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Whatever the level and type of contamination control required by your facility, implementing and integrating the right sensors and monitors will be crucial to ensuring that it is operating at peak efficiency and maintaining adequate cleanliness levels. Here are a few of the newest sensor and critical environment monitoring products on the market.

Airflow indicator

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The Continuous Airflow Indicator from Lamiflow Technologies, LLC, offers continuous monitoring of patient isolation and operating rooms, medical/pharmaceutical manufacturing and anywhere continuous monitoring (negative or positive) of airflow is desired. The large, easy-to-read indicator allows staff to view room airflow at a glance. Unlike electronic monitors, Lamiflow’s Continuous Airflow Indicator requires no calibration, is very cost effective, and is simple to install. The airflow gauge is specifically designed to measure low air velocities from 25 to 400 feet per minute. Marks may be added to the gauge once desired airflow range is established. Lamiflow replaces the need for hot wire anemometers, smoke testers and other airflow direction devices. Custom sizes are available to accommodate unique wall dimensions.

Lamiflow Technologies, LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio

Personal gas monitor

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The Gasman II series of low-cost, UL- and CSA-approved, durable, single gas monitors are newly improved with an expanded range of sensors. Units are available for oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, phosphine, ammonia, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, or combustibles as %LEL. Other specialized gas sensors are also available. Standard features of the Gasman II include digital display, backlight, peak hold, and user adjustable audible and visual alarms. Each unit comes with a rubber protective boot, belt clip and operation manual. An optional remote wireless vibrating alarm, data-logging software, and calibration kits are also available. Weighing about seven ounces, the Gasman II units are extremely compact, rugged, fast-responding, weatherproof, RF shielded, and very easy to use. The sensors can be easily replaced in the field for low cost of ownership without needing to purchase a new unit. Alkaline batteries provide about 4000 hours of operation.

CEA Instruments, Inc.
Emerson, N.J.

Mass flow meter

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The 780S UHP Ultra-High Purity Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Sierra Instruments provides a variety of self-diagnostic and field-adjustment features, as well as the ability to confirm or “field-validate” the meter’s calibration and measurement accuracy in the field. The Ultra-High Purity meter is constructed of 316L electropolished tubing with a 7-10 Ra or 20-25 Ra interior finish, and is designed for gas distribution service in semiconductor fabs, pharmaceutical production and other ultraclean processes. The microprocessor-based transmitter integrates the functions of flow measurement, flow-range adjustment, meter validation and diagnostics in a compact, explosion-proof housing. The meter allows you to easily configure or change the flow range, totalizer, alarm settings, time response, zero flow cut-off and a calibration correction factor to compensate for flow profile variations or specific application conditions. The instrument’s smart electronics provide a unique feature: a means to confirm or “field-validate” that the flow meter’s primary sensing elements have not drifted or shifted from their original calibration. Sierra’s 780S UHP Thermal Mass Flow Meter is FM-, CSA- and CENELEC-approved for operation in hazardous areas and is available with a variety of input-power, output-signal, process-connection, and packaging options.

Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Monterey, Calif.

Gas monitoring system

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MKS Instruments, Inc. (Nasdaq: MKSI), is pleased to introduce the Cirrus Atmospheric Pressure Gas Monitor, ideal for the on-line monitoring and analysis of gases and gas mixtures including solvent vapors, hydrocarbons, inorganic gas species (including corrosives), freons and noble gases. Its compact design and flexible control front-end make the Cirrus system suitable for a broad range of applications such as contamination monitoring in bulk gas delivery systems. At the heart of every Cirrus system is a precision-built quadrupole analyzer incorporating a closed ion source, a triple mass filter and a dual (Faraday and Secondary Electron Multiplier) detector system. This analyzer configuration optimizes sensitivity and long-term stability performance. Use of the quadrupole analyzer enables monitoring of multiple gases at the same time over a wide dynamic range (from ppb to percentage levels). The Cirrus gas monitoring system is fully automated and can be operated through a single Ethernet interface. MKS Process Eye Professional™ software provides application-specific interpretation, control, and alarm functions, and allows correlation with data from other sensors. A silica capillary inlet provides rapid response, while an inert chamber and low-maintenance, automated bake-out and heating capability ensure low background contamination and prevent condensation during measurement.

