New Products


Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Conveyor system with built-in pallet transfer capability

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The Q-Squared Series Conveyor, an efficient, space-saving addition to MagStar TMTechnologies’ advanced line of Quickdraw ® conveyor systems, provides robust transfer and material handling capabilities. The Q-Squared eliminates the need for control panels, supervisory PLCs, and complex pneumatic distribution with its built-in corner rotate, shuttle, elevator, and lift gate options. The conveyor operates with lower power consumption and less noise generation than competitive conveyors, and its patented state-of-the-art slip roller technology ensures the machine’s clean operation and product transfer. The Q-Squared serves factory automation applications including PCB assembly, cleanroom operations, semiconductor manufacturing, and laboratory environments. The conveyor system features plug-and-play control systems, modular and sectional design, sensor stop, and clean operation that generates less debris.

MagStar TM Technologies, Inc.
Hopkins, MN

Particle monitoring sensor with optional OPC communication

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Particle Measuring Systems’ Airnet particle sensor easily and cost-effectively provides simultaneous monitoring of particles from multiple locations. The high-performance particle counter offers a small footprint and real-time data transmission capabilities. Sizing sensitivities range from 0.2–5.0 µm. Long laser life expectancy has been shown with a mean time to failure of 144 months. Optional communication via an OPC server (OLE for Process Control) helps reduce installation costs for customers who already have an OPC system installed in their facilities. The system interfaces with Facility Net and Pharmaceutical Net software for comprehensive management of cleanroom conditions. System validation documentation is available. Airnet sensors are compliant with JIS accuracy standards.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

Aseptic fill-finish services for injectables

DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc. has added aseptic fill-finish manufacturing services for injectable cytotoxic products to its capabilities. Its news facility will be ready for commercial production in January. Aseptic cytotoxic capabilities include flexible commercial-scale fill-finish services for liquid and lyophilized products in vial sizes up to 65 ml. The dedicated suites use restricted access barrier systems (RABS) to ensure product isolation and include a TL filler and a BOC Edwards freeze dryer. Other contract manufacturing services available through DSM Pharmaceuticals include advanced intermediates, APIs, proteins, vaccines, and finished dose manufacturing of solid dose, among others.

DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Parsippany, NJ

Disposable polypropylene lab coats

Hardy Diagnostics introduces ComfortPRO lab coats, a new line of disposable lab coats that offers excellent protection and comfort. Features include breast and hip pockets, snap-front buttons, and knit cuffs and collars. The garments are made from a tri-laminated, spunbound polypropylene material (SMS) that is fully breathable and splash-resistant for increased safety. ComfortPRO lab coats are available in blue and white and come in five sizes.

Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, CA

High-flow filters for control of nanoscale contamination

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The TorrentoTM family of high-flow liquid filters is available for liquid contamination control of nanoscale particles in wet etch and clean manufacturing processes used in advanced semiconductor applications. The new membrane technology provides users with high flow performance without compromising retention at a 20-nm pore size rating. Torrento filters also feature Entegris’s industry-standard, non-dewetting surface technology for use in a high-flow recirculated bath with aggressive aqueous chemistries.


Semi-automated filling/plugging system

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Accuracy, flexibility, and fast changeover in small batch filling of clinical trials are offered in the easy-to-operate FPC50 semi-automated filling and plugging system from Flexicon America. The compact filling and capping system has been specifically developed to handle filling requirements for clinical trials, yet offers an easy transfer into a full-production scale-up operation. A simple changeover of the single-use fluid path, which includes pharmaceutical-grade silicone tubing and plastic filling needle, simplifies the filling and validation process for multiple batch and/or different product fills. A fast, easy change in tubing diameter accommodates a range of vial sizes and neck finishes.

Flexicon America Inc.
Burlington, VT

Antimicrobial cleanroom garments

Lakeland Industries, Inc. has begun shipping new, high-density, woven antistatic garments for pharmaceutical and aseptic applications. The garments are antimicrobial and have strong repellant barriers to provide a high level of protection and comfort within a cleanroom environment. Lakeland has begun marketing this new product line to select end users and distributors, initially targeting the pharmaceutical industry and later more extensively within the health-care and high-tech markets.

