New Products


Compiled by Angela Godwin

UV irradiation for small systems
The new V-Ray™ FO system from Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) is designed to deliver an optimum level of UV for larger multi-row HVAC systems common to fan coils, ceiling-mount unit ventilators, rooftop units and heat pumps, effectively eliminating the need to clean hard-to-reach coil fins with costly or harmful chemicals while delivering continuous irradiation of the coil surfaces. The V-Ray FO features a universal voltage input for connection to voltage sources from 120 Vac to 277 Vac at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Three lamp lengths are available: 21 inches, 33 inches, and 61 inches. The V-Ray FO is suitable anywhere small systems exhibit microbial problems and efficiency losses.

Ultraviolet Devices, Inc.
Valencia, CA

Transparent conductive coatings

Agiltron Inc. now offers its transparent conductive coating service. This coating can be applied conformally to objects of nearly all shapes, sizes and materials, including plastics and glass. The nanocomposite paint features optical clarity, adhesion, and scratch resistance. Coated objects can be used at temperatures up to 230°C. NanoPaint™ coatings exhibit high visible transparency of >90 percent, have a refractive index of 1.6 and resist abrasion. Sheet resistance can be optimized for specific applications from 104 to 108 ohm/square. This coating technology has a broad range of applications, including electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and EMI shielding, and for optoelectronic devices.

Agiltron, Inc.
Woburn, MA

Germicidal UVC lamp

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American Ultraviolet Company has introduced the Eliminator RPT™ AC Wall System to provide germicidal protection against organisms that could grow on the condensing coils in self-contained air conditioning wall units. It also purifies the outgoing air released through the blower system. The patent-pending RPT germicidal UVC lamp mounts directly to the outside of the air conditioning unit so that it does not interfere with any internal parts or motors. It lights after it is securely snapped into the lamp holder, confirming that the system is operational. The system is available for 120/240 volt operation at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

American Ultraviolet Company
Lebanon, IN

Microscope enclosure

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The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator from Okolabs is designed to maintain all the required environmental conditions for cell culture around the microscopy workstation. Temperature, CO2/air mixture, and humidity are precisely controlled, enabling prolonged observations of biological specimens. Enclosing the microscope protects it from changes in ambient temperature and minimizes thermal focus drift. A small thermocouple, inserted into a reference well near the sample, provides feedback control. Features include: windows on the front and side panels; quick-release hinges; and optional light-obscuring panels for fluorescence experiments. The systems are custom-designed to meet specific requirements.

Warner Instrument
Hamden, CT

Flow indicator

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Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has released its Series FIP Pulse Input Flow Indicator, a flow-rate/totalizer/batch controller suitable for almost any flow application involving a pulse signal. Features include: 7-segment LED display that provides up to 4.5 digits of rate display and 6 digits of total display; pulse input meter that accepts pulse, open collector, TTL or square wave inputs and provides the power to drive the sensor. Meters can be equipped with two relays and a 4-20 mA retransmission output for applications requiring more than display of rate or total. The relays can also be used for alarming based on the flow rate or for simple batch controlling based on the flow total. They can also be programmed for alternation, making them suitable for pump-control applications.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Disposable air sampler head

The new Dispo Head from international pbi is a disposable aspirating head for microbiological air monitoring. Made from antistatic resin plastic, the disposable head is triple-packed, irradiated, and comes with certification of sterilization and conformity. It has a shelf life of five years and is suitable for any type of SAS Super air sampler that uses 55 mm diameter contact plates (RODAC).

international pbi
Milan, Italy

Ultrasonic cleaner

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Tovatech LLC, a distributor for Elma GmbH, now offers the Elmasonic E ultrasonic cleaner, a new product line designed for cleaning metal, glass, electronics and plastic parts. It features digital sweep technology, which continuously shifts the frequency to ensure that cavitation occurs uniformly throughout the tank, providing evenly distributed cleaning power throughout the bath for both large and small loads. Ceramic heating elements assist the cleaning process. Temperature can be set between 30°C and 80°C, and the elements are dry-run proof. The cleaning period can be set from 5 to 30 minutes, or can be run continuously. The units have an automatic safety shut-off after 12 hours. Several models are available, with sizes from 1.75 to 28 liters. Accessories include: stainless-steel holder baskets with plastic-coated handles to minimize noise, a cooling coil to maintain a low bath temperature when needed, and various supports for flasks and beakers.