MKS Instruments, Inc.
Wilmington, Mass.

Airflow sensor

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Degree Controls, Inc., a leading designer of airflow and thermal solutions, is pleased to announce the AccuSense F900 Airflow Sensor. This new F900 sensor measures the velocity and temperature of airflows in applications such as biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, electronic enclosures, cleanrooms and other critical containment areas. The F900 offers a digital TTL output for direct control of your airflow environment. With a normal sensing airflow range from 0.15 to 2 m/s (30 to 200 fpm) up to 0.15 to10 m/s (30 to 2000 fpm) depending on the calibration, the F900 Series offers unparalleled price to performance, compact size, reliability and resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. Various temperature compensation settings are available, including +/-5 percent of reading from 10º to 35ºC and +/-10% of reading from 10º to 60ºC. With a supply voltage of 7 to13 VDC, the F900 Series has a linear 0 to 4V output or a digital TTL output. Based on AccuSense’s proven thermistor technology, the F900 retains its calibration over time and can be easily installed as part of a control loop to precisely manage your airflow. A variety of sensor head styles are also available, ranging from the standard X” long tube to the sensor head remotely mounted on a long cable for installation in tight locations.

Degree Controls, Inc.
Milford, N.H.

Air sampler

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The microorganisms naturally present in normal conditions in a cleanroom are not evenly distributed in the air due to the fact that they are airborne by particulates like moisture, temperature, electrostatic charge, light, UV, air movement, human presence, etc. In order to perform a microbiological air test that is really representative, it is necessary to consider these factors. The DUO-SAS-360 air sampler from international pbi has been developed with the purpose of reaching this goal. This air sampler features a single body with two contiguous aspirating heads for a simultaneous sampling. The high flow rate of 360 (180+180) liters per minute is ideal for low contamination environments (1000 litres of air in 3 minutes for faster sampling), and two different media can be used for simultaneous sampling. The DUO-SAS-360 can run up to ten sequential sampling cycles for “in operation” monitoring, according to USP recommendations. It can be used either with RODAC or petri dishes.

international pbi
Milan, Italy

Ionizer controller

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Equilibrion , the breakthrough ionizer controller and monitor from Credence Technologies, is designed to bring an ionizer’s balance to zero and keep it there, even when ionizer tips wear out or build up dirt. The Equilibrion automatically checks and monitors charge decay, and by incorporating a unique, patent-pending design, the monitor is completely immune to influences of nearby static charges. The Equilibrion ensures an ESD-safe environment and dramatically increases the time between required maintenance, reducing the ionizer’s total cost of ownership. The Equilibrion’s compact size enables you to install it wherever sensitive components are handled without getting in the way of the normal activity of operators or equipment. Even if you are using an ionizer without a control input, you can place Equilibrion in its Monitor mode to act as a miniature CPM and report ionizer performance at all times.

Credence Technologies
Soquel, Calif.

Workstation monitor

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Novx Corporation, a leading supplier of ESC/ESD-related monitoring instrument and cleanroom monitoring/data acquisition software solutions, is introducing the next generation workstation monitor. The Series 7000 has significantly increased the data processing capability of its predecessor, the Series 6000. The 7000 processor and its associated workstation and/or process equipment, has the capability to directly perform SPC calculations and direct tool communication in addition to previously available reporting functions. This digital workstation and process equipment monitor is capable of communicating with industry standard particle counters and particle detectors in addition to its own ESC/ESD-related monitoring capabilities with the ability to report data using Ethernet, RS485 and MODBUS Protocols. Additional capabilities include detection of field charge (ionization balance monitoring) with automatic or manual decay testing, EMI magnitude and pulse counting, dual-channel ground monitoring and operator voltage or body current detection (patent pending), all with programmable alarm thresholds via a PC interface. Novx has developed this instrument with customer programmable sensitivity and alarm threshold sensing to meet and exceed customer requirements for an extended period of time. The instrument is designed with a modular construction allowing the user to add optional plug-in process enhancements as required. The plug-in modules include digital I/O communication adding direct interface to PEMS, particle count reporting, field sensing with decay testing, EMI detection, operator body voltage or current and ground monitoring. The combination of hardware and software allows the user to monitor, analyze and control processes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Novx Corporation
San Jose, Calif.