Lakeland Industries, Inc.
Ronkonkoma, NY

Negative-pressure containment booths

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International Portland Corp., a manufacturer of containment booths and localized clean stations, has announced the immediate availability of the Model 880, Class 1000 to Class 100,000 containment booths. The Model 880 protects the surrounding area by providing a clean air sampling area with negative pressure to the outside. The unit is ideal for sampling of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical raw materials to meet FDA requirements. The Model 880 is built with modular construction and is available in width increments of 3 ft and depth increments of 5 ft. Filter pressure monitors provide advance notice of required filter change-out.

International Portland Corp.
Gaston, OR

Clean, residue-free marker board

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Pilot Pen introduces the CleanWriterTM Chalkless Board, a unique new marker board created for use in cleanrooms. Users can write and erase just like with a conventional marker board without the dust and contaminants associated with dry erase markers or chalk. The magnetic stylus writes on the blue panel using advanced micro-magnetic technology, leaving the surface of the panel completely free of residue. Antibacterial treated materials used to make the stylus, accessories, and frame make the CleanWriter ideal for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics manufacturing environments. The magnetic accessories last the life of the board, eliminating the need for replacement chalk, markers, erasers, or cleaning solvents. See a demonstration video and available sizes at the company’s web site.

Pilot Pen Corp. of America
Trumbull, CT

Medical-grade sealer for sanitary applications

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Doboy, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, presents the B-500M continuous band sealer, a medical-grade machine that meets industrial validation requirements. The sealer regulates and displays temperature, pressure, and speed read-out and offers a secure seal essential for medical pouches and other sanitary applications. A new controls package offers all settings, except e-stop, on the operator interface. The digital controls provide better accuracy to measure speed and temperature control. Operating at speeds up to 500 inches per minute, the machine can seal different materials used in the medical industry, such as polyethylene, foil, paper/polyester, and Tyvek/Mylar film. The sealer is constructed of stainless steel, QPQ Melonite, and other coated material to withstand the demands of sanitary and sterile applications, which may include corrosive and wet areas.

Doboy Inc.
New Richmond, WI

Self-sanitizing fiber with embedded copper???silver antimicrobial

Foss Manufacturing Co. announces that its Fosshield® patented technology is 99.99 percent effective in killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria to below the level of detection within one hour. The self-sanitizing fiber, composed of embedded silver and copper that inactivate microbes, provides continuous antimicrobial protection against MRSA; the company plans to use the technology in a wide range of products found in schools, offices, homes, and communal environments. More extensive evaluation studies are also underway for viruses. One product application is Nexera Medical’s SpectraShieldTM 9900 Antibacterial Respirator Mask, which is believed to be the only face mask today that is approved to provide “dual-action,” broad-spectrum protection.

Foss Manufacturing Co., LLC
Hampton, NH

Ultraviolet inspection lamp

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Spectronics Corp.’s EA-160 UV inspection lamp is a lightweight, portable unit intended for detecting stains, spills, germs, and other contaminants on surfaces from carpets, upholstery, and bedding to countertops, exam tables, and food preparation areas. The EA-160 features a 6-W, integrally filtered long-wave UV tube. Its high UV intensity ensures that most contamination will be easily revealed by a bright fluorescent glow. A corrosion-resistant, specular-aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance. For maximum comfort, the 2-lb unit comes with a convenient carrying handle. The rated life of the tube is 6,000 hours.

Spectronics Corp.
Westbury, NY

Maintenance-free turbopump

Pfeiffer Vacuum has expanded its line of magnetically levitated, maintenance-free turbopumps with integrated drive electronics to include the HiMag 3400. Like the HiMag 2400, the larger HiMag 3400 provides especially high pumping speeds, compression, and gas throughput. Its IP 54 protection class against environmental dust and water spray makes the turbopump robust and suitable for industrial applications, coating processes, R&D, and the semiconductor industry, where particulate contamination, high gas loads, and corrosive gases are common. The low vibration of the HiMag 3400 pump permits use in applications requiring minimum vibration in the low frequency range. The combination venting and sealing gas valve enables the pump to be stopped more quickly than other maglev pumps, and also affords reliable control of sealing gas when operated with corrosive or aggressive media.

