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Disposable faceveil

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Value-Tek has introduced a single-use disposable faceveil designed for filtration and comfort. Made from a non-linting, non-woven hydroentangled polyester/cellulose blend, this faceveil is lightweight (14 g) and offers improved breathability while maintaining full coverage. It is available with snaps or headband, and presents a hygienic alternative to re­usable varieties. Value-Tek’s faceveils are manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment and are suitable for use in Class 100 cleanrooms and above.

Phoenix, Ariz.

Reusable apparel materials

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White Knight Engineered Products introduces WKEP 3000, a new material innovation for the reusable protective apparel market. The material is woven from 100 percent filament polyester yarn with carbon fibers laced into a stripe throughout the material, resulting in a durable fabric that repels fluids, prevents particulation and dissipates static electricity. White Knight’s entire line of Ultima™ reusable apparel is available with the new WKEP 3000 material in white or navy. The WK Builder is a soft-to-the-touch micro denier material used to make incredibly comfortable undergarment pant and top sets in navy or burgundy. All of White Knight’s proprietary fabrics are economical and meet the toughest cleanroom standards
White Knight Engineered Products Inc.
Charlotte, N.C.

Three-ply garments

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Satesa, the North American agent for the Medtecs Group of companies, has announced distribution of three-ply cleanroom garments which are suitable for even the most stringent environments. These garments are made of filament polyester with carbon fiber and a proprietary, breathable film with a breathability rating as good as the leading ePTFE film composites. Satesa specializes in development of new fabrics, laminations and films.
Satesa Corp.
Englewood, N.J.

Cleanroom garments white paper

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CleanFit Systems, a company that audits cleanroom garment systems and implements gowning programs, has published a new white paper entitled The Dirty Dozen: 12 ways to cut the expense, time and stress of cleanroom garment programs. According to the company, the paper offers objective advice and addresses key issues frequently encountered with cleanroom garment programs including how to implement a high-quality, cost-effective cleanroom garment program. The complementary information can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.
CleanFit Systems

Portland, Oreg.

Non-skid shoe covers

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Ansell Healthcare has introduced a new non-skid shoe cover (style 67-650) which is made from spun, bonded polypropylene, and incorporates a blue “Z”-patterned non-slip surface on the sole for confident footing. These shoe covers have an elastic opening for easy donning and will help users protect their clean work environments from general shoe contamination. These non-skid shoe covers are available in case lots of 500 pair per carton. One size fits all.
Ansell Healthcare

Red Bank, N.J.

Overhead rail system

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Hi-Tec’s computerized technology, the Gerber Unit Mover, is an overhead rail system which eliminates the “bundle” process and allows for more efficient controls. This system provides apparel that consistently meets specifications and delivers garments on time or ahead of schedule. The Unit Mover system has the capability to track, plan and record every step in the manufacturing process. This system ensures that changes in patterns are immediate, a fresh cutting marker is used with every order, garments are off the floor, and potential problems are in full view for immediate correction-all of which results in faster production, greater flexibility, and consistently high quality.
Hi-Tec Garments

Chatsworth, Calif.

Gowning benches and rack

Cleanroom gowning benches from Eagle MHC provide a wide range of functionality to meet the needs of Class 1 to Class 100,000 cleanrooms. These stainless steel or chrome-plated benches offer a three-sided channel frame and 62 percent laminar flow. They are available in five standard lengths ranging from 36 inches to 84 inches, and feature a wire undershelf for storage of booties and other articles of clothing. Eagle MHC has also announced its line of wall-mounted gowning racks constructed of chrome-plated steel with an electropolished stainless steel finish. Featuring an easy-mount design, these racks are available in three hanger models: hanger slots (24 inches wide), hooks (14 inches wide), or a hanger tube (18 inches wide). Wall-mounted gowning racks are available in three standard lengths: 48, 60, and 72 inches. Custom sizes are also available. Eagle’s gowning benches and racks are ideal for use in cleanroom environments, electronic assembly areas, labs, or other industrial work areas.
Eagle MHC

Clayton, Del.

New fabric

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Dastex, one of Europe’s leading producers of cleanroom garments and textiles, has announced a new fabric, ION-NOSTAT Plus, that is resistant to electrostatic discharge and can be used in up to ISO Class 5 cleanrooms. In addition, the company’s ION-NOSTAT VI.2 fabric, suitable for up to ISO Class 4 environments, has been tested and certified as being breathable by Hohenstein, an independent textile research institute in Germany. Dastex offers several fabrics for almost any kind of cleanroom and application. Individual and customized variations are also available in large or small quantities. All of the company’s fabrics are tested at independent textile research institutes, and tests for the most critical fabrics are repeated every six months to ensure a high level of quality. In addition, applicants and end users can test their garments in a modified body box in Dastex’s cleanroom lab so that garment system improvements can be made based on real testing and not only by comparison of technical data.
Dastex Reinraumzubehoer GmbH & Co. KG

Muggensturm, Germany

Cleanroom garment fabric

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Cleanroom garment manufacturer X&Y has introduced its latest line of cleanroom garment fabric, XY80000. Woven with fine, long polyester and conductive fibers, this fabric can efficiently contain contamination generated by the human body and is comfortable to wear. The enhanced polyester fiber used in this fabric has significantly increased the durability of the material, allowing it to withstand repeated washings. The long-lasting quality of this fabric makes it an economical choice for cleanroom garment material.
X&Y International Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen, China

Paintroom fabric

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Integrity Cross-Twill fabric from Precision Fabrics, Inc., is made with continuous filament polyester that holds up to the most difficult paint room tasks. It contains a 5.0 mm Belltron™ carbon grid woven into the fabric to dissipate nuisance static. A non-migrating, durable antimicrobial inhibits the growth of a wide range of problem-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. A durable fluoro-chemical adds splash resistance and reduces paint bleed-through. The high moisture vapor transfer rate allows the body to breathe, making this fabric not only durable, but comfortable. And since it doesn’t support antimicrobial growth, there are fewer issues associated with odor.
Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

Greensboro, N.C.

Cleanroom garment catalog

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Prudential Cleanroom Services has announced the release of its IN-STOCK cleanroom garment catalog. The catalog features Prudential’s IN-STOCK reusable cleanroom apparel that represents many of the industry’s most respected fabrics and styles; a glossary of terms and definitions relating to contamination control environments; the latest ISO Global Cleanroom Standards Primer and cleanroom gowning and de-gowning procedures.
Prudential Cleanroom Services

Irvine, Calif.