Charged plate monitor

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TREK, INC. announces the introduction of its enhanced Model 157 Charged Plate Monitor. Software enhancements to this charged plate monitor now enable the storage and retrieval of data, and provide an additional data acquisition mode. These enhancements respond to market needs for more rigorous data management in semiconductor, disk drive, LCD and other manufacturing environments sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Model 157 is targeted for use in ionizer monitoring and testing and in other applications where static charge must be measured accurately, and often, in order to ensure worker safety, productivity and product integrity within an ESD-sensitive process. This charged plate monitor can also be used in materials testing applications, where the dissipative qualities of a particular material or product need to be evaluated and/or confirmed by monitoring the discharge path through the material. The new storage and retrieval capability of Model 157 enables test data to be saved and recalled, including actual data points, graphical waveforms of the data, and operator comments about the test conditions or other parameters that need to be captured for future reference or validation. Other features of the Model 157 Charged Plate Monitor include a user-friendly menu system, clear and easy-to-read digital display, powerful graphics display, manual or bar code entry
eading capability, on-board data storage capability (that allows hundreds of test results to be stored), ability to generate custom test sequences and test reports, USB port for PC interface (allows test sequences and test results to be uploaded/downloaded as needed), optional thermohygrometer to record temperature/humidity conditions, and small, lightweight static-dissipative enclosure/packaging. This model also meets the following standards: IEC 61340-2-1 Ed 1.0 2000: Electrostatics- Part 2-1; ANSI/ESD STM3.1-2000; ESD SP3.3-2000; and ESD ADV3.2-1995.

TREK, Inc.
Medina, N.Y.

Temperature/humidity sensor

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Automation Components, Inc. introduces two new sensor displays for monitoring temperature and relative humidity in cleanroom applications. The ACI/TUC unit can display both local temperature and setpoint values, while the ACI/TUC-H adds relative humidity. Both sensors are designed to work directly with your DDC or PLC Control System. These sensors offer an excellent monitoring option for your Class 100 to Class100,000 cleanroom applications.

Automation Components Inc.
Middleton, Wisc.

Ground monitor

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Proper grounding is crucial for safe and uninterrupted operation of equipment. In critical environments, a broken ground connection may result in personnel exposure to dangerous voltages, equipment lock-up or malfunction, and damage to sensitive components. Ground Master from Credence Technologies provides continuous monitoring of up to 8 tools per unit, and up to 16 if two are used in tandem. Capable of monitoring individual grounds, Ground Master shows which are being monitored with an OK or Fail status for each. Enabling switches for each ground connection allows for safe and accurate indications. With safety in mind, every ground connection has an individual, easy to replace fuse, preventing dangerous voltages from miswiring, propagating to other equipment. Additionally, Ground Master monitors EMI levels on each ground, assisting in diagnostics of lock-ups and malfunctions, and provides intelligent information to facility monitoring systems with a detailed status of each connection. This monitor measures ground impedance in accordance with ANSI/ESDA S.20.20 and ANSI 6.1 standards requirements, and the alarm threshold can be easily adjusted at any time in a range of 1 to 20 Ohms. Ground Master RT provides relay closure and logic signal to the tool so that it may be shut down in case of a ground failure.

Credence Technologies
Soquel, Calif.

Data logger series

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Testo is announcing the release of their new data logger series testo 175 / 177 for temperature, humidity and voltage/current in the processing, pharmaceutical, food and control industries. The testo 175 series consists of six compact data loggers for temperature, humidity and voltage/current with memory up to 16,000 readings. Most models are available with display versions and two channel limits. The testo 177 series offers up to four channels and a larger memory up to 48,000 readings. It is also ideal for long-term applications. Both product lines offer a convenient LCD display which indicates maximum and minimum limit values simultaneously. Safe measurements in any application are guaranteed since simple battery changes in the field won’t jeopardize memory storage. The rugged ABC housing protects the loggers from moisture and mechanical strain. The loggers are tamperproof with the optional wall bracket and lock. Other powerful accessories include the testo 580 Data-collector, which collects and transfers stored data in seconds, from the logger on-site to a PC, without interrupting operation. It can also stop and re-program several loggers on-site. In addition, the testo 525 printer provides convenient on-site documentation in table or graph format without using a PC.

Testo Inc.
Flanders, N.J.