Pfeiffer Vacuum. Inc.
Nashua, NH

Extension set with flow controller

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Qosina has added a new Extension Set with Flow Controller (Part #17549) to its inventory. The 15-inch long extension set is built of PVC tubing with a polycarbonate flow controller bonded within the tubing length. The ABS male luer and PVC female luer are bonded on the tubing ends. The flow controller’s clearly marked cylinder has measurements from 5 to 250 mLph. An internal chamber regulates the flow. Two hands are required to adjust the controller, preventing involuntary motion. The extension set offers a cost-effective way to save time by having a pre-assembled section for inclusion in the fluid line.

Edgewood, NY

Nitrile gloves with safety grip

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Sempermed® has introduced SemperGuard GripSafe NitrileTM powder-free gloves as an alternative to natural rubber latex. The gloves deliver a combination of fit, feel, tactile sensitivity, and strength in a latex-free glove. GripSafe is a general purpose glove with 4.0 mils in the textured fingertips, designed to provide a firm and secure grip when working with even the smallest of objects without compromising safety. It is packaged with 200 gloves in a standard sized box to provide greater operational efficiencies and value.


In-line cleaner uses natural gas

Technical Devices Co. has developed an in-line cleaner that operates on natural gas. Using natural gas instead of electricity to operate the heaters of the Nu/Clean Hybrid saves money in daily operating expenses and reduces the demand on power grids for electricity. The cleaner comes with all of the available features of the traditional Nu/Clean line of Aqueous Cleaners. The latest advances include touch-screen control, cascading water knives, and heated air knives.

Technical Devices Co.
Torrance, CA

Sensor for particulate monitoring systems

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Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has released a new PMS Particulate Sensor, which offers reliable operation and requires minimal maintenance (no need for an air purge). The particulate sensor employs a combination of passive induction and protected probe technologies. As particles flow near and around the probe, minute currents are dynamically induced into the probe by flowing particulate. A digital signal processor (DSP) processes the signal into an absolute output that is reasonably linear to mass. Protective layers over the probe work in combination with induction sensing to ensure reliable operation with all types of particulates, including moist powders and highly conductive dusts. The PMS Particulate Sensor is designed to be used with the DPM Particle Monitor in order to be intrinsically safe.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Gasketing material to minimize VOCs

Garlock Sealing Technologies, a leader in fluid sealing technology, now offers the Style 3575 Sage GYLON® gasketing material for severe chemical service applications. Featuring superior load retention, reduced permeability, and improved sealability characteristics, the PTFE gasket is designed to help minimize emissions from hazardous solvents and chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Withstanding high pressure and temperatures ranging from -450° to +500°F, the Sage GYLON® is suited for applications ranging from standard raised face flange assemblies operating at a constant temperature to process equipment subject to heavy thermal cycling. Through its patented thermal bonding process, Garlock can produce any size gasket in a one-piece construction to meet needs for large-diameter equipment such as heat exchangers and reactors.

Garlock Sealing Technologies
Palmyra, NY

Class 1000???100,000 storage and retrieval system

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The MegaSYSTM CLEAN automated storage and retrieval system from MegaStar Systems is designed to provide cleanroom manufacturing manufacturers with easily accessible, high-density storage for cleanroom applications. The system offers storage for items in FED-STD-209E cleanroom classes from 1000 to 100,000 at a constant temperature of ±1°C (33.8°F). Items can be stored at positive or negative pressure to help prevent contamination. The system is available in two configurations. The MegaSYS CLEAN Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an ergonomically designed extraction platform, and computerized controls. The MegaSYS CLEAN vertical carousel is a system of vertically rotating shelves that move up and down along a tracking guide. Both units can be used in conjunction with conveyors, robotic workstations, and AGVs for a fully automated logistics operation.

