A natural beverage filtering process


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KIRKINTILLOCH, Scotland-A new water filtration technology developed by start-up Filter Clear, based on a two-decades-old invention, promises to help the food and beverage industry naturally filter out parasites from water-based products. Nic Holmes (pictured below), managing director of Filter Clear, plans to set up a factory here to manufacture what he claims will be the only water purification device that can naturally filter out the potentially lethal cryptosporidium and numerous other parasites. The process uses natural media rather than chemicals to deliver water-based products that are parasite-free. The filtration technology is based on a twenty-year-old invention from polythene/chloride battery inventor Fred Spruce. Holmes says Filter Clear will manufacture filters for the water treatment industry, as well as mobile filter units for the military and disaster response, but notes that his company has already secured deals for the technology’s use with a whiskey distillery and a Saudi Arabian soft drink manufacturer.III