Tovatech LLC
South Orange, NJ

Self-adhesive, disposable eyewear

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SharkLids EyeGear, Inc. now offers MEDshields® self-adhesive, disposable eyewear for medical personnel. Less than 0.25 mm thick and weighing less than 3 grams, the NFPA-compliant eyewear offers good protection and, according to the company, can improve caregiver compliance due to its convenience and ease of use. The optically clear, antifog, self-adhesive eye shields feature a medical-grade adhesive to adhere the eye shield directly to the user’s face. The hypoallergenic adhesive is strong enough to hold the eyewear in place, yet causes no discomfort when removed.

SharkLids EyeGear, Inc.
Woodstock, VT

Ductless fume hood

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Purair 5 Ductless Fume Hoods from Air Science USA feature a high level of operator protection where routine work is being carried out. The ductless design eliminates installation costs and allows the unit to be positioned over a sink or benchtop apparatus. Three models are available, with 24-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch widths. The recirculating units operate at low noise levels and do not exhaust conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere. A face velocity of 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection. An alarm alerts the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level. An optional polypropylene spillage tray is also available. Lighting at the rear of the unit illuminates the work surface. All mechanisms in the head section are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components isolated from contamination. The patented filter clamping mechanism allows for easy filter installation and ensures an even seal at the filter face to prevent bypass leakage. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include specialty media for vapors of organics, solvents, acids, mercury and formaldehyde. HEPA filters for particulate filtration are also available. The units exceed OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards.

Air Science USA
Fort Myers, FL

Silicone bottle stoppers

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AdvantaPure has announced the availability of injection-molded silicone bottle stoppers for containers such as carboys, flexible storage systems, laboratory apparatus and bottles, and sampling and storage vessels. Manufactured in a cleanroom environment, they are biologically safe and suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, biomedical, and laboratory environments. Produced using a silicone elastomer that meets Class VI and FDA standards and does not contain any animal ingredients, the stoppers provide long life expectancy and consistent performance. The smooth finish and gap-free surfaces ensure a true seal and a secured environment. The stoppers resist cracking, particle migration, chemical attack, and a wide range of temperatures (from -100°F/-73.3°C to +400°F/+204.4°C), and they are sterilizable by autoclave or gamma radiation. Custom options include cored holes for tubing inserts or vents.

AdvantaPure, a division of NewAge Industries
Southampton, PA

Disposable nitrile gloves

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Disposable glove supplier Sempermed® has announced its SemperGuard™ Industrial Nitrile Powdered and Powder-Free Gloves. Made from a synthetic polymer exhibiting rubber-like characteristics, these gloves are an option for individuals who are sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex. They are designed to provide the fit, feel, tensile and tear strengths and other properties of natural rubber latex gloves, without the protein allergens. The micro-rough-textured surface enhances tactile sensitivity, and electrostatic charges are dissipated. The gloves comply with FDA 21CFR guidelines, and agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada requirements, making them suitable for food, food processing, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

Sempermed USA, Inc.
Clearwater, FL

Misting air shower

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Misting Air Showers from Atmos-Tech Industries offer the benefits of a traditional air shower, plus the added value of a misting system. The air shower cycle scrubs the occupant or equipment with high-velocity HEPA-filtered air, while the misting system fills the chamber with a fine water mist to further entrap any unwanted particles, dust and hazardous powders. The units are built to custom sizes and configurations with microprocessor control systems to optimize performance and adaptability to specific functions and customer needs.

Atmos-Tech Industries
Ocean, NJ

Clear polyurethane hose

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The Flexaust Company offers a new line of rugged, wire-reinforced, clear polyurethane hose that is self-extinguishing and halogen-free for use in a wide range of ventilation, evacuation, ducting, and material-transfer applications. Flexaust FLX-Thane® SE is UL94V-0 listed, has a smooth interior for optimum airflow, and is reinforced with a coated spring steel-wire helix. Featuring excellent abrasion-, chemical-, cut- and puncture resistance, this self-extinguishing, halogen-free hose operates from -65°F to +225°F, is highly flexible and has a 4:1 compression ratio. The hose is manufactured using FDA-acceptable materials, and is available in 2-inch to 24-inch and 60 mm to 300 mm I.D. sizes, with a 0.030-inch wall, and comes standard in lengths of 25 and 50 feet.

The Flexaust Company, Inc.
Warsaw, IN

Cleanroom oven

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The No. 836 is a 750°F, electrically-heated, Class 100 cleanroom oven from Grieve. The oven measures 36”W x 36”D x 39”H. A 1,000 CFM, 1.5 HP recirculating blower maintains horizontal airflow across the load, and 30 KW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements provide the maximum temperature of 750°F. The oven features a Type 304, 2B finish stainless-steel interior with continuously backwelded seams, an exterior finished with white epoxy paint #4, brushed finish stainless-steel door face and control panel face. The oven has 6-inch insulated walls and an aluminized exterior. Additional equipment includes: a 30” x 24” x 6” thick stainless-steel, high-temperature HEPA recirculating air filter, digital programming temperature controller, manual-reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors, recirculating blower airflow safety switch, and a 10-inch-diameter circular chart recorder.

The Grieve Corporation
Round Lake, IL

Air sampler

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Coriolis® μ from Bertin Technologies is a new air sampler designed to capture airborne biological particles, such as bacteria, fungi and pollen. Its patented cyclonic technology delivers a liquid sample that is compatible with immunoassay, PCR, flow cytometry, and microbiological analyses, providing accurate and reliable results in only few hours. The air sampler is ideal for collecting a large panel of microorganisms (> 0.5 μm) even if the concentration in the air is very low, such as in a cleanroom. Parameters for air flow rate and collection time can be set to optimize collection. Sterile, single-use cones prevent cross-contamination. The air sampler is portable, small and lightweight, making it suitable for areas with limited accessibility and low clearance. Applications include air biocontamination monitoring in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries; in hospitals; or near air-cooling towers.

Bertin Technologies
Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Filter housing

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MKS Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Series 26 Single Round Filter Housing for a wide range of gas and liquid filtration applications in biopharmaceutical processes. Its modular design and highly polished surface finish provide for an easily configurable filtration solution that minimizes dead legs and hold-up volume, and has superior drainability and cleanability. The housings come with a variety of inlets, outlets, surface finishes and other component options, as well as custom designs that can best meet users’ process requirements. For applications demanding a more robust design, ASME-coded vessels are available with both “U” and “UM” certification.

MKS Instruments, Inc.
Wilmington, MA

Broad-spectrum disinfectant

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Contec has introduced Accel TB, a patented colorless liquid cleaning and disinfecting solution made with accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP™). This intermediate-level disinfectant is EPA-registered, safe, and fast-acting, with a broad-spectrum kill. It’s ready to use and is compatible with a wide range of common materials, including 316 and 304 stainless steel, natural and silicone rubber, and most plastics. Accel TB is ideal for use on environmental surfaces in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, compounding pharmacies, labs and other GMP facilities where short contact time is beneficial.

Contec, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC

Retrofit filter cartridges

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HemiPleat™ retrofit cartridges from Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) can be used to upgrade performance of, or solve problems with, existing dust collector systems. The patent-pending pleating technology opens up the pleats uniformly for more effective cleaning and better airflow to extend service life and reduce pressure drop. HemiPleat retrofit filters are available to fit virtually all leading brands of dust collectors that use cylindrical cartridges. The retrofit cartridges are made with HemiPleat PolyTech™ pulse-cleaned media, a silicone-treated polyester/cellulose blend that offers high moisture resistance and excellent filtration efficiency-99.99 percent on 0.5 micron particles and larger (MERV 11/12). Ultrahigh-efficiency PolyTech media (99.999 percent or MERV 15/16 efficiency) is also available for more demanding applications. Flame-retardant cartridges are available for increased fire risk applications, as well as carbon-impregnated cartridges for static dissipation.

Farr Air Pollution Control
Jonesboro, AK

Prefilled swabs for cleaning wires, cables

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Puritan Medical Products has announced its new PurSwab® Popule swab, designed to easily clean fiber-optic wires and cables. The swab comes prefilled with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. The user squeezes the handle between thumb and forefinger to release the fluid into the foam tip. Because the fluid is contained in the handle, problems such as dripping, spilled bottles and cross-contamination are eliminated. The swab features a split foam tip that can clean both sides of a cable simultaneously.

Puritan Medical Products Company
Guilford, ME

Modular cleanroom walls

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Series 901 modular cleanroom walls from Clean Air Products are available in three standard designs, with custom sizes and shapes available to suit various application needs. They provide a versatile modular wall system designed for high-quality cleanroom performance with fast and easy installation. The walls are cleanroom and pharmacy compatible. The standard wall panel is constructed of white vinyl-covered steel, and can be formed with either a smooth or textured finish to the room side. Unpainted stainless steel finish, smooth or textured baked enamel, epoxy or conductive finishes are also available.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Filtration, containment system

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The ABSOLUT Cephir High Filtration/Containment System from Fette is equipped with a self-cleaning HEPA filter to remove and contain high volumes of even extremely fine dust particulate from the exhaust air of production machines. The unit has application in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, nutrition and food. Cephir features a modular design for easy upgrades, parallel swing doors and a pull-out control cabinet for easy access, a bag-in/bag-out filter exchange and a compact size (40 x 30 x 90 inches). Other features include: pressure- and shock-resistant design; control interface MES/Scada system; filter cassette with leak-test gasket; blower with a variable frequency drive and air volume measuring control; and DOP measuring lances with ports inside the control cabinet. The unit is also available with wheels.

Fette America
Rockaway, NJ

New Literature

Sound, vibration manual
NEBB has released the second edition of the Procedural Standards for Measurement of Sound and Vibration manual, which has been entirely rewritten and focuses on the measurement and reporting techniques for obtaining sound and vibration data that a NEBB contractor and other professionals in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry may need in the field. The manual stresses the practical aspects of measuring sound and vibration. It also contains supplementary material that provides additional benefits to the sound and vibration industry. It specifies minimum requirements for sound and vibration work, and contains sample specifications that can be customized by engineers and specifiers to meet project requirements. Options have been included that allow the use of additional instruments for obtaining sound and vibration measurements.

National Environmental Balancing Bureau
Gaithersburg, MD

Catalog for indoor monitoring apps

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The 2007 Indoor Monitoring product catalog from Onset Computer Corporation offers product descriptions, specifications, and prices for a full line of PC- and Mac-based HOBO® data loggers for indoor monitoring applications. A number of new hardware and software products are highlighted, including Onset’s new HOBO Energy Logger Pro for energy monitoring, and new alarm software that provides real-time notification of environmental conditions via e-mail, pager, and text messaging. To receive a copy of the catalog, visit the company’s Web site or call 1-800-LOGGERS.

Onset Computer Corporation
Bourne, MA

Loss prevention resources

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The newly updated 2007 Property Loss Prevention Resource Catalog from FM Global contains loss prevention resources to help facility, plant and risk managers prevent fires, equipment breakdown and the damaging effects of Mother Nature. The full-color catalog offers a wide selection of property loss prevention publications, learning kits, videos, CD-ROMs and training courses to help manage property-related threats, prevent facility damage and minimize business interruption at an organization. Materials and resources also cover construction and maintenance, equipment hazards, facility and warehouse protection, as well as emergency planning. To order a free printed catalog, visit the company’s Web site.

FM Global
Johnston, RI
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Products for labs, cleanrooms

A 35-page, full-color catalog is now available from Kimberly-Clark Professional. The free catalog provides detailed information on the company’s products designed for laboratories, cleanrooms, and clean manufacturing environments. Products include wipers, gloves, protective apparel, and face protection. The catalog can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA
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Process-monitoring tools, services

A new product catalog from Millipore Corporation highlights tools and services to meet process-monitoring needs. The 92-page color catalog (CA1002EN00) includes products that test for liquid and airborne contaminants, including systems, media, methods, validation protocols and rapid detection tools for time-sensitive applications. For more information or to request a copy, visit the company’s Web site or call 1-800-MILLIPORE.

Millipore Corporation
Billerica, MA