MegaStar Systems
Marietta, OH

ESI sample introduction pump

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The Harvard Apparatus Model 11 Plus pump is commonly used for mass spectrometry. Other applications include calibration solution delivery, matrix delivery, and electro-spray ionization (ESI) sample introduction. Calibration solution delivery can help the user maintain ISO 9000, GLP, or GMP compliance. When preparing a sample for injection into the mass spectrometry system, it is important to add the correct amount of matrix to the sample. These pumps can precisely deliver the small amount of matrix needed so that the Maldi-TOF mixture is exactly what is required. Smooth accurate flow of large volumes, minimal baseline noise, and high accuracy make the pumps suitable for sample introduction to ESI.

Harvard Apparatus
Holliston, MA

Quick turnaround of furnishing orders available

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Duralab Corp. has begun its new Quick Ship Program, offering a selection of laboratory casework and fume hoods with shipment in 7 to 10 days. Quick Ship provides a choice of base cabinets including 24-, 35-, and 47-inch widths. Also available are sink units, table aprons, and open wall cabinets, as well as 47- and 70-inch fume hoods. A choice of three colors is offered: cool white, desert sand, and smoke. Contact the Duralab Engineering Department for assistance in project planning, design and cost estimating. A factory-trained labor force is available for non-mechanical installation.

Duralab Corp.
Parlin, NJ

Single syringe infusion/withdrawal pump

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The KD Scientific Model KDS 310 Nano Pump with a microprocessor-based controlled is used exclusively with micro syringes from 0.5 to 250 µl. The small size of the pumping head makes this pump suitable for any limited-space application. The pumping head can be mounted close to the fluid delivery location; the control unit can be located up to 6 ft away. By locating the controller remotely it permits safe pumping into reaction vessels and pumping radioactive chemicals. The pump features preset rate and volume control. The dispense volume is displayed continuously and the pump shuts off automatically when the preset volume has been reached.

KD Scientific
Holliston, MA

new literature

Dust collector bulletin
Farr Air Pollution Control (APC), a subsidiary of containment filtration systems supplier Camfil Farr, has published an application focus bulletin describing the company’s “Gold Series® CamtainTM” dust collector for pharmaceutical compounds. The collector is the first in the industry to use a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) access door and dust discharge system that have been fully surrogate-tested to ensure optimum protection of employees and indoor environments. The four-page brochure includes Camtain features and benefits, application information, safety considerations, and a review of the surrogate testing procedure. Applications for the equipment include pill presses, tablet coating, fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, general room ventilation, or wherever else high efficiency dust collection is needed in pharmaceutical manufacturing. To download the brochure, go to

Farr Air Pollution Control
Jonesboro, AR

Web site features detailed application notes

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Mass-Vac, Inc. has launched a new web site featuring vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, and oil filtration systems that includes detailed product descriptions, specifications, and applications notes, especially for semiconductor processes. The site is designed to let readers quickly find the best solution for their own vacuum equipment requirements. A value-added section with PDF downloadable technical papers, product manuals, technical drawings, and detailed application notes is also available. Providing process-specific application notes for semiconductor and new compound semiconductor applications such as LPCVD, TEOS, polysilicon, LTO, metal etch, MOCVD, and HVPE GaN processes, the site describes the proper vacuum inlet traps to use for each process. A chart featuring eight different filter elements and their capabilities is also included, along with conversion tables and a series of industry resource links.

Mass-Vac, Inc.
No. Billerica, MA

Controls and gauges

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Dwyer Instruments, Inc., which offers a complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, has released its 496-page 2008 catalog. The convenient and easy-to-use format includes complete product ordering information and schedules for discounts. Orders can also be placed via the web site; check order quantity, model number, and tracking information with online account access. View listings of open and closed orders for the past 30 working days anytime. Dwyer Instruments produces a broad range of measuring and control instruments for pressure, temperature, level, flow and other related applications.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN