo Flooring

Franz Ziel GmbH

Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik

Freudenberg Vliesstoffe KG

Gebrüder Trox GmbH

Gerflor Mipolam GmbH


Hach Ultra Analytics GmbH

Hammerlit GmbH

heipha Dr. Müller GmbH


KM-OptoElektronik GmbH

KNF Clean Room Products Corporation

laflow Reinraumtechnik GmbH + Co. KG


LTG Air Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

M+W Zander Products GmbH

Markus Klotz GmbH

Marubeni Europe PLC

Maschinenservice Drechsler

MCRT Micro CleanRoom Technology GmbH

Merck KGaA

Micronclean Deutschland

MT Messtechnik GmbH

Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH & Co. KG


Palas® GmbH

PMT Partikel-Messtechnik AG

profi-con Duvernell

Ritterwand GmbH & Co KG

Schülke & Mayr GmbH

Spetec GmbH

STC Alpha Real

Syte GmbH

Testo industrial services GmbH

Uchida MK SDN. BHD.

Vitaform Schuh GmbH

Weiss GWE GmbH

Woojin ACT Corp.

WRP Sinetimed Sdn. Bhd.